Saturday, February 11, 2012


Playing around with paint - this one is water soluble oil paint on paper. I've never used oils before and don't like the smell of turp in my house, but when I saw these water soluble ones I thought Hmmmmm..... Has anyone had any experience with them? The pic is a little dark at the bottom just due to me slapping the painting on the counter and taking a quick pic with the iphone.

This one is acrylic and crayon on bristol board. You can tell I was in the studio playing away having a good old time slapping paint around.

I like the brightness of the yellow in the second one - what do you think? I also think that if I want to use paper again with the oils, I'd gesso the paper first - it soaked up the paint like crazy without some kind of base.

Right now I'm sitting at home in a room with lots of windows - and I was planning to be inside most of the day watching big fluffy snowflakes come down and pile up outside. Picture a happy me with headphones on listening to a book, and knitting away on the sofa. "They" predicted a storm - and we expected to get around 6 inches or more. But they are saying "haha" it's really not going to happen. There are snowflakes coming down but they're tiny and barely sticking. So there you have it. A very non-snow winter this year. Not much fun. Easy to drive in, no plowing needed but not what we expected.

I hope you all have a lovely romantic exciting Valentines day and get your hearts filled with love.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your hearts look nice Mim. Such fun playing with new medium. I have never used oils of any type before. My Mother took oil painting classes. I remember the odor. Every time I smell it I think of my Mom. Happy Valentines day to you. Enjoy your snowless weekend.

sukipoet said...

your paintings are cheerful colors. i like primary colors. ha, no sign of snow here either although they said only an inch or so up here.

Happy Valentines day to you Mim.

Barbara/myth maker said...

I like your cheerful heart paintings. Yes, definitely use gesso with oil paints! I've never heard of water soluble ones, interesting... but I love the smell of turpintine, hahah.

A real disappointing winter as far as snow goes. Having some flurries right now, but no big deal.

Lynn said...

I like your hearts and think these make lovely Valentines! Cards!!!
have yet to delve into oils but have some. Doubt they are the water soluable kind you used here.
Cris should be able to answer some of your questions. She paints in oil.

We have spring with spring flowers blooming. Daffodils! Hoping for no rain today in SF!

Amanda said...

wishing you the same for valentine's day, mim — i love the second heart that crackling at the bottom left an effect of the acrylic paint? (it's hard to tell from the image on my screen) but i can see the crayon marks to the right of the heart. i enjoy reading how you play around with different mediums and seeing the results.......your sheer joy of creating comes streaming through.

stay warm with all that 'predicted' snow!


~Babs said...

Mim, I love these two cuties! Very imaginative,,,how they are growing on stems. "Love Grows" And yes, the colors are perfect.
I've not worked with the water soluble oils, just the regular kind.I adore the smell of oil paint,but in recent years have to be careful with good ventilation. "I wonder if my studio will ever get finished?" she asked.
Oil is actually my favorite for painting,,,,but I don't do it much.I love the blend-ability with them, and the longer open time, but then sometimes I hate waiting for it to dry.
There is always Canva-Paper for painting in oils. Comes in a pad of sheets. Very nice for oil, acrylic, whatever.I know, another art supply to buy.
Never too many.
So ready to see what you do next, you versatile girl!

andrea said...

I had to pop in from KJ's blog when I saw the painting on her sidebar. It won my heart -- so to speak! :)

kj said...

i don't much like the second yellow one and i totally like the first with it's fabulous blue.

these paintings seem totally different for you, mim, proving once again how incredibly versatile you are! i love that you caught andrea's eye :^)

no snow and no complaints from me, although i quite understand nestling in and expecting a day of snow filled solitude. i hope we get one giant
n'oreaster but that's all.

ps ♥

kj said...

i know it's is supposed to be its. i blame it on spellcheck.
or maybe on a mental lapse


marianne said...

I haven't tried those water soluble oils yet....
Both hearts are lovely but somehow I love the first one a bit more.
Sounds like a wonderful day. Here it snowed today I am doing a lot of things at the same time. Packing tidying etc etc. Right now I am enjoying a coffee break and reading some blogs.

Enjoy your Sunday♥

Annie said...

It is trying to snow here right now, but it has been a light snow year here too.
I like both your hearts and I must look into the new oils.

Katiejane said...

I've never worked with this kind of paint. I like your simple, bright arrangement though. Maybe I'll give these a try.

We got two inches of snow and the bottom dropped out of the thermometer. Downright Arctic out there. Good day to stay in and clean house!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I LOVE the smell of oils and turpintine. Its in my blood.. lol Actually I use the odorless turpenoid which is much better..but I am having fun with the watercolors. Never have used the water soluable oils but hear they are pretty good. Looks like you were having fun here. A nice stress reliever. :)

Lori ann said...

love these hearts mim, they look like they'd be perfect cards. i hope you have a love filled day tomorrow too!