Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Animal Wednesday - hanging fish and other stories

More paperclay fun - a flat fish hanging from fishing line. I like him although he does look a bit startled.

This fish is literally my only artwork for the past few weeks - I've been so busy. NYC a few weekends ago, then traveling for work. I also apologize for not visiting or commenting - no time to do anything in depth. And now, I have a cold and it has (as my mom says) "settled" in my throat and I literally can't talk above a whisper. no joke - I whisper and even that is hoarse. I went to work yesterday because I feel fine, and everyone made jokes about it being their lucky day (ha ha) and then they'd come into my office to talk and THEY'D start talking in whispers like we were sharing secrets. It's all pretty funny, but I suppose I'd better take it a bit more seriously and ask the doc if I should do anything about this. And I can't call the office! I'll have to stop by the office and ask - in a whisper - if they can see me today!

Plus, I am supposed to drive to NYC tomorrow to meet family, so....we'll see if that all works out. I am looking forward to going, I have a few pretty dresses to wear, and my whole family will be there. Don't want to miss an occasion to dress up!

Have a Happy Animal Wednesday!


yoborobo said...

Oh, Mim, feel better! I get throat 'things' just about every year. Most of them are viruses, but you're smart to get it looked at. Tea and honey, my friend! Have a wonderful time in NYC. I can't remember the last time I wore a pretty dress. Do pretty jeans count? :) Xox Pam

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your fish is cute. Your family might be startled if you arrive ill. I hope you get to feeling better soon. HAW.

Marion said...

Great fish! I have a cold right now, too, but, unlike you, I don't feel very well with it. Hope you make it to the family dinner and that your cold disappears quickly!! xo

Lori ann said...

feel better soon mim, i hope you are well enough for the drive to the city. cute fish! i like him hanging in the window, flying fish!

Robin said...

Love the flying Mim-fish!!! He's wonderful!

I hope you do get to the Doctor before you are off to NY! Tea with honey - and wearing a pretty dress are just what the doctor ordered! (But make sure to bring some pashminas and a jacket too!)

Have fun!



♥ Robin ♥

PAK ART said...

Liking your fish! I like window hangers, I have a few myself. Feel better soon!

Teri C said...

Love that fish Mim!! Maybe he has a sore throat also. lol Love the story of your co-workers.


marianne said...

Lovely fish Mim!
Some paper clay arrived in my mail (by guess who....)so I guess I have to give it a try as well.......

You take care with that cold but I understand you don't want to miss this family event. But after you have to take it easy;)

HAW and have fun in NYC!

Lynn said...

Wonderful Fish Mim flying in the window. Love him/her!!! Just beautiful.
So sorry you are without voice.
Hope this heals soon and that you get to get all gussied up and have fun at your family gathering!!!

studio lolo said...

fantastic fish!! Now you're giving me ideas. I never thought about anything like that.

I'm sorry you're not much better. You may need AB's for that throat if it's what I had last year.

I love the whispered conversations!
Brian likes it when I lose my voice, the brat!

I hope you make it to the family bash all dolled up!


sukipoet said...

hope you get to go, if you want to. I once had larygitis and the Dr said the way to cure it was to not talk. a very hard proposition. get well soon.