Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seven word Sunday (yup, I made it up, but doesn't it sound biblical?)

My mom is having surgery next week.

A minor crabby post here. Mom is having some elective surgery next week - well, it's for something that she has needed to get done for at least 5 years and kept putting it off. I certainly understand why she put it off, with Dad not in the best of health but did she have to schedule it right before Memorial Day weekend? The weekend that I am invited to the vineyard for an overnight stay and to kayak up in Portsmouth and a party at a friends farm. Do I really have to miss all that? I feel I know how it is. But once again, my plans go into the bottom drawer, wrapped neatly in lovely colored tissue paper to be taken out at a later date. We go down Wednesday night, she has surgery Thursday and comes home Friday if all goes well. We come home on Monday, maybe Tuesday.

I know, I know. I am blessed to be able to go down and help my old mom. I am glad she is around - I love her dearly and am glad to help. But really - I wish the gods would stop poking me and trying to make me act crazy by continual trials and tribulations.

On another Note, the grand drawing was held here at the Em household and Patty from PakArt has won a bundle of various art things to be sent out to her AFTER we return from Florida. Congrads Patty - I hope you like your loot.

Have a lovely Sunday!!


Lynn said...

Yes, lousy timing. So sorry you have to miss that great weekend. Too bad the surgeon didn't have weekend plans too, maybe you can get him to reschedule??? He might thank you for it.
I hope mom will fair well through this. And you somehow can make lemonaide out of the trip.

Lucky Pak Art!!!! I bet the loot is wonderful.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Well what a bummer. Thats not fair on you. Did you tell your mom about your trip and plans? why did it have to be THIS weekend? and yes.. Lucky Pak Art!

Mim said...

Mom first said "don't come down". When I scoffed at that, she said "well, it's a long weekend so it will make it easier for you to get away from work". she knows how busy I've been at work.

All I could do was bite my tongue. If she waits to do this surgery, we may not be able to go to Italy in late June!!

studio lolo said...

Honestly Mim, even after looking at the positives I'm still amazed at how much you know what fits into your proverbial bucket :P
Jeez Louise!
I do hope all goes well.

You'd better put the word out that NOTHING under the sun had better interfere with Italy!

Em giveaway???? What did I miss?

Lucky Pak!!

kj said...

oh, i don't like this.....

i admit i would be tempted to ask my Mom if she could/would reschedule this. honestly, i think i might.

i can say this because i'm your cousin, right?

you are the best daughter, mim. equal, no doubt, to your capacity for sisterbound friendship.


sukipoet said...

I'd rather protect Italy than redo this current date, but sounds like a huge sacrifice. a reason for Mom to live closer, so you could do both but guess she isnt going to move up to the cold north.

As she knows nothing of the plans you had though, it is hard to know what would have happened had you spoken up. It might seem selfish perhaps, but maybe things would have worked out, like another surgery spot in June say? She might have been delighted to switch dates.

We never know about these things. You are a loving daughter to be at her side. Take care, Suki

Robin said...

Ah, Jim, (oops. I mean Mim) - ha-ha! I understand how hard this is to accept.... especially after the difficult month you have just had.. but, Italy is the far greater "jewel"..... and the Summer will be here before you know. You can relax in the golden sun in Firenze, Roma, Sorrento - eat some delicious pasta, drink some fantastico vino some gorgeous shoes! (And perhaps think up a new story for Miss Em - "Miss Em Goes to Pisa and Saves the Leaning Tower"!)

You are a great daughter - and your Mum knows this. We do too and we send you many Bravas for your love and dedication to her.


♥ Robin ♥

marianne said...

That's kind of disappointing...... Hope you can do it some other time.
Hope all goes well with your Mom so you can return home soon with a good feeling.

Have a nice Sunday!

AtelierBrigitte said...

Too bad you have to cancel your plans. I hope everything goes well with your mom!

PAK ART said...

Whooooo HOoooooo! I never win anything! I'm very excited to see what kinds of art things head my way! I'm sorry to hear about your mom's surgery - it does seem that the best laid plans get messed up. When she's gone someday you will be glad for the time spent with her. I know you still want the kayak trip and the other fun but hope you will get another chance to do those things!