Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I stayed home this morning because I couldn't talk and wanted to go see the Dr. to make sure that I really had a cold and not something awful like....I don't know...just something awful. ( I didn't. It's the "common cold" and "inflamed vocal you do alot of talking at work?" duh).

Anyway, so while I was home I decided to clean out the cabinet in the bathroom. It's stuffed with my crap so I wanted to see what was under there and what could be organized or discarded. And what I found was sort of a surprise to me.

It was mostly Makeup.

I don't WEAR Makeup. Not really.

I had all sorts of creamy tan colored stuff, and lash stuff, and that stuff that you paint on your lash line to make you look like Cleopatra. And lip stuff and really - who wants to use a product that claims/promises to "plump up your lips". Who wants plump lips?

I guess I do or did at some point. .

About a year ago I decided that I really should use some kind of cover up on my face - you know - that getting older thing and maybe I needed a bit of smoothing out. So I went to the mall and got this powdery stuff that they show on TV and you "buff" it on, and voila - beauty skin. It takes me all of about 15 seconds to put it on, and I think it lasts all day but I wouldn't know. No one has run screaming from the room at the end of the day, so I guess it lasts. That's all I use. All I need is one brush, and two little tubs of this stuff. Yet I had BUCKETS of different products under that sink! BUCKETS!! Some of it is probably 20 years old - I have never used it.

I washed everything off and cleaned out the cabinet. Most stuff went in the garbage cause I've heard it can grow bacteria. I kept my two little tubs of powdery stuff and a few other items that I can use when a hot date calls and wants me to get all dolled up (Read: never) I found that there are some true treasures in the bowl of makeup brushes - small brushes that are smaller than anything I can get at the art store, so most of the brushes are making their way downstairs. I might also try that Cleopatra stuff on some paperclay faces - with varnish it might just work, and again - the brushes are so little and fine and cute and preloaded!

I found this web site where you can retouch your own photo's with makeup and getting rid of wrinkles and etc etc. Here is my naked before and "glamorized" after picture. skin color is way red (we had just come from the beach in early winter) and my eyes don't have makeup on (who wears makeup on the beach in early winter?) and I suppose my teeth could use a whitening (hey...we went to wine country - remember delicious red wine??)

I salute those of you who have learned to navigate the makeup highway. I have never learned the skill - especially the Cleopatra thing - but there are times when I could use a little extra glamour. Till them...I'm sending "touched up"'s.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh Mim, You are too too funny. But I too have to go thru and clean out the makeup that piles up. The mistakes I buy.The FREE kits that come with the makeup I do use. Most of the time I give them to a Friends Teenager. She thinks I am pretty cool. lol Oh and I want to know where you go to retouch ones photo? Can I make me look like Raquel Welch?? LOL Fun post. Glad you dont have something serious. Not that not being able to talk isnt serious. Get better soon.

kj said...

you are a cutie patootie mim. your smile is all the make up you will ever need.

myself: i use a great mosturizer (annemarie borland) base and clinque apricot blush. sometimes i will add lipstick, sometimes. i keep wanting to dress up my eyes but i never do because i know i will smudge one or both.

i swear by the borland.

if i cleaned my medicine cabinet, i would find prescription meds for colds, pain, stomach aches :)

love love

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Doesn't it feel liberating to clean out all that stuff?? I must say I don't use makeup either. I do put on lipstick when I think about it. I figure the makeup will just get stuck in all those wrinkles. I have never worn it though. I was a flower child and that part has stuck. I hope you are feeling better. Your day off was probably the best medicine. Have fun this weekend.

sukipoet said...

good to take a day off and rest those vocal chords.

cute post. i have never worn makeup really except when acting in plays. i once tried eyeliner but i dont like stuff near my eyes. plus i am really to lazy to apply makeup. i just want to get up, brush my teeth, run a comb through my hair and be done with it.

Marion said...

Isn't it amazing how old make-up collects and clutters in bathroom cabinets? I cleaned mine out last fall and shook my head at all the products that had hardly been used.

I wear that powdery stuff as works wonderfully over face cream and I have to use mascara or my eyes disappear. Oh, and blush powder if I go out.

So all the stuff I found graced the garbage can! I never thought of using the brushes for crafts...good thing I kept those!

