Sunday, October 3, 2010

My YarT summary - a LONG post!!

Stella Sleeping thru it all

I state here and now that this is MY yart summary only as I'm sure there will be many. And many varying views - yay for bloggers!!

I also state here and now that KJ and JB are overwhelmingly generous hosts who fed and watered us continually from sunup to sundown. With awesome food. And two particular helpers in the kitchen who went above and beyond without whom it all would not have come together.

I am also stating that I didn't take as many pictures as I should have and we don't have one of all of the bloggers together. Nope. Didn't get that shot. Too busy, too much going on.

I got to their house (I should say their wonderful house - warm and inviting, comfortable and cozy, interesting art to look at, books to read etc) on Friday night at around 9:30 and stayed until 11 talking to Lo, CS, Robin and other of their friends who were over.

Wonderful evening despite the pouring rain and I finally got to the hotel at around 11:30. Slept like a log!! Woke up to a perfect day - sunny and cool and fall like. And when I say cool, I mean like 40 degrees. I actually stopped at WalMart on the way to their house and bought a sweatshirt cause I hadn't brought one with me. I'm still in mental summer mode.

KJ and JB provided 6 foot tables and chairs - they had a pile of them - all rented and all set up around their wonderful side yard.

Early morning shot - looking peaceful

I have never done an art show/sale before and didn't know what to expect. I also didn't know how to set it all up, what to bring in terms of art and what would sell and what would not. So I brought alot of stuff and I mean ALOT!! My table runneth over. I had quilts and art work, and the table and chairs and dog bed and bowls and on and on.

Since I've never sold before I didn't know what to expect. Do you say "hi" to people? Ask them if they'd like some help? Ask what they are looking for? I simply played it by ear and smiled and spoke if it seemed like a good idea. At first people just wandered by and poked around and picked stuff up and put it down again. Because I had so much different stuff on one table, it was like a table rummage sale.

My table early in the day

Lo had the table next to me on my right and on my left was the wonderful painter Gordon Heins - he and his family are friends with KJ and JB and were staying with them. Lovely family by the way, and Gordon is a wonderful artist. His wife Heather makes lovely jewelry and did a brisk business selling her beautiful work. ( I can't find a link to Gordon's artwork but when I do, I'll post it)

KJ and Gordon

Lo's table

Chewy was there with a table of her wonderful artwork which I barely got to see as it was so busy. Suki came for a visit and to help - she manned the booths while we went to the bathroom or got lunch. And really, the pleasure of meeting these two woman was overwhelming. I recognized Suki from afar, she is so .... I don't know what words to use... beautiful, unique, calming - yes all of that. And she wore the red heart and brought us package of presents which was truly wonderful. Darlene and I had some time to chat before dinner - it was really a pleasure to meet her.

To sum up my actual selling experience...I did very well. I sold the table and chairs YEA!! (to friends of Chewy's actually which makes it even better) I sold 3 quilts. I sold felted bowls and paper mache bowls and postcards and framed and matted artwork. I simply couldn't believe it! At the last minute on Friday I had grabbed the "Strange Fish" book and the original watercolors from it. I put the book out on the table with a way too high price (on purpose) and a sign that said "original watercolors for sale". One lady came over and started reading the book and was laughing hysterically with joy - she LOVED the book. She bought two watercolors from the book that I actually have to finish and mat and send to her.

So to me, from a commercial standpoint, it was a great success. Not sure how everyone else did but this was good for me and a terrific mental ice breaker. I feel now that I can approach other stores and sell some of my more arty quilts and other more "arty" items. I found that at a venue like a yard/art sale people tend toward either small items or practical items. Alot of people picked up and admired my tissue paper bowls but no one wanted to buy them, they aren't practical. I realize now that I should have put one of those battery run tea lights in them and showcased them as atmosphere bowls. Ah time.

I drove home after dinner tired and happy. Dinner of a tricolor pasta with chicken that Gordon made which was amazing. and garlic bread. and salad and dessert. I staggered into the house - gave the lowdown to DH - staggered to bed. The car is still stuffed with the remainders. It'll have to wait. We're going kayaking today!

