Tuesday, August 9, 2011

As the World Turns

Don't you sometimes wish that the world would just halt for a tiny while. Just a moment - to let us savor consistency for a tiny time in our lives? All this chaos, craziness, lunatic rantings, money problems - who'd have thunk all we've seen over the past few years...and now it appears to be starting all over again. Oy!

But the real problem for me today is how the world turns. It's 4:49 AM - and I should be driving to the field for my morning walk. But it's PITCH black out - whereas a few weeks ago it was getting light. I love New England, and I respect the seasons but oh - summer is so damn brief here! Really, our reality is fall and winter and while it appears on the calendar that spring-summer are equal in length to fall-winter....it just doesn't work that way as seen by this picture taken in APRIL last "spring"

I've been going thru my photos on the computer - getting rid of duplicates and extras and freeing up space. I found a few that show what I'm talking about.

Field near track being planted - early summer.

Field last week - PLOWED and all the veggies picked and gone for sale.

I'm not complaining - I love all the seasons (well....) but I do wish it was lighter longer around here.

Ah well, it's 5:00 am - dark or not - I'm heading out!!!


Snowbrush said...

Here in the Willamette Valley we have eight months of drizzle and four months of nice weather (although a bit dry), and I hate those months of short gray days and long black nights. But then I hated Mississippi weather even worse, and Minnesota weather even worse than that. If Peggy were up for it, I would look into the lower half of California.

Mim said...

I love visiting San Diego but all that sunshine!, I like a mix and I guess I'm not easy to please

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The shorter days do make you feel like there isn't enough time to do what all you want to do. We must enjoy the light while we have it.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'd gladly trade you Indiana Summers that seem to go on FOR EVER. (frequently into October....)
I am a cool weather person, love Fall, and cannot wait.
I know though as I get older....time passes much faster. *sigh*


sukipoet said...

I do love light and regret the early darkenings at night especially as I am rarely up at 5 am. although sometimes awake then.

San Diego sunshine would work for me i am pretty sure and i love sand and palm trees and adobe-like houses. but could never afford it.

hope you had a good walk it will be fun to see you soon!

Cassy said...

Nice photos. be happy and enjoy the season.

Cassy from Download Guitar Lessons

kj said...

easy to relate to this post, mim! i can almost feel fall in the air and it's not yet mid august.

i'll happily take all three seasons. i love the changes. but i HATE winter. i only like one or two n'easters and then i'm DONE.

i haven't even laid all my mulch down yet. BAAAAH!

PS excited, excited ♥

studio lolo said...

Since I don't walk as early as you the light isn't affecting my routine. Night walks for Emma are hard though as she's afraid of the dark. She's having major vision changes which I have to see about. She's too young for cataracts :(

This has been a wonderful summer so far. I wished for rain on my birthday and got it! I loved that downpour.

Like Anne, I'm looking forward to Autumn now but I certainly don't want to rush old man winter. I guess we'll get what we get and like it or lump it!

See you soon!


Robin said...

Here's your SF *Weather* Comment....see Snow's above....except for the past two years, we haven't had TWO WEEKS of consecutve sun and warmth. It is mostly dark and grey...I LOVE THREE Seasons...(not so much a *Summer Girl*...hate that humidity..)... but would move East in a flash....if I was working...nothing beats the NE Autumns!

We can't stop Mother Nature (thank goodness).... so, we must live and enjoy every beautiful moment we have.

Drive safely out there!


♥ Robin ♥

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I was just complaining about that this morning. its dark when I get up now.. NOT FAIR. Summer is to short. Winter was way to long this year on top of it. Boo hiss. I didnt notice it like this when we lived in So CAL but sure do up in oregon. Oh well I wouldnt move back actually. We love it here. Hope you got that walk in.

Amanda said...

that fading daylight brings a touch of sadness, for sure. even right after the summer solstice i sense its coming. but the same goes for the dead of winter, when you know the days are getting longer.....

Annie said...

We have a short Fall and Spring here, about a month each, but Summer and Winter are long. At least we get all the seasons, I love them all. Don't forget to take a flash light on your walks :-). xoxo

yoborobo said...

I feel pretty spoiled here in the Mid-Atlantic. We usually have a long spring and fall - but with the new weather patterns, who knows any more? :) xo Pam

Lynn said...

After reading Soul's blog post this morning about London burning and kids rioting this weather talk is refreshing.

I feel fortunate living where I do, especially this year, as we are having the mildest summer I can remember in 23 yrs in this town, which is normally HOT in summer. I'm so glad it is NOT HOT as I do not like HOT HOT. 100+.
We have a beautiful spring full of flowers everywhere; autumn is nice, not with the abundance of turning trees as you get, but pretty nonetheless; and winter we get rain, no snow, not terribly cold...a reasonable livable winter. I'd say it's about perfect as perfect can be here in California!!! Been here all my life and I like it! I think I'll stay! ;-)

Katiejane said...

Sorry, I'm not siding with you on this one. I'll be VERY glad to see this summer go!

Baino said...

Mim darling I feel your pain. We're coming out of winter and finally, finally . . it's getting light at 6:30am. My dog's over the moon because we can walk again (there's little joy walking in the dark) and the weather's warming up. Love the photographs and a grave reminder that it's time to get those horny ducks off my swimming pool and crank up the whipper snipper!
Spring is coming!