Hope you're feeling better! You look lovely either way in the photos...have you gone to the site where you upload a photo and they show what you will look like in twenty years? I can't remember the name of the site, but I believe I look better, hahahaha! So there's something to look forward to..

yoborobo said...

You know what the worst is? When you put on mascara, and you forget, and then you rub your eyes - lol! Insta raccoon! Woo hoo! Very sexy. Especially if you do it when you are out in public and no one tells you. I tend to go with lip gloss and let it go at that. :) You are gorgeous, Mim! No makeup needed. xox Pam

Lynn said...

+I wish I had time to read all these comments I will come back later to do so.

I am laughing my
I did this ages/years ago; dumped it all after buying a very expensive kit from some movie star that I admired (forget who now) memory must be make me look "natural" with ten brushes and 20+ colors of something that went to different parts of the face sides of nose, really like a "make up artist" it said...anyway it only made me look like a clown. Since then I have worn NOTHING on my face other than my glasses. Everyone gasps when I tell them my age so I think I must be aging well enough without makeup. Love your use of the brushes...

and excited about getting my "gals" in clay!!!

You btw look terrific with out any touch up at all!!!

Debra Kay said...

I had to go buy powder stuff because I was at a wedding and decided I should wear make up. I was very careful to clean the brushes so it would last, oh, forever.

That said-I've had eyeliner tattooed to my eyes so you can at least see them. That vanity may be more extreme than make up. I had my lips done too-but just darker flesh-not real lipstick.

I like to put on eyeshadow maybe once a year-it's fun to look grown up for a day-but every day-nope. I don't even remember when I gave it up-I think I went to work without make up one day and the world didn't end and no one really noticed. So-why bother?

marianne said...

hahaha Mim!
nice post!
If I don't buy any cosmetics from now on I have enough to last a life time........ I have told myself not to buy anything in a long time now.... have to use things before the bacteria take control .......

You look great Mim, you don't need anything besides those 2 tubs

Baino said...

So true. I have a toiletries bag full of bits I never use. My best friend is a moisturiser, light foundation and mascara. Although I do get my teeth bleached from time to time. Bloody expensive but worth it. You look just fine in both photos frankly, just fine.

studio lolo said...

oh Mim, I needed this laugh today!! Thank you for your sense of humor.

I'm glad it's just the common bloody, pain in the ass cold and nothing awfuller :) I like that word so I'm leaving it.

makeup...I used to wear the mioneral stuff you're talking about. It really is magical. I forget why I stopped.

Now I use the foundation mixed with oil of olay that Ellen degenerous uses. I NEVER used foundation before, but I have to say it helps in the winter and this stuff doesn't cake or change color.
Then, I use mascara, a MUST, but no eyeshadow (usually) and if I do it's taupe or grey. Blush is a must! A little kiss on the cheek and lipstick even if I just put on sweats and go for a walk!! too!!!!
I think I keep my makeup pretty minimal. I used to (until just recently) also underline my eys but I've decided I much prefer the softer look for me.

Back when I was 14 or 15 I emulated Twiggy, and trust me I was that tiny. WTF???? Excuse me, but I really don't know what happened. Anyway, I used to draw in the lower lashes like she did! It was an art and I was adorable.

fast forward 43 years later and this is what you have~a fat friend who uses makeup, has a great sense of humor and loves you the way you are ;)

So, are you going to New Yaaaawk??


Michele said...

I have never been good at applying makeup either. I once had a plastic surgeon tell me I needed to have my forehead pulled up to get rid of my saggy eyelids. He said, "isn't it hard for you to put on eye makeup with those sags?" I said "no because I never put on eye makeup." Nuff said : )

PAK ART said...

Love your post and all the comments. I never wear make up but I have a whole stash of old crap that promised to make me beautiful and I fell for it at some point in my life. I use a lot of chapstick...does that count?! ha ha

Caroline said...

Loved this post, Mim! I wear as little as possible - nothing at home, but do put on some foundation to smooth out the creases a bit, some kohl pencil and mascara (where have my eyelashes gone these days?) lippie and blusher when I go out. Never powder as that just seems to settle in the deeper crevices! I had my makeup done for my daughter's wedding by her pro makeup artist friend! A real treat! You look lovely in the photos!