Sunday, April 25, 2010

Early Sunday AM

It's early, early Sunday morning. I'm checking out blogs and leaving comments and suddenly realize that one of my nephews, who are both here this weekend, had signed into his google account and had not signed out. So if any of you see a comment from's really me. I'm used to being the only one who uses this computer, so never check the sign in.

So yes, the boys are here this weekend and we've had a great time so far. Friday night dinner with their mom; then I took them home and we watched some movie. Up early Sat AM to fly to Nantucket for Daffodil weekend. It was a fantastic day, gorgeous flying. Both boys got a chance to sit up front with Uncle T who let them fly the plane for awhile and he taught them a few things about how to hold the plane steady and all that kind of stuff. Home to a cookout, and just hanging around. Today I will have them do some work in the garden, so they can earn a bit of money (yikes, gotta go to the ATM!)

Sean in the front on the way home.

Brian sleeping in the back on the way home.

I never tire of being with these kids. Of course, I adore them and feel closer to them than any of my other nieces and nephews. But they are also so easy to be with - we talk and share funny memories, and discuss things so openly. One of them is going to the prom next week and conversation led to a discussion on what girls expect the boys to do. We all agreed that we (the aunt and uncle) had no clue as to what girls these days expect - and he'd better check quick with friends. (but I'm thinking a good night kiss is in order!). We talked about college, and looking at schools and when to start doing that. We talked about books and movies and I showed them some new artwork. They talked to Uncle T about sports and cars and flying and maybe some other stuff that I'm not privy to. They know that Uncle T needs a GPS locator on him so that when we lose him, it wouldn't be so hard to find him in a crowd. They know that I will stop for any dog that looks my way. I know that they don't like mayonnaise on their sandwiches or items like potato salad.

They're family, and it's good to spend the weekend with family.

More Nantucket pictures later in the week. On Daffodil weekend there is an antique car parade and tailgate picnic party and this year they had a DOG parade. So you know what you'll be seeing on Animal Wednesday don't you. Here's a promo shot of one cute pooch.


sukipoet said...

sounds like a great weekend. I wouldnt know what girls expect at a prom today either. In fact I myself never went to a prom in my day so I dont even know what girls expected then either. Nantucket sounds wonderful!!! Take care, suki

soulbrush said...

what a marvellous weekend, and wow they are growing up so fast and so handsome. have always thought it must be so awesome to have a twin, a real life built in friend all your life who will never ever let you down.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

how wonderful to have relationships like that!

Lynn said...

How wonderful to have such a repore with teenaged nephews! Wow! Lucky YOU and lucky THEM!!!!
I wonder if they talk more to you two than to their own parents?
Glad you all had such a good time together!
Looking forward to more flower photos!!!! ;-)

Robin said...

A perfect weekend! How lucky you have those handsome boys for nephews - and how lucky they have you for their "uber-cool" Auntie!

Looking forward to daffidill and doggie photos soon!


♥ Robin ♥

p.s. As for boys, girls and proms....a kiss is definitely in order!

Mim said...

I'll give Sean the news about the kiss....!!!

studio lolo said...

Mim, you really know how to embrace and honor all the good parts of life! Look at the four of you zipping off to MV in your plane (and I can't get myself to drive highways.)
I love the relationship with your nephews and I can totally relate. My favorite niece lives nearby now. We talk about EVERYTHING! She's more of a girlfriend now.

I never went to a prom. Got kicked out of school at 15 but went back to night school at 24 for my GED.
But I did kiss...alot!!
So I'd say a kiss or two is in order right after he tells her how beautiful she looks (and again at the end of the evening.)♥

And I'd very much like to have that adorable French Bulldog in the photo. O-M-G, I love those dogs!

Emma hates them ;P


kj said...

aww, mim. you are so adorable. i love how you love.

a flight off cape cod in honor of dafodils? with one special man and two special boys? i'd say that is as good as it gets.

i look up at the sky sometimes and i say thank you that we are friends. honest truly.

♥ kj

Baino said...

They're lucky boys alright, your husband flies? Awesome time for them I'll bet. I know what girls want!

marianne said...

What a wonderful post!
How special to have this special cond with your nephews.
And that cool pooch..... ahhhhh

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a fun weekend and you are so blessed to have such a close relationship with your nephews.