Saturday, October 30, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Again...on my way to Florida

I decided to "pop" down to Florida this weekend to see how the old ladies are doing. MIL has been overly cranky and unhappy, so maybe a visit from me will cheer her up a bit. Her biggest problem is that she doesn't understand why this disease has happened to her - and she can't get over that fact. So on top of feeling miserable from the disease, and from feeling bad that she has this bad luck...she wants to know WHY she has this bad luck. I can't answer, and won't try to.

My mom, knock on wood, seems to be OK, and I plan on enjoying her company a bit. We both love to go shopping together so I plan on a trip to the area of Sarasota with little shops and boutiques for a good long browse. Neither of us will buy anything - maybe - but it'll be fun. Lunch out also. No parties to go to. No other family obligations. Maybe a beach trip tomorrow morning. We'll see....

Right now I am on the airplane, which has wireless connection. Our internet connection at home went down the other night and I have felt stranded without it. Right now I'm like a junkie who's gotten a fix - I'm high on connectivity.

Have a good weekend all....


BeaderBubbe said...

Enjoy the warm have a great outlook and will do where did I put my coat...chilly here...

sukipoet said...

gosh, i had no idea there was internet connection on airplanes. i havent been in one since the mid-nineties.

you are a dear to cheer up you MIL. Yes, that question of why. maybe just a metaphorical crying, I dont want this, I dont want to be here. There is no why.

Have fun with your mom. They are both lucky to have you.

Marion said...

Ahh, Florida. I imagine warm breezes on the lovely.

"Why" is a question that comes up often, in a case like you MIL's. There is no answer, of course, it is acceptance of her disease that will stop the questioning.

Both of your mom's are so lucky to have you to cheer them up! Have fun shopping with your mom and enjoy being connected, dear Mim!


studio lolo said...

I think it's wonderful that you can "pop" over to see the old gals!
You'll be their chicken soup this weekend ;)

If we could hear all the people all over the world saying "why me" at the same time, it would be deafening. It's an unanswered question most of the time.

Big hugs to all of you. And I think you should buy something from at least one of those boutiques! Christmas and Hannukah are around the corner.


Lori ann said...

Bless your heart Mim. You are a sweetheart and both your Mom and MIL are indeed lucky to have you.
I am heading down to my Mom's in a bit for the weekend too, I am going to try hard to adopt your attitude.
♥ lori

Lynn said...

Ah, Mitzvah time! Good for you. And you will get back as well.
Nice to be a comfort to someone so ill. That must be the hardest part of life being unable to accept ones plight at the end of life.
Relish the positive time with your own mom. So precious.
Enjoy your self and your time there. Safe travels. Hugs.

Robin said...

Mim... this IS your Mitzvah to your MIL and your Mum! Lo said it right....wish there was an answer to "why me" when awful things happen.... it must be so difficult for her....but, she is lucky yo have YOU and your DH be there for her to make her feel loved.

GO SHOPPING with your Mum...even if you buy one little thing will brighten you day!

Speaking of day-brighteners....
I now am the proud "owner" of TWO Mim-Bowls! Suki sent me a purpleish felt one to accompany my beloved star-filled one....I use them every night - my bedroom glows with a magical purple tint....

Enjoy the Florida warmth - it's cold and rainy in SF!



♥ Robin ♥

Baino said...

Sounds like a plan. Enjoy your time with your Mom.
I feel for your Mother in Law - Why indeed.

kj said...

mim, as surely as i am convinced that real love and caring grows from these here blogs, knowing how you move and imagining your honest grin made me so happy reading this.

you are a gem, ms mim. your family counts on you because they can.

and 'why me?' my Father never asked. that surprised me. your MIL has earned the right to ask and i hope some senior angel whispers an answer to her--maybe renee...

take care and have fun girlfriend

Amanda said...

ah, i did the same thing, mim, connecting online while in only costs a bajillion dollars (hehe - maybe not that much, but feels like a luxury!)

enjoy your florida trip! xx