Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Animal Wednesday - The WLG's meet Mr. Beaver and a new art class

The Water Lily Girls on one of their pond adventures - of course meeting a beaver. Obviously haven't colored it in yet as I think the coloring for the beaver will be difficult for me.

A very good friend is NOT so happy with the WLG's feet area - suggests fishy type tails. I took it under advisement and tried but it simply didn't work. I couldn't get them to work with tails - they just are what they are - no-yellow-boots-tiny-miss-em-figures. Of course in the water their feet disappear and they have a little propulsion thing going on - which miss em has never had.

On a funny non-animal-wednesday note, I started a class last night called "Art of the Comic Book". The instructor has a number of published comic novels and was very good. It's the only Art class that I've ever taken that was completely guys, and young punky guys at that. Tee shirts with comic characters on it and tatoos. And continual talk about space robots and transformers and Batman. And me, a middle aged lady in a pink sweatshirt and jeans. Just picture it!! Andy, the teacher, lectured on the business of comic books and gave out samples to analyze - he was very serious about teaching the art of comics. He gave us an assignment to draw three panels based on a script from Batman.

By this time I was getting nervous. I don't want to draw Batman. I want to draw Miss Em...but better.

Luckily, DH has advised me to bring some Miss Em books with me and I finally got Andy's attention and asked him to see my work and understand what I wanted to do.

He got it in a flash. He looked at me and said "these are great - you're crazy" (laughing). I told him that DH didn't want me to take a drawing class so as to not change my style and again..he got it immediately. He loved the Miss Em books, asked to see more, said that they should be published in a series of books. I was over the moon!!

Anyway, he'll help me with technique and putting her into panels, and formatting. Eventually, if all goes well, I'll talk to him about how to get published etc. It was a great evening.

I have to say tho' that some of the others in the class had excellent artwork of SuperHero's. Full court watercolors and black and white stuff. We talked about ink and artboard and all that. I really got alot out of the class and look forward to the rest of the evenings. But the best moment was when he started looking at the Miss Em books - initially planning to be not impressed and as he started going thru them the look on his face changed. That really made me feel good.

Wouldn't it be funny - some day I'll have to go to one of those comic book conventions - Mr. P would fall over with shock.



sukipoet said...

how fun! You are courageous. Hope you learn a lot and Miss Em reaches the world. I think it rather inventive both to create a comic book class and for you to attend!!

studio lolo said...

Mim, how awesome!!!! You really are brave to attend these classes. The comic book craze has been back in force for a while now. There are conventions all the time. I think it's called comicon or something. We used to get the announcements for them and we throw them out. I'll save them for you if we get more :)

I'm so glad the teacher was pleasantly surprized! I think you'll do just fine without your 9-5 missy ;)

As far as your lily girls, seeing as they have kind of vaporish trail tail in color (and in the water) maybe you could leave the bottom line out so they don't look footless?
Footless and fancy free!!! :D


Robin said...

I am joining in with praise! You are a FEARLESS WOMAN! It took courage to walk into that class - and it took even more to speak to your instructor and show him "Miss Em" and her adventures! And to have your instructor say the very words we say - "This is Funny" ! "This is Great!" "You Should Publish"! (He IS a smart man!)

Love "Die Wasser-Madchen" and the Beaver....the "girls" will always continue to remind me of the Rhine Maidens...they, too had many exciting adventures! A-haha!

Hugs to you, dear Mim!


♥ Robin ♥

Teri C said...

That is just WONDERFUL Mim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh I am so excited for you.WOW AND DOUBLE WOW!!!!!!!!!


Lori ann said...

oh wow! how exciting that is! you must be thrilled. i'm wishing you the very best, i hope all your dreams come true mim.

AtelierBrigitte said...

The lily-girls look promising - you should give them color (and the beaver!)

Your adventure in your class sounds great - I can imagine you feel so proud after these wonderful words of the teacher.


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Why...this is sooo exciting! I was smiling bigger as I read along! Yay!

Katiejane said...

YIPPEE!!!!! I told you so! I'm over the moon for YOU! Run with this, girl!

Lynn said...

OOps! I linked but I haven't posted my animals yet today. I am at work and DH has needed the computer to late into the night to post grades for his students! Hopefully I can post tonight.

I have no doubt at all that you can publish Ms EM. I am so glad the teacher could see your talent too. Great that you will get help. Did any of the macho male cartoonists see her also, and did they say much?

You go Gal! this is happening and it is so cool! And I have her first book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soulbrush said...

i knew nothing would keep you down, am so eggsited for you and so proud and as lynn says, i have the first ms em book and shall buy every single one that comes out, i am hurrying over to tell mr p to read this post. HAW and you go gal!!

Steve said...

You go for it!

I've been to *one* comic convention. They're usually filled with young men in t-shirts and facial hair talking comics. Not my idea of a good time out.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope MrP ends up flopping all over the floor. This sounds like karma at work. I can't wait to see it unfold. HAW too.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. Congrats. you dont get anything to fall into your lap unless you get out and get it going. Sounds like that is what you are doing. I hope you have your work protected so no one steals your ideas while out getting recognized.

kj said...

MIM!!! that is SO exciting. honest to god, i could jump up and down just reading this. keep it up, girl. i can SEE it mim. i'll bet you can too.

that beaver is sporting quite a phallic symbol, mim. HAHAHAHAHHA! i can't believe lori didn't say anything already: she must be alittle shy because she's a newer friend here. HAHAHAHA.

(i'm sorry hahahHAHAHhahahaheehee)


Mim said...

KJ!!! it's a TAIL!!!!
(altho I was a bit worried about WLG's/Beaver etc anyways)

Baino said...

Hey isn't it nice to have a tutor that doesn't want to 'change' your look.

marianne said...

Oh Wow Mim ( I am reading your posts backwards....)
Now I know more exact what you were referring to in your first post.
You go girl.
And how wonderful to attend this class and courageous to follow your own path. I think it is the right one!
Great your teacher is enthusiastic and wants to help you!!!!

PAK ART said...

I am so excited for you! You go girl! I would LOVE to take a comic book class; it sounds like fun! And I read your more recent post and looked at Iron Miss Em - that guy was wrong! You can draw and you draw well and you have the most wonderful imagination.