Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gorgeous weekend

DH wanted to go kayaking today...but I didn't so I took my sketchbooks and other stuff and sat by an over flowing river..(this is the entrance to the "parking" lot) ... and relaxed in the sun. (yes, I fell asleep in the car, snug in a light down jacket)

I got two Traveling Artbooks completed this week, for Cat and Kelly. They are flying off to Sam this week, it's a short week for me as we are going to a wedding in Annapolis next weekend...and no..I still don't know what I am going to wear. I really don't.

Cat's book is inspired by the Arthur legend - which she loves

and Kellys is a nature theme. The strange squiggly things are inspired by mangrove swamps. So be it, I know it's odd.Possibly no more blogging this week. I still have to do the hair/nails thing; figure out what to wear; pack for the multiple events of the weekend, and work a full week in three days. and do laundry. and lose 10 lbs!!!

Have a lovely week everyone, I'll be lurking...


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

That sounds like me trying to cram losing weight into three days... lol Well If you dont find something to wear for the wedding at least your nails & hair will be looking great. :))
Looks like you took advantage of some found time to get lots of wonderful Art work done. Bravo. You went to support your DH AND your Art.

Lori ann said...

Beautiful art work, i love the undersea one. And with a pretty smile like you have, it should go with just about anything!

(p.s. i would love to go kayaking there. it looks a lot more peaceful than our ocean!)

ArtistUnplugged said...

Good luck on this week's quest, sounds similar to preparations for my daughter's prom....good luck finding a dress and all. Loved the pics and the art. Take care this week!

Teri C said...

I love your book pages Mim. Sounds like you could lose those pounds just running around getting everything done.

Debbie Clandening said...

Have a wonderful trip.I love your mangrove swamp things

Susan said...

Great pics Mim! Good luck with your hectic week and have a wonderful time at the wedding! Everytime I worry about how I'll look at a wedding I always feel better when I remember "Hey, who's gonna look at me? They'll all be looking at the bride!"

Anywya, you'll have a blast. I hope to be back to animal wednesdays in a few weeks, now I'm lucky if I can post and visit some on Sundays (or now it's Monday morning, I couldn't sleep all night).

Have a great week! Susan

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Mim, your energy amazes me. You accomplish so much. Being that busy you will surely lose 10 lbs without trying. Try to relax a little. Have fun.

Cat said...

both pages are just beautiful!!! have a great week!

Robin said...

Ah, the river and surrounding scenery looks so soothing and relaxing no wonder you fell asleep. The sound of the water must have been what lulled you to sleep!

Amazing work..... I, too, an a lover of the Arthurian legends and most of the art work that accompanies it. The sea paintings are fantastic - lovely colours and textures.

So nice to see your face (even "hiding" behind those shades)!

Have fun at the wedding - enjoy, relax and celebrate a happy time!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

I am laughing out loud! You are too funny!!!!!!!!!! Let me know if you lose the ten pounds. LOL
Yah sure! Anything you put on that beautiful body of yours will make you look the belle of the ball. Go and enjoy the love being shared and forget about the perfect dress.
(such good advice after I spent a full year at least preparing what to wear and how to look at my sons wedding, remember the purple dress? Want it? It still hangs in my closet! I took a little longer to lose the weight...but guess what? Most of it is back. Isn't it funny how that works? I guess I'll have to do it again when my grandson decides to marry!
Have a good week and hope it is fun for you. You look cute in the car photo!

studio lolo said...

I love the pages Mim. The mangrove one is awesome. I'm loving the dark background making the other colors even richer.

Weight schmeight!! We've already discussed that. You'll look beautiful because you're you ;)

Safe travels! And hey, after your first cosmo you won't care what anyone thinks you look like :^P

Dance like no one's looking!


Mim said...

Know what??? you all make me smile...thanks

Katiejane said...

All that in only a week? You must be Wonder Woman! Have fun!
P.S. Love the fish painting, as always!

kj said...

mim, i cannot believe i haven't commented already. just goes to show it's been a jampacked week so far!

mim, OMG! that second illustration is magical, charming, so so so excellent. it is my favorite, at least this month! i can so easily see it in a children's book, or on a poster.

you just get better and better and better. if i've said this before, i don't care!

love love

Lisa M Griffin said...

Fun to get a peak into not only your sketch book but your life. ;)
Thanks for sharing and happy travels.