Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As I was going thru my clothes this fall, I decided that my winter robes were ratty and nasty and needed to be replaced. I wanted a new luxurious robe; warm yet sexy. One that would make me look like Katherine Hepburn in the morning instead of Ma Kettle.

The point is that my idea of luxury is sumptuous lingerie and robes and all things boudoir. Powder puffs, and perfume. A steaming bath with scented water. Huge heated towels and a warm fire. What I have is a bathroom. and a bedroom, and I'm a lucky girl I know that. But oh boy - I can dream can't I? Imagine slipping into this velvet baby after your relaxing bath - it's on sale for about $300.00!!

Or this vintage quilted one for about $400.00 (do you get the point that I like pink robes?)

Or my absolute favorite, this heavy silk, vintage from the 40"s "hostess robe". This one is too small for me and I considered stopping eating to diet until I could fit into it (I'd probably be dead by then, but I'd be luxurious!) I can just imagine my friends reaction if I showed up in this to act as hostess. They'd think I was off my nut.

Either way, I had a great time looking thru all the gorgeous vintage stuff on line and imagining myself dripping in silk and embroidery.

In the end, I went to Marshalls and got a lovely velour robe for $29.95. It's comfy and warm and I think luxurious (in its own way). But the hostess is lurking inside, just waiting for the opportunity and money to lounge around in heavy raw silk. Just you wait!!

Now I'm off to rush thru a lukewarm shower and rush off to work. No lounging for me!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I was thinking just last year that I needed a new robe. Why do we put off these simple pleasures. You obviously had fun looking at these beauties. One day...

Robin said...

Mim, you made me smile... all of these pink robes (what a great colour for you) would be heavenly....love that velvet one....sigh.... and the last vintage one...wow! Yes, I can see you making an entrance, pouring the Mimosas and saying "DAHLING" a lot!

The Marshall's one is pretty - and I am sure it is soft and warm...facing a New England Winter, that's what you need! (Of course, you can still make Mimosas and say "Dahling" to your DH!


♥ Robin ♥

Lynn said...

I love being made to laugh first thing in the morning. Thanks for that. Oh I do see you in the hostess robe like Loretta Young holding the skirt wide to greet your guests! Morning Champagne!
and the one you settled on is lovely and comfy looking, good for curling up in a comfortable chair to read a good book with bare feet tucked under it! Enjoy my friend, enjoy! Fantasies are good too of course!

Lori ann said...

Oh so fun! This post made me laugh too and nod my head, I LOVE my robe. But i am definetely not pretty, just really cozy!

I'm glad you found the robe for you (i used to have a pink one)that i know you'll love coming home too!

Oh and Mim! i LOVED your last post, all your photos (beautiful leaf!) and sunsets...gorgeous! Nice photo of you too, i can see the smile!

xoxo lori

sukipoet said...

a fun post, mim. I think of Loretta Young when I see the last vintage hostess gown. My north country practical robe is pink fleece and very warm and cosy but my heart is in vintage silk.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

:)) Lovely robes.. but I am wishing we had a Marshalls around here so I could go get me that robe you found, It looks nice & warm & comfy. Mine is a shambles too. :I

marianne said...

I am patience hope you are too :)
I love dreaming, mine are always about making my home the way i have it in my head......
Meanwhile I try to be happy with what I have.

Greetings from the windy city ♥

ArtistUnplugged said...

Love the robes.....enjoyed your silver lining post and read back a bit. You've at least kept posting....feel like I have shriveled up......okay, not literally. Trying to turn over a fall leaf!!!!

Robyn said...

Funny post and one that I can relate to... I have a comfy robe :)

studio lolo said...

I'm completely deprived. I don't have a robe! I sleep in sweats in the winter and whatever sweatshirt/tshirt is handy. I'm still sleeping in a tshirt with my windows wide open. I hate being hot but I do know what you mean about getting cozy in the long winter months. Maybe I'll step up my wardrobe and get some new flannel PJs with a pretty pattern and satin trim.
Hey, we should have a virtual pajama party this winter!

Happy dream shopping Mim ;)

Amanda said...

these are all luxurious but that pink striped one is sooooooo very nice......i want one ;-)