Sunday, February 5, 2012

Playing around again

OK - it's an obsession - I admit it. I like bowls. I like vessels. I like to see them, make them, feel them and hold them.

The last one was my favorite so far, but I'm liking this one too.

This one I am still sort of working on - I've added these square colorful beads to the outside and am trying to decide if it needs a top edging or not. It'll sit for awhile while I think about it.

Any opinions about an edging? Colorful metallic thread? More beads? Let me know what you think.

Also, since I had to sew each bead on by hand I wandered back and forth between having the thread match the bead or the bowl. I chose white thread so that it wouldn't show thru the bowl, and am going to carefully color the thread on the bead to match the color of the bead. Should be fun!

As usual, I have no idea what this bowl will do, hold, or be good for. But it's pretty and we can all use more prettiness around right?

Comment - post post
After I posted this I realized that I hadn't articulated the real reason I like these bowls. First of all...I know how to make them and that makes it easy for me to learn how to play with new materials and new techniques. I don't think I've ever made two the same, I love trying new techniques, new materials, new embellishments. Every bowl is an experiment - I don't think I could take two the same if I tried! I've gone from heavy paper, to brown paper, to wire and to tissue and buttons. I've painted them, and stained them, and wiped and tested, and embroidered and beaded. Basically, I can track my artistic confidence thru my bowls - what an interesting progression they make.

I have ideas that I want to try... based on films of color, and transparent materials. I'm just gonna keep playing!!


Call Me Cate said...

I like it - the beads are really cute. And you're right - we can never have enough pretty in the world.

Lynn said...

It's very pretty. I sure wouldn't bother coloring the thread. It looks fine just as it is and uniform. the edge is nice as is too, but am sure would be pretty with a border of beads. maybe not on the very top but near the edge around? I like the uneven paper top around. Just my humble opinion. You do what your artist muse thinks is best.

yoborobo said...

It is so pretty! It reminds me of an upside down cupcake with sprinkles, and nothing is happier than that. :) I like the way the beads float on the bowl. I don't know if it needs an edge. I kind of like it as it is!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Cute bowl. They are fun to look at on a shelf. Love the colors sparkling on this one.

kj said...

mim, would you mind putting this pretty bowl on your head and posting a photo of you and it?

that will help me in giving an opinion about whether anything more is needed.

please smile very widely for the photo as that will help me doubly.

i dare you. i;ll put up a reward even.

p.s the bowl is delicate and lovely, even off your head

pss my word verf is dablo. maybe lo has something to do with this?

pss but bowls are not that differentt than hats...



Lori ann said...

it's so pretty, i think it's just right. it might look nice holding some colorful yarn! hee hee, kj.

Katiejane said...

This is so pretty!! It looks like a wedding bowl. How about a ruffled lace trim sewn around the top? It just looks so light and feminine. It would be beautiful full of dried hydrangea blossoms. I wish you much luck trying to paint the threads and not the bowl!

Annie said...

Mim, it is a beautiful bowl. I don't think you need to color the thread and an edge would be nice, but I like it without one too.
Just do what feels right to you.

Robin said...

I love this beautiful bowl! It is airy, pretty....almost *Fairy-Like*.... you know I adore your bowls!!!! I think colouring the thread will enhance the beauty....don't think it needs an edge.... (just my 2 cents....) a-ha-ha!


♥ Robin ♥

Amanda said...

this is glorious, mim. what is it about bowls? i love them too......their form is so satisfying. must be something about their ability to hold and contain. i can see making them over and over again (of course, that is IF i could do this ;-)

the top edge is strong enough to hold something extra - if not an entire other series of beads?

~Babs said...

"I'm just gonna keep playing"
Oh, please DO!

And I like this one just the way it is.
Or with lace,,,
or more beads,,
I like bowls.
I like how they attract things.
Little bowl things.

sukipoet said...

you bowl me over, LOL

like this the way it is. i forget how you stiffen the tissue paper. Matte medium?

ever think of embedding things between the two layers of tissue. like string, leaves etc.

although i spent a few years making bowls myself, esp from my own handmade paper, the idea of using ready made paper is appealing. (and quicker) I may try a few.