Saturday, October 8, 2011

Six Word Saturday - and other topics

Light develops
things become clearer

I love the first shot here, with the grainyness of a mirage.

I never thought I'd be yearning for the fall-back time change, but I really want that early morning light for my walks - altho it was only 34 degrees on Friday morning. I do hate leaving work in the dark, but I'm so hooked on sunrise.....

This weekend we expect 80 degree weather - so go figure. The weather has been odd...a few weeks ago we were bike riding and it was about 45 degrees and we mournfully said "this might be our last ride" yet today I am laying out my shorts and tee shirts for a ride. And Rosh Hoshanna was a rainy day - which is very unusual. My aunt remembers only 5 rainy Rosh H days in her life, and she's in her 70's.

Speaking of RH - we went to my cousins house and got to give the newly knitted stuff to the new adorable baby.

The parents were stunned! We're not a family known for giving home made gifts - so these were very appreciated.

My cousin and her new granddaughter - she's still in shock at her good luck and happiness.

DH and I with Julia - she was a delicious baby and spent hours in my arms. (there's another story there that I'll tell at a later day - about arms)

Julia in the pink knitted hat which went with this sweater.

I was worried about this purple hat fitting her - but we got it on....

And finally, my uncle performing the blessing. We had a full house of cousins and it was delightful.

I hope it's a happy and healthy new year for everyone.


Call Me Cate said...

Who wouldn't be thrilled at such a lovely homemade gift? Beautiful work and such an adorable little baby.

And I also like the first photo. It may be because it's October and I'm enjoying the tendency towards spooky and creepy but that photo works right into some of my current viewing habits.

Lori ann said...

i'm sorry mim but this made me cry, it's all so beautiful. what a lovely thing to wake up to this morning. family, babies, your gorgeous knitted things, happyness.
congratulations to everyone on that blessed day. and i love the photo of you and dh (is that dear husband?)and baby.
have a wonderful weekend mim.

kj said...

Hello dh! Hello baby! Hello cousin! Hello uncle!

Hello sister-friend!

I know how you have the talent but I do not know how you have the time. Is it while I'm watching wheel of fortune and trying to solve the bonus round?!

I could hear Lori all the way from California

xoxo and one extra xo

Lynn said...

The baby photos made me kwvell Mim...your uncle saying the Kiddish made me happy too while imagining this large family around the table bringing in the new year together. Shana Motuka!
A sweet year!!!

Lynn said...

PS Your knitting skill is great.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What cute little hats for the baby. She is so sweeeet. Happy New Year!! You are so blessed with all that family.

We are having that crazy warm weather here too. We will pay for it soon no doubt. I had to drag the hose out to water plants again. Where is the rain?? It must be hidden in the darker skies.

sukipoet said...

adore the baby pics modeling your sweet hats. she is so precious. delightful. homemade gifts are the best!

Robin said...

What a wonderful family! I know everyone (including the baby) was thrilled at those gorgeous goodies!
So nice to see your DH's photo....I have seen his studio and his amazing day, I hope we can all have a flight in the plane!!!

I love those end-of-night-start-of-day photos....


♥ Robin ♥

Katiejane said...

Well, Happy RH to you. And looky here, DH has a face!
The baby is just adorable and the little clothes you made her are just precious.

The weather is weird, isn't it? It was 82 here yesterday! I'm still likeing it anyway.

Amanda said...

that baby is precious - mazel tov.

and happy new year to you, too, dear mim. as you mentioned about rosh hashana, it seems every year here in the midwest on yom kippur, it is a stunning day. after services we go for a walk in the botanical garden. being in nature is such a lovely way to spend the high holidays.


Baino said...

Aww I'm sorry your early dawns are leaving you but they're beginning over here. It's lovely light, must take my camera with me next time. Sweet family pics although babies . . .just can't get gooey about things that do get gooey - at both ends!

soulbrush said...

aaw that little Julia is so precious, and the purple hat is the bestest too! Wishing you and yours a very happy year ahead.

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

What an amazing day, so special and lovely photos to remember it all by...