Monday, May 24, 2010

Superhero Miss Em - in a comic book format

First off - excuses. Bad scanner so everything is grey and nasty. Second. I had written some words in the original, and had to erase them with photoshop in order to add type from a comic book program. And when you erase...the background goes nice and white, but leaves the grey around it untouched. I'm sure there's a way to create a white background, but I had 10 minutes to finish this.

Anyways - who cares. I had fun.

I imported Miss Em Superhero into an on line comic book program and added some text and put it into a format. Learned the necessity of planning a design. Learned that I don't have the necessary computer skills/knowledge that I need - so OK - another course to take.

But in general..had a good giggle and some fun.

She is rather plump in the last panel, cause I had to expand her out to fit that format.

Next time I'll do better.

On another note, DH was out of the house most of the day yesterday so this is what I did.

Had breakfast with grace and the boys
Got stopped by the police for an expired inspection ticket (oops)
Started at the top of the house, cleaned out my closet and put everything away in it's place.
Cleaned the spare bedroom
Cleaned and organized my office space - boy did it need it
Put loud country music on the computer and danced around the house while I did chores
Got a package ready for my niece
Put away fabric sorted by color
Went to a "paws in the park" dog rescue event - it was great
Washed my car - inside and out.
Sat outside listening to ipod and knitted
Made a little dinner
Did Miss Em comics
Watched a bit of TV - we are hooked on "Pawn Stars"
Went to sleep.

Busy day, but feels great to have it all done. Notice that I did not say "put away laundry". Come on...I'm not a superhero!!


sukipoet said...

sounds like a heroic day to me. why do we seem to have more energy to do do do when the weather is warm? I do anyway.

love all this about Miss em and comic book programs etc. who knew? The next R. Crumb in the making.

AtelierBrigitte said...

Wow - that is a lot of stuff you've been doing in one day!

It must have been fun to 'play' with Miss Em and the comic book program.

kj said...

mim, i can't blow it up to read the text. and i want to...

even so, it's real comic strip! ms em loves it, you can tell just by looking at her.

you did all that in one day? on jeez: i didn't! but i did manage to plant herbs in the garden, turn over some more soil so i can plant more, visit my Mom, drive to a friend's and sit along a lake, kiss kiss kiss stella, blog a little, and watch lost. not bad at all. :)

here's wishing you a good week. see you soon and i'm glad.


Marion said...

Your energy is awesome...that list would take me a week to do! I couldn't blow up your comic strip enough to read the words...I'll look forward to next time.

Robin said...

Bella Signorina Em! (I am eagerly awaiting her Italian Adventures!)

You are growing as a comic book illustrator and narrator in (dare I say it) LEAPS & BOUNDS! Miss Em is a unique heroine - and I think she will develop a following! (Well, besides US....)

Mim, whew...what a day you had.... I was a "lazy lass" compared to you.... worked my a.m. shift at the de Young - but, walked there and back (40 minutes each way)... blogged about it, worked on my Opera scheduling (I am the coordinator for the volunteers), chatted on the phone, worked out, had dinner... fell asleep...

Here's to Monday!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

So cool you are learning this comic book format. I have no doubt you will figure it all out. I learn computer stuff by trail and error. May take a lot of errors to get it right...have patience.
Ms Em is fun!!! The little dog is cute too.

Your DAY was incrediable. You really seemed to put the cape on yourself and fly through the house with tons of energy! Bravo!!!
I had exactly the opposite kind of day where I sat on my kiester all day long, but did produce a ton of embroidery stitches and sewed a lot of beads on cloth. I felt lazy and liked it. I did do the wash, PUT AWAY the laundry and put clean linens on my bed!!! The rest of the mess can wait! So there!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your day reminds me of when I used to get so much accomplished in a day or so. No more. I have settled into semi-retirement just fine. Ms Em is a great heroine. It is good that she has her trusty little dog with her too.

studio lolo said...

Mim, I nearly fell on the floor HOWLING at the pear-shaped cape wearing person remark!! What fun it is to see you do all this stuff!

I could never keep up with you in a day doing all that. I'm exhausted just reading about it :P

Hey, you seem to be in a happy place. I love that!♥

PAK ART said...

I'm so proud of you for having gone the comic book routine with Miss Em. Who knows? Maybe there is a market for comic books for older women about ordinary life!