Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Animal Wednesday - it's SCRUFFY!!!

Scruffy was so happy to see me when I got to Mom's house, he wiggled faster than I could take pictures...and brought me all his toys for a good game of "fetch".
His coat is growing out from his "puppy cut" but we both felt that he didn't really need a grooming for a few weeks, the long hair look suits him.

It's hard to take a picture of him...he moves too fast and is always interested in seeing something new...but occasionally I get a cute shot.

He's a cute little doggie, and very smart really! His only issue is continued bladder infections and he is on antibiotics very frequently. Perhaps cranberries would help? I don't know if that works for dogs. But I do know someone (yet to be named) who is going to work at a new job at a vet's practice and maybe she can give me some advice.

Scruffy is one of those dogs who looks suspiciously at packed suitcases, so as I was leaving I got the sad dog look and he wanted to climb into my lab for a final snuggle. We took him in the car when mom drove me to the airport, and he was great until we started driving in front of the terminal - then he started crying and whining. He was NOT happy when I left, but I think he'll be just fine.

My cousin found Scruffs at a shelter when she went to get a dog for herself. I would never have done what she did - pick up a dog and bring it to my aunt on "approval". Obviously it's worked out well, but I just would never have the chutzpah (guts) to do that. I admire my cousin for doing this even tho I was mad at her in the beginning - he's a godsend to mom who adores him and adores having something to dote on. I do think that I'm going to hire a dog walker for late night walks - watching my 87 year old mom out at night with a flashlight and a baggie was a bit disconcerting. Other than that...they are a happy couple.

Happy Animal Wednesday!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just knew we would get a Scruffy fix on AW. He is such a cutie. I know he is great company for your Mom. He keeps her active a feeling like she has a purpose. Even if that purpose is to pick up poop. I am glad you found them happy and well. HAW.

sukipoet said...

adorable. how sweet that he cries when you leave. makes me want to have a dog too. and yes, he must mean the world to your mom. i know bibs does to me.

AtelierBrigitte said...

Scruffy is totally adorable and I can imagine your Mom is happy with Scruffy.

ArtistUnplugged said...

Scruffy is very adorable, can just feel his energy in the photos. I don't blame you about feeling uneasy having your mom out with the dog at night with a flashlight. You are so blessed to have your mother. HAW!

Lynn said...

That "Act of Chuzpah" turned into a true blessing. Sometimes it works that way. Glad it did this time. An affirmation of how important "human/animal- contact/love" is for growing the soul and keeping it alive and well.

I hope you get her a dog walker person soon too. Your mom seems a strong woman; but would hate to take chances with the ghouls of the world out there. Or the cracks on the sidewalk even.

Scruffy is adorable!!!! That last picture worthy of framing!

Happy Animal Wednesday!!!

I bet I know who got that Vet's job. Oh goodie!!!

Robin said...

Scruffy is adorable! (And he knows it!) I love when an act of Chutzpah brings such joy to all concerned!

Hmmmm....wonder who *that soon-to-be-working at a Vet's Office* person is.....A-ha-ha!!! She will undoubtidly have some good advice for you!

Welcome Home!


♥ Robin ♥

Lori ann said...

oh how cute he is, look at that tiny face. owen would just love him. glad you had a good time with your mom and scruffy mim. xoxo

Teri C said...

Scruffy is SO darn cute. What a face.


kj said...

it's pretty obvious you are in love also :^)

i chose a dog for my Mother once, along the lines of your cousin's. i was heartbroken when my mom said no. :^(

welcome back to mass fall, mim. you are a wonderful daughter and the night walker sounds like a perfect idea


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

How funny...I was reading away and trying to figure out who was writing this as I thought it was Joss and her Snuffles but who was her mom..?..then It dawned on me.. scruffy not snuffles. lol anyway a cute post for a cute dog and good companionship for your Mom. :))

Katiejane said...

He is a cutie. I used to groom this breed a lot and I can testify how sweet they are. Sounds like it was a match made in heaven!

marianne said...

Your cousin is a daredevil :) But Scruffy is just too cute! If she would have brought him to me I would have melted too.
That someone who s name we don't know yet will certinly come with a usable advice I just know he or she will ;)

Michele said...

What cutie patootie he is!

studio lolo said...

Cutie-patoooootie x 10000!

You can give cranberry extract supplements to him in his food. They might be a bit tangy to Sweet Tarts. Remember those? I wonder what's causing his frequent infections. Hmmmm. Investigaton time!

I hope your friend in the vet field can help you figure this out ;)

No notice officially given at the market yet, so...mums the word on my blog!

heeheee :)