Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Animal Wednesday - Elephants

This video was linked on Robyns blog - awesome really.

I don't know any elephants personally but just love them, love to watch them, love their legs, and trunks but most of all, love their wonderful social structure.

In the case of Animal/Vegetable give away....the winner is.......

ANNE of El Milagro studio

and I'm so glad.

Anne, send me your address via email OK?

Love to all, Mim


Robin said...

Lovely post.... Elephants ARE incredible creatures...

So happy Anne won! (I am going to e-mail you her address in case she doesn't see that she won!)



♥ Robin ♥

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

YAY! :-D
My day is made Mim! I just popped off an e-mail to you with my vitals, errrrr, addy, and I say THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Very happy girl here.... ♥


~Babs said...

Loved the video.
That first elephant going down the stairs looks like me when I have my knee wrapped.
Come to think of it, my skin looks somewhat like theirs too,,,,oh my!

Congrats to Anne!

supplies overflowing! said...

Thank you for commenting on my painting. I am going to work on that tree-etc.!
I too, love elephants- especially their eyes, and I am SO GLAD that Anne was picked to win the knitting "machine".

Lori ann said...

oh congratulations anne!

mim, this is great, i've seen photos of that lodge in zambia, but not a video. i really enjoyed seeing the elephants, thank you for sharing. i thought you might like to see a post i made on ellies too,