Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not even the end of October....

...and we are having a snowstorm.

It's shocking really - a shock to the system. It was beautiful autumn last week, glowing trees, pumpkins, apples, cool nights and warm days.

And then suddenly - boom! Big snowstorm coming thru. Frantically clean up the garden furniture, winterize the outdoor hoses, put everything in the shed ( and then take everything out cause the snowblower is in the back corner, damn it) - clean out the pots of plants, (salvage a rosemary plant) and cut as many hydrangeas as I can - they make beautiful dried flowers.

Dried Hydrangeas make me remember my friend Isabel who died about 13 years ago. Isabel was extremely creative, drew like an angel, embroidered, painted, gardened and read about as much as I did. In the fall , we would make the rounds of the antique stores, who usually had their stores smelling lovely with hot cider bubbling somewhere, and we'd happily look for treasures. Isabel taught me how to dry hydrangeas and other flowers to preserve summer. I miss her something awful around this time of year. I have friends who love me enough to go to antique stores and rummage around with me, but Isabel loved poking in those stores as much as I do. There's a difference.

So - it's back to knitting by the fire with headphones on listening to a book on tape. The electricity has burbled a few times, and since this storm is expected to get worse, we also spent the day doing laundry, and filling the bathtub for extra water (we have a well...which uses an electric pump). At our old house we had an old old outhouse, which was a comforting thought in times of power outage.

I keep hearing big crashing noises in the woods, tree limbs crashing down I'm sure. I expect we'll hear them all night, and as long as they don't crash down on my house, it's OK.

I hope you are warm and cozy on this chilly winter ( I can't believe I wrote that) night.


Teri C said...

YIKESSSS! Way to early.
Sending you warm sun.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. You east coasters have really been getting walloped with bad weather this past year. I hope all is safe thru the night for You and everyone back there. Snow on trees that haven't lost their leaves isn't good..Keep us posted.

~Babs said...

Checking to see,,,,,,
oh, just as I'd feared.
All the best to you in this nastiness, Mim!


Lori ann said...

oh dear mim. since you say this is not good i belive you. i sure would love to be there right about now though. it sounds incredible. my girl who lives in nyc called this morning with the weather report, the snow was falling there too. she has got to get a space heater, quick.
happy knitting and keep warm. :)

marianne said...

I just can't believe it!!!it was here in newspapers too this morning!
Yikes! Hope this is just some little mistake and autumn will continue after this otherwise you are in for a long winter.....
Here they predict a very harsh winter with lots of snow and freezing......
Don't know what to think of that since they can't predict the right weather for 3 days, but let's see.
Lucky my home is warm and until now we did something extra every year to isolate the house and this year we have floor heating in the study and kitchen.
Well today seems sunny so no signs of winter here yet!
You take care over there and get cosy!
But most of all stay safe!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I saw on the Weather Channel that your area is getting hit hard and early. Poor girl. Snuggle in with those needles, book and a hot coco. Here comes the winter.

yoborobo said...

Was that bizarre or what? I was not ready for it, and some of my potted outdoor plants don't look very happy with me this morning! lol! It's strange to see snow on the ground and fall leaves on the trees. Stay warm! xox

Lynn said...

You write this beautifully Mim. I mourn the loss of Isabel with you. What a wonderful woman friend she was and so talented too. I'm glad you had her in your life as long as you did and enjoyed each other so much. Precious memories you share here.

And this storm! Amazing nature at it's wildest yes? I'm glad you survived it as well as you did. We haven't even had much rain here yet. Let alone snow. Well we won't get snow where we live. And our trees are just starting to turn. Dare I tell you we have been enjoying 70-80 degree weather? Ever consider moving to California? ;-)

sukipoet said...

thanks for sharing your friend Isabel with us. She sounds lovely and how wonderful you remember her so lovingly.

hope you made it throught the storm with electricity. up here, one foot of snow but my electricity still works. yeah!

Robin said...

Isabel sounds like a WONDERFUL FRIEND! They are all too rare these days....I know you miss her.

Amazing to see Winter rear his icy fingers so soon! (Even my Ex - rang me on my birthday - and told me how NY was *blizzard-y* yesterday....

Stay safe....we know this will melt soon....and hopefully, you won't really be living in Narnia for a month or so!


♥ Robin ♥

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I forgot to mention how sorry I was to hear about you losing your friend so long ago and young no doubt. I have been wanting to pick my hydrangeas to dry and you reminded me I better do them now. What a nice way to remember a dear friend by.