Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Crafty stuff

Antique Map pendant

Most of these necklaces and earrings were completed last week except for the chains. I stuck with a theme of long pendant and earrings until the last one, which I did sideways - and I like it. I wore one set on Friday and got a few comments at work - but when I stopped at a department store all the sales people commented on the pendant and earrings.

This pattern is from a quilt that I made.

Art Deco image

Black and White paper, backed with silver paint. Two sets of earrings one with a larger pattern and one with the smaller pattern.

Random image that I had in a pile of papers - but I like the black and white.

No earrings with this one - it's a triple layer collage.

I've also been playing with bowls this weekend, as I am still stuck at home with a cough. (DH went out bike riding today and I stayed home - that'll tell you that I really don't feel good!)

Anyway - paper mache musical bowl, painted with pinks - and of course gold inside. I made this cord on the top from twirled tissue paper, fancy ribbon, and gold thread. This one is a big size - about 10 inches across the top and about 6 inches high. I think it's too pink in this picture and has more depth in real life.

The next three are tiny bowls/cylinders made from the leftover paper I had from the bowls I was working on. They are all three about 4 inches high and 2 inches across. The first one is painted and stained and wiped, and restained - in person it looks antique - like something you'd find at an archaeology dig.

This one is tissue paper and musical paper and it glows if you put a tea light in it. Plus it's the perfect size for a tealight.

This one is tealight size also - and it really glows when lit from inside. Pretty one I think.
I have three more downstairs waiting for final touches.

A friend nearby is hoping to have a yard sale in May and she asked if I would sell some artwork. YES - I nearly yelled. Everything is also going on Etsy, and then if I'm still invited - there is the YART in October.

ETSY 20% off coupon is still ongoing - code word is SPRING!!!


yoborobo said...

Mim - Gorgeous bowls! I love the idea of a tea light inside the last two. I bet they look wonderful. And your jewelry is beautiful. You are so creative! xo Pam

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

wow.. you have been busy. I love the Art deco necklace. Pretty bowls too. Hope you get rested this weekend. YOu need to do a YART at your house too.

Lynn said...

How much for Israel? Did you make this for me? LOL What language is it? Beautiful. I don't see it in the store yet.
I love the art deco ones too. All are terrific.
What section of Michaels for the parts? I must try this. We could swap! LOL

Mim said...

Lynn - just listed and I certainly thought of you when I made it. have a look.....

marianne said...

Wow You have been creative! did you do all these before you got ill?
Hope you are feeling better.
Love that pink bowl and love all the things with the music notes.
The glass pieces are sure something different again.
Your creativity has no limits:)

have a nice weekend and get well♥

Robin said...

Wow - again! Gorgeous creations! I love the maps! What a great idea! And of course, you KNOW how I feel about the Magical "Mim Bowls"....

Brava to you! That cold really stirred up your creative juices - ha-ha!


♥ Robin ♥

sukipoet said...

wonderful. i esp love the art deco black and white ones. and the bowls are super. gosh, how humble you are. if I am invited!!!! silly you.

Barbara/myth maker said...

I am blown away by your work. One thing more beautiful than the other. I love the art deco set. You really have a great eye.

The bowls are fabulous. I think I like the archeological-like one the best, and the tea lite bowls are so precious.

You are really doing amazing work, Mim!

PAK ART said...

Those are all turning out so wonderful. I've tried hymn book pages (just made a copy, didn't tear the book apart). They look pretty nice. I need to get better glue - what glue are you using? Does it feel like the bails are on good? My bail on the pendant came off, but the earrings stayed on well.

Lori ann said...

oh my gosh mim, what can't you do? i think you had better make alot more, for the shop, the yard sale and yart!

i love them all!

p.s. creamy vs chunky...old habits, you know, small children...hee hee

kj said...

hahaha, you're wondering if you're still invited to YART??? the date is october 1st, mim, and please count on it!!!

the jewelry is fabulous. my gosh mim. your mind and hands move faster than i can make toast!!

everything good is happening for you, and you deserve all of it

with love

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your ick has been good for one thing Mim, you have been creating some beautiful jewlery and bowls. I hope you get to feeling better.

Katiejane said...

Geez, Mim! I turn my back on you for just a minute and here you are with tons of new work!!
I love the glass jewelry. Looks like kiln-fired glass. And, of course your bowls are fantastic!
The paper clay family is so you! You are just a dervish in the arts.

Amanda said...

these are all fantastic, but that tealight cylinder that glows from the inside is so special........and the black and white pendant/earrings set --- that's paper?!!?

where do you get all these amazing ideas?? your creativity is prodigious!!