Monday, April 25, 2011

More Bowls

I think that when I feel stressed, I make bowls. In fact, I know that when I am stressed I make bowls. Hence lots of bowls lately! I think I might be almost done, except I have one in the works that intrigues me, so I have to finish it to see what happens. I'm not sure of the significance of the it a place to put things or a place to put hope? or keeping things together? I'm not sure, but don't really want to psycho-analyze myself too much. Bowls are not going to hurt anyone, and making them keeps me off the street.

Anyway - these three were made at the same-ish time as the pink one but took a bit longer to completely finish.

Love that musical paper, and a furry top edging - DH ain't crazy about the top but who asked him anyway.
And a gold leaf painted tissue paper inside - I love gold (had you noticed?)

This is a smaller version of the Blue one that Robin bought - I had a few of the round things left over so decided to use them. Actually - they are the white round things that come on pre-filled watercolor brushes and I take them off and paint them gold.

DH is not a fan of this one either - thinks it looks like a helmet. (for what dear - a baby? it's small)

ohh - I just saw an almost face in the next picture - do you see it? the things' come alive for me....

The last one is my latest experiment - somewhat successful. You have to remember that just about everything is an experiment to me. I never make anything the same twice. I didn't plan on the lumpiness of the bowl, but like it now. I painted it about 5 colors with wiping/scrubbing in between. The gold hoops are curtain hangers, and I might add more metal somewhere.

with a gold inside - what else???

This next one was a true experiment - I used the Sculpy Ultra light that Pam uses with such success. It was like working with taffy! but way fun. I rolled sheets out and then curled the edges and added leaves, and then painted it inside and out. It's almost done, touches to be added and a varnish but it really was fun to do.

oops - touch up needed - blue on gold...gotta fix that.

The last (hopefully last for awhile) one is a paperclay one, made in thin layers. Many cracks...but it should be fun in the end. I'm going to paint this with an underwater scene, and am actually (unusual for me) going to sketch it out before hand and PLAN what it should look like...I'm hoping the inside with be sky blue, but we'll see.

Hope you enjoy this travel thru Mim's bowl world. What in heavens name am I going to do with all these bowls!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

They are all so interesting. I bet you sell them all at the art fair you attend. The frilly edges of the first one is really cool. I like the sculpty one too. The gold innards are an exciting touch.

sukipoet said...

you sure are a great bowler. what's your score. LOL. wonderful bowls. My fav is the one with curtain hangers on top. I just love faux metal finishes and use that a bit in some of my painting work. I had been using PearlEx powder paints which come in great metalic colors and also last forever being powders however i didnt wear a mask sometimes and now feel the powders might be what caused my cough. so i have to use more expensive pre-mixed acrylics.

studio lolo said...

YART!!!!!!!! :)

I love all of them! Wow, your paper clay bowl is so smooth, and it looks way bigger than the little ones I've made. Looking forward to the underwater scene.

Mim, what gold paint do you use? It's amazing!

Tell T the 2 bowls he doesn't like are my favorites.

I like the idea of your bowls being a place to put your hopes. If you put your hopes in a box with a lid, they're trapped. But in a bowl they have freedom to become dreams ;)


yoborobo said...

Mim - you crack me up. I love "bowls are not going to hurt anyone." LOL! I say the same thing to myself when I am making weird little dolls and my kids are rolling their eyes at me, or my DH gives me a 'look'. hahaha! I love your bowls, and I think writing a wish on a scrap of paper and dropping it into a bowl is a lovely thought. xox Pam

Robin said...

I don't have to tell you how much I adore your bowls! They truly ARE magical and add a lovely touch to a room. As gorgeous as they look in photos - I can tell everyone they are even more stunning in person! The blue one I just bought has already brought "oohs and ahs" from my guests..... they come right over to it and fall in love! The new ones are stunning! I love them all....but must restrain myself - as I am no longer a working girl - but as soon as you list these on Etsy - I know they will sell....then you will have to make more for YART!

Love, from rainy San Francisco,

♥ Robin ♥

Lori ann said...

You are so funny Mim! i smiled all the way through this. I agree, bowls are hopeful, i've never thought why really until you said it just now, but i love them too.

they are all great, the one with leaves is my favorite!

Lori ann said...

i forgot to say i'm sorry your stressed, i hope you make a lot more bowls and make it go away!

Lynn said...

You're going to sell them on ETSY that's what!
I do see the face in the pink one, and I like that one the best!
They are all fun.
Dhs don't always see ART we make for what it is. Mine is like that often. Luckily I do not let that discourage me.
Keep on and I do hope the stress goes away.
I am blocking my second baby sweater this morning!
And started knitting a baby bear last night, knitting has become such fun for me.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Sell them!! I like the 7th picture down. its gold outside and has leaves around the top. Very gardenish. Add a bird and it would be extra perfect. :)) Very nice.. all of them and I liked what Lolo said about an open bowl for hopes and dreams.

Teri C said...

You really are the bowling queen. Each one is so pretty and unique. I agree with everyone...sell them!

Katiejane said...

These bowls are so fun! I love how every one is different. Keep on bowling.

Barbara/myth maker said...

I can't remember the details, but I dreamt of your paper bowls the other night. They were on shelves, I know. Curious, huh?
I love them.

Barbara/myth maker said...

You mean you don't have an Etsy shop to sell these? What are you waiting for?

Barbara/myth maker said...

Oh yes, you do, I see. Sorry.

kj said...


PAK ART said...

I need to divert my stress into some kind of art...instead I eat cookies. Not such a good outlet! I like the hope bowl idea too, maybe I need one...I looked at paper sculpty stuff at the art store yesterday but didn't buy any because we are headed out of town soon and I have about a zillion other art projects I'm working on.

soulbrush said...

I don't love that you feel so stressed, but i do love each and every one of your bowls. This must surely destress you quite quickly. (When i saw bowls, I thought you ha sstarted playing bowls- the game).

AtelierBrigitte said...

You have been so creative lately!! Those bowls are lovely and I totally loved those neclaces (how do I spell that...).

marianne said...

Put them on Etsy of course!!!!
I love them all!!!