Dinner line
Long Table of hungry people

Thank you Karen and Janet....


PAK ART said...

It sounds like a wonderful time! I didn't know so many of you blogger friends lived close enough to actually meet each other like that. How wonderful for you all! I'm so glad you sold some art - it does validate what we do to know that others like it besides our husbands ha ha ha.

marianne said...

Oh It all sounds so wonderful!!!
And congratulations you did so well!
So good that it gave you the confidence to do more of this!
Wish I was there that day.
I am sure I would have bought a watercolor from you and would have been bankrupt at the end of the day with all those wonderful things for sale at the YART.

Hope you will have nice day kayaking!

studio lolo said...


What a wonderful recap!

Brian and I are walking around as if something magical happened to us...and it did.

Being around so many amazing, talented and truly genuine folks was balm for our souls.

And it was so much fun being next to you and watching your jaw drop when folks bought big items! I loved that!

I have photos of that lady guffawing over your book. I'll send them. She was a HOOT!

What a day, what a day.


Anonymous said...

I strongly suspect once all blog participants post their stories and photos the full day will be painted... an awesome story of sharing, cooperation and friendship.

It just occurred to me... I could go from blog to blog and um... "borrow"... okay, I'll ask first... I could download the stories and photos for a YART pdf journal... then email to y'all. Of course, with credit to and a link to each blogger.

Chewy / Darlene / Dar - which ever one I am today.

~Babs said...

WOW Mim,,,this just gets better and better!
I'm happy you had so many wonderful sales, doesn't that just feel the BEST!
Blogsters and Yart,,,what an event!
I'm just a tad jealous,,,okay, make that a LOT jealous, but really, really happy for ya'll!

sukipoet said...

glad you sold so many of your wonderful artworks and had such a blast. thank you for the description of myself. interesting to read. too bad my back meant i had to leave early.

Allin all an amazing day for everyone I think.

Lori ann said...

Oh Mim! congratulations! how exciting, your art sold and made people so happy.

It is so much fun to see all the photos and hear all about it.

I wish i could have been there.

♥ lori
p.s. have fun kayaking

red-handed said...

Well, it's wonderful when you put yourself out there and it works.

Amanda said...

yay mim!!! congrats on such a great YART success and selling your furniture, quilts and other artwork -- i for one am not at all surprised they sold because they were amazing!!

Annie said...

Mim! I am so thrilled that you sold so well! I am not at all surprised :-). Thank you for the photos, it has been fun going from blog to blog and seeing the different ones. By ALL accounts it was a wonderful time. I so wish I had been able to have been there. xoxo

kj said...

you,madam, deserve your success! what a total treat to witness you experiencing your customers and sales and savoring it all.

i am your friend for life mim. count on it.

yay yay yay.


Robin said...

Mimmmmmm!!! How wonderful it was to meet you - and it is NO SURPRISE you did well! You are one talented artist!

Those quilts are instill them with "Mim-ness" - and that's what people want! As for your know they are excellent.... from Miss Em to the fishies..... we, your Blogging Family, have been telling you how great your art is....and now, you have real proof! HOORAY!

My "goodies" (can't mention them yet....still a surprise for "someone") made it home safely. I love them!

I thought of you kayaking with DH must have been heavenly!!!

Love and many hugs,

♥ Robin ♥

secret agent woman said...

Great capture of the day! Did you notice that most of the YART posts include a photo of Stella with the little toy? I think it was an irresistible shot. Good to meet you this weekend!

Baino said...

Oh Mim I get an invitation every year and would so love to come. One of these days hopefully I'll make it either to the Yart sale or at least Provincetown with you lot for lobster rolls! So glad it was a success looks like the weather held off for you as well which is awesome.

Katiejane said...

Hooray for YOU!! Isn't it exhilirating to know you did well at a show? They are tiring, but man, do you feel great when they are over! I'm so happy that you did well. Your work is always so good and I just knew everyone else would see that, too. Congrats!