Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Animal Wednesday?

This is one of those weeks where I got nothin'. Well maybe this video which I find lovely, but nothin' else.

Last week I got a cold and lost my voice. Then I drove to NYC and went to a family reunion and worked thru 2 eye infections, and sneezing and now a cough that just won't stop. I had a great time at the party and danced all night long but maybe that didn't help this darn cold, and my energy level is about zero. Cozy bed calls me at 8:00 pm and I surrender. My plan this weekend is to lay low and try to recover.

Hence, no energy for animals, or people, or blogging, or commenting, or talking, or artwork....on and on it goes.

But have a Happy Animal Wednesday if you've got the energy.

It's 6:00 am and I'm going back to bed!


sukipoet said...

so sorry you are under the weather, but a good day to stay in bed. so cold and rainy. hmmm, yes dancing the night away. wow. be well, suki oops my Word V. word is bedcana

yoborobo said...

Mim, take good care of yourself and be extra lazy for the rest of the week. Slothful, even. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in spite of your cold. :) Feel better! xox Pam

studio lolo said...

I hope you don't have to go into work. Do everything from bed!!

Sounds like that candle syndrome you have Mim ;)
No dancing until you feel better okay?

HAW anyway!

studio lolo said...

And I love love love that video! It gets me every time.

Teri C said...

Oh my, you poor baby! Good thing you are getting more rest. And drink lots of liquids.

Lori ann said...

mim dear, feel better! stay in your bed for as long as it takes. shall i send you some chicken soup?

thank you for sharing the video, it made me tear up. so so sweet.

Lynn said...

You poor baby.........sending a truck load of chicken soup and throwing in a couple of matzo balls for the upcoming holiday!
Do get well quickly.

the girls are so happy in their newhome and I love them to death.
They are so cute.

Thanks again for the fab fabric.
I will have fun with it all.
You are so generous!
xoxo ♥♥♥
oh, and Happy Animal Wednesday from Henry and me.

marianne said...

Poor Mim
That doesn't sound good at all. You stay in bed and take care of yourself!

and hugs ♥

marianne said...

Oh that is such a heartwarming video. Made me worry though knowing the elephant will live longer than the dog, that thought broke my heart.......


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Spring colds are the worst. Feel better soon. Stay in bed and eat lots of chicken noodle soup. They swear it works. :))

Robin said...

You "done good" to have the energy to do a HAW Post.... I hope you are sleeping soundly....after chicken soup (with matzos, og course...yummy)...

I cried at the beauty (and sadness) of this video....fearing the Elephant will outlive the Doggie....but at least they found each other.... and the years they have together will be golden!

Wonderful post!



♥ Robin ♥

Angela Recada said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Loved the video!