Monday, October 17, 2011

Opera and Wool

One of the reasons Mom was so excited when I said I was coming down for the weekend is that she had tickets to the movie-opera and her friend couldn't go that day. Now the facts are that I don't like watching Opera (sorry Robin) - as it puts me to sleep and I don't understand it and my mom used to sing aria's after we went to bed as kids and they put me to sleep..and I once watched her in an opera when I was about 4 (Tosca) and she JUMPED off the building at the end - out of sight - and I was a bit shocked.

So...part of me wanted to say "nah - I don't want to go" but the kinder side of me said "sure". Mom adores opera, and was so pleased to have someone to go with.

This opera is a live movie feed from the Met in NYC and it was GREAT! I can't get over the fact that I enjoyed it so much, but you got to see the costumes up close, and the expressions on everyone's face and the scenery details. And there were interviews with the principles and conductor - and it had you knew what was going on.

We saw "Anna Bolena" and of course, it's a tragic story how ever you see it. Most of what I don't like about opera is that it's all tragic, and suicide and killing plus not understanding what was really going on! But I was very pleasantly surprised to see and enjoy this movie - gave a whole new dimension for me. I did take a little nap (well, I did get up at 3:00 am to catch an early flight to florida) but most of it I watched. So...I might just go again.

During intermission I pulled out my knitting and clattered away. I'm working on a sweater with a wonderful cranberry colored wool, and it's all garter stitch and box stitch, so it has heft and body. I'm only 1/4 of the way thru the back, but I love the feel of it, and it's on my favorite needles.
Pretty good I'm crashing and going to bed.


Lori ann said...

ah mim... you sweetie, opera knitting and your lovely mom. yes, it was a pretty good week.

Lynn said...

I've never been introduced to opera. Hard enough understanding Shakespeare~ LOL Glad you enjoyed it and that your mom got you as her guest and company.

Your link took me to a yarn site.
Are they bamboo needles? I am on the second front of GS's sweater. Will post it soon. it's garter and knit off and'll see. Your yarn looks very soft and rich. I am not familiar with Box Stitch!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I know how you felt about opera. I had an invite to see one of these live feeds but declined the offer. Maybe I should have gone. Nah... I love the sweater color you are knitting.

sukipoet said...

You are such a dear daughter. Am glad to know about the live feed opera movies as they sometimes occur around here and if you enjoyed it then i might give it a try.

my dad loved opera and went to nYcity to hear and also played recordings. Except for La Boheme and Madame butterfly whose stories seemed understandable I have never taken to it either. but would like to learn.

thanks for the knitting supply site. there are a few things i'd like to buy myself.

i did buy some bamboo needles and like them a lot.

Robin said...

Bravaissimo! I am glad you (at least) enjoyed stepping your toesies into the *Opera Waters*!
Supertitles really open up the story for the audience. (This is what my Ex does for a living.) It is always fun to see the backstage contrast to what happens on stage! That's my world these days and why I love it so!

And you saw Anna Netrebko - she is a favourite if mine! I KNOW your Mum was pleased you went with her to share the experience! Tosca! Wow! I'll bet your Mum was fabulous! (But yes, seeing one's Mum *jump* off the Castel Sant'Angelo had to be traumatic!)

That sweater is going to be gorgeous! Lovely colour and texture!

Ciao, Bella Mim!

♥ Robin ♥

ArtistUnplugged said...

Ah, sounds like a great time afterall! I have been to a few operas that were staged locally. I enjoyed them but confess towards the end I'm ready for them to just speak English!!!! I was hoping to act in a local opera but sadly that organization closed a couple of years ago. Anxious to see the finished knitting piece, love the color of it!

studio lolo said...

I'm so glad you crashed AFTER you deplaned :)

Opera isn't for me. I can't stand soprano voices. I just want to slap them and run away from the shrill! Perhaps I should get to the bottom of that issue.

I'm glad you and mom had a girls night out. You're a great daughter and a pretty cool friend too!


soulbrush said...

your mom still looks so good -and you did such a good thing going with her, bless you both.

Katiejane said...

You are a very good daughter. Glad you both had a good time.