Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Animal Wednesday - hiding and sunning

I've been going thru old photos on my computer - cause it was telling me I had too many (I did) and found these two pics that I don't think I'd posted yet. Both were taking while bike riding - an opportunity to commune with nature if you don't speed by it.

I am off work this week, and taking time to relax. Have a Happy Animal Wednesday!


Lori ann said...

Cute!! i love the raccoon in the tree, that was a great find especially since you don't really see them in the day!

and the turtles!! that's an awesome photo, i would have LOVED to have been there for that. every time i see a turtle it plops in the water before i can get a photo. great job mim!

sukipoet said...

have a nice vacation week. at last the sun has come out. we had 4 inches of rain up here! the racoon is cute and love the sunning turtles. there used to be one turtle in the pond here that i could see sunning but no one mowed around the pond this summer and i can't get down there. boo-hoo

Teri C said...

Those baby coons are so cute....and can be so destructive...but so cute.
Love the turtles.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your bike rides always sound like so much fun. I like seeing the resulting photos. HAW.

Lynn said...

that raccoon hiding is so cute...we had some in our backyard once but we only saw the whites of their eyes in the dark at night.

Love the turtles climbing out of the water to sun too.

Enjoy your relaxing time.

Robin said...

I love that Coon! I know many people consider them *pests* and dangerous to cats.... but, they are so CUTE!

I remember that Turtle's so wonderful! We have some in the fountain at the de Young....but they only show themselves when it's sadly, they haven't been around in MONTHS!!!

I hope you enjoy your sun in Florida....and have some fun there as well as attending to your MIL's estate.


♥ Robin ♥

AtelierBrigitte said...

How lovely you can see all these different kind of animals in the wild! Thanks for sharing and HAW!

Geraldine said...

What great photos Mim! I'm glad I stopped by and joined in, second time for me.

Happy Animal Wednesday, G

Geraldine said...

PS: Signed up as a Follower today too!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Cute Racoon pix. In CA my Dad used to feed them and by hand. I have a photo of it somewhere. My Mom started it before she passed away and he kept it up. Mama would bring her babies to greet him when they were old enough before chasing them off & bring the next batch by the next year. Mom used to call the mama and papa.. Bonnie and Clyde. :)

studio lolo said...

Great raccoon capture1 I have many raccoon stories and let me just say I have a love/hate relationship with them. They are better at a distance in the wild :)

I love the turtles. hey...they look "happy together!"

Get it?

I'll be here all week ;)


kj said...

my mother's house had a racoon in the chimney along with her babies! i looked up how to humanely escort them elsewhere and found the following suggestions: in the fireplace:
1. loud non stop rock and roll music
2. if that doesn't work, add noxous scents

i called pest control to shoo away and cap the chimney but only after the babies were ready....

i love this shot of the turtles. gosh they look like the family they probably are!!!

have a great week, mim.


Marion said...

I love that shot of the Turtle family. Turtles are a totem of mine, so it was extra nice to see them this fine morning! I wish we had turtles here...but we do have a rather large toad..

I've always enjoyed a good relationship with raccoons...their family values are awesome! Enjoy your holiday...xx

Katiejane said...

As much as I despise raccoons, this one is cute. I'm not big on turtles either so I'm glad these are where you live. Good photos and have a great trip.

Amanda said...

love the raccoon and the turtles all in a row basking in the sun!

raccoons are much cuter in a tree than fishing around in the garbage can at night outside our house ;-)