Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Stress....hence more bowls

As we go thru re-organization at work, my stress level rises and rises - at this point I am hovering around the ceiling from all the rising (and yes Virginia, it is made of glass) - I come home and make Hope and Dream bowls (thank you Lo).

The bowl above was creamy white and smooth and chalky. Then I painted it blue and started drawing.

I like it, DH was a bit unsure, felt the shape wasn't perfect for the design, which I sort of agree with but I like the concept.

So I was going to make a small bowl, with a taper and do the same approach, but in the end I didn't.
I made a small bowl and used a used up light bulb for a mold. Worked great until I had to break the glass - what a mess, but I got all the glass out.

Then I sanded it, and painted it an ivory color and then...this is the secret part....I used matt gel in a thin layer, let it dry and then rubbed paint on it so that it all merged and looked good (to me at least). And of course, a gold inside.

I took pictures in my hand so you could see the size. DH immediately claimed it as his.

So I guess I'll just have to make some more......

Cute, it's sort of like a dinosaur egg don't you think?


kj said...

my god mim, that lightbulb bowl is a gem. lucky DH, he will treasure it.

speaking of bowls and glass ceilings, remember the lesson of the five balls: friends, family, health, oh jeez, what is the other one? are all glass balls and must be handled gently. but work---work is a rubber ball.

in the midst of swirling demands, you take the time to help me. you are my sister, mim. ♥

Lori ann said...

mim, your stress looks beautiful. i hope you feel better after making these beauties.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

At least your stress makes beautiful art. Best compliment a mate can on ones art make is to claim something as theirs. :))

Lynn said...

I got a kick out of your DHs change of mind and to unsure to ownership!
Love them all.
You show how one can have fun inspite of stressful things happening in ones life! Good for you!

yoborobo said...

I love both of them! The last one does remind me of an egg. I was trying to thing of something you could use (besides a balloon) to make that shape, but I have not had enough coffee yet. lol! Beautiful work! I hope work settles down for you. xo Pam

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the first bowl too Mim. It has a whimsical quality with the underwater scene painted on it. The small bowl is my fave though. It looks precious. Like a treasure egg.

sukipoet said...

The first bowl is unique due to your painting on it. I like this idea very much. Sorry about all the stress with the reorganizing. Goodness. thank the godess for arts and crafts.

studio lolo said...

Mim, isn't it time for stress to take a holiday?? I think it needs to leave town ;)

I love both bowls! The underwater scene is so recognizable as you. And the lightbulb bowl does look eggy. I love it!

hey, have you thought of using styrofoam balls for molds? They have the green ones in the fake flower section at Michael's. They also have some wooden balls in the wood craft section. Just a thought so you don't have to smash bulbs!

I hate that you have so much stress but I do love how you channel it ;)


Fern said...

haha.. a sperm bowl and an egg.

Katiejane said...

It is cute. I wonder if using Saran Wrap over the mold you are using would help? It may make wrinkles in your clay, however.
I like the first one, too. I think the shape IS good for the painting, like sort of underwater-ish. I love the colors of the second bowl, though. It's good that you have this outlet for your stress.

Amanda said...

absolutely -- an egg for a royal dinosaur with that gold lining!!

(i've got royalty on the brain this week! ;-)