Sunday, October 24, 2010

Silver lining

Katie Jane suggested that since tough times are around, we should look for the silver lining. I agree and you know what? it isn't hard to find. So here are some silver linings from yesterday.

DH and I went for a bike ride and since I was still cranky and sad I put alot of energy into the ride. We rode 18 miles and I was faster than him almost the whole time. And I felt 10 times better when I was done. I took some awesome pictures of leaves and sunset....and ninja-bike rider DH. It was cold out there - and he is wimpy about cold so was bundled up.

I took a decent picture of myself by holding the camera UP above my head so that I shot downwards. Duh...why was I always trying to take self portraits from below or eye level - those are so unflattering. I wasn't smiling here but for no particular reason. I think I was just being analytical. So imagine a big outdoors bike riding smile OK?

I decided to look for perfect leaves - and took photos of these two. I think you can go crazy looking for perfect leaves - they are so brilliant and colorful. I would love a dress made of leaves. (but then I'd look like a tree, not usually a good look for a woman)

Aren't these red and yellows striking?

We stopped at our favorite overlook and I got this shot. This is one of the things that makes me stay in New England. I adore this time of year. Someone had a wood fire going which makes it all even better and much more silver-lining like.

A shot of a random view. But awesome right?

And then there was the sunset.....and to be honest - I didn't do anything to these photos. No enhancement - nothing. This was really the sunset....

Shot 1 - looking at where the sun was actually setting.

Shot 2 - Next to where it was setting - but still how gorgeous.

This reminds me of "Gone with the Wind". Isn't there a shot of a tree and a sunset?

Getting lower....


Then - at night - instead of doing my laundry - I got a penchant for looking at vintage boudoir gowns on line. I had a great time, and can't you just see me coming home from bike riding and hanging around the house in one of these babies??

I actually love vintage clothing and would love nothing more than occasionally being in a situation (think warm hotel apartment) where I could lounge around in something like this - drinking mimosa's. But alas - while I love these items, I am still more of a flannel and sweats girl. But I love dreaming....

Hope you've enjoyed this post...I have.



studio lolo said...

it looks like you squeezed some joy out of October after all!!!

The photos are absolutely breathtaking. Autumn in New England is heaven on earth, I agree.

I'm glad you found a silver lining and shared it with us ;)


kj said...

mim, i'm here to comment on your previous post and instead of comforting i will be need to be affirming instead, because this is a feel good message from start to finish. i'm so glad you and mr. t had a wonderful day yesterday.

oh the sunset and oh the leaves! new england really is miraculous right now. funny in a way because i've been realizing how SAD i've been feeling in october and after talking with so many other blessed people who feel sad too, i think it's a transitional seasonal kind of thing. we're preparing for the loss of treecover and light and warmth at a time when the landscape could not be more beautiful.

and....about the phone: any time mim, any time.

love love love!

sukipoet said...

these are wonderful silver linings. The sunset is just gorgeous. The leaves too. a bike ride sounds just the thing. I love those kind of clothes too but as I am always cold I never wear them. lovely.

PAK ART said...

We've all had a tough month, haven't we? I haven't been around to check blogs because I've just been feeling so overwhelmed in my own life. Attended a funeral yesterday and it does make you question your life and what you are doing with it. HUGS to you! Hope you find peace in your heart and soul. I need to sit down with my paints and just give myself over to art - it usually helps.

Robin said...

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS of AUTUMN! Sigh....this is why I adore New England so..... you chose the perfect leaves!!!

The sunset shots are gorgeous...and yes, they could be right out of "GWTW".....

Love the vintage clothes.... but these days, I am a jammie and wooly socks kinda girl!

I agree with KJ....we are all 'preparing' for Winter - mentally and physcally...and there is some 'primal" force that makes us sad as Winter approaches, the leaves fall, the nights grow longer and we retreat more into ourselves and also into our homes.
Every season has it's glory - though....and one of the ways we can all enjoy the advent of Winter is to send warm and loving greetings to those we care about.

Enjoy those glorious bike rides with your DH..


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

OHMYGOD how beautiful it is where you are. The color of the leaves is simply magnificent! You get this every year. We traveled to Boston in 1996 I think it was to see this. Something painted the east coast in brilliant colors beyond my wildest dreams. It was almost OVER whelming! I never said "Oh God, LOOK!" more times in my life.

You and DH look terrific in your bike gear! What a handsome couple!
And I am sooooooooooooooo impressed by your strength and endurance for these LONG rides! Wow!

The fancy smancy night gowns/lounge gowns are pretty to look at. I think I'd feel funny wearing them. Like you it's old flannels and sweats.

Thanks for the friendship comment. Warmed my heart. I do hope we meet one day. Wouldn't it great if I could come THERE in the fall? OH God!

Lynn said...

Oh and the sunset photos are amazingly beautiful too!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katiejane said...

VERY SILVER LINING-ISH!! See, you just have to hunt a little, but it's there. You certainly found several. And yes, I CAN picture you folding laundry in one of those fabulous dresses!
Spectacular Sunset!

ElizT said...

Good fun for us, all that!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The silver is positively gleeming from this post. I hope you are in a better frame of mind. These shorter days aren't helping no doubt. Big Hugs.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I am impressed at how long you rode. wow. 18 miles. Lovely colors showing there. Even to the Sunsets. Loved the shot of your husband and you too.

Baino said...

Oh how I miss my camera but alas, the sun doesn't set on the east coast so I'd have to get up at sparrow's fart to get shots like that, awesome. I really wish we had a colourful 'fall' here but it only happens in a few place and far from me. Nothin' wrong with flannel jammies.

Robyn said...

Very awesome!

AtelierBrigitte said...

The colors of those leaves - just amazing! They make me want to pick up my watercolor kit and start playing with colors.