Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Animal Wednesday - MUMMIES

We went to the Fitchburg Art Museum last weekend on a whim. Those of you who know Fitchburg know that it's not a real "up and coming" little city, but they have this little funny gem of a museum. Very small, wonderful traveling art section, and a great permanent selection of portraits, landscapes, and this awesome sketch by Sargent - which I coveted and coveted the talent to do this painting. (gad - this is a sketch! - to me it would be a finished masterpiece)

Anyway - that's not what I brought you here for. They have an interesting Egyptian exhibit with real honest to goodness mummies - including this cat and alligator mummy.

As well as this reproduction chair with lions heads on the ends of the arms.

They have their own little fake Rosetta stone, which was easier to get close to than the real one in the British museum
and this lovely bas relief sculpture of either two sisters, or Mother and daughter or who knows what. I loved it, probably because of the blue paint.

The 85 year old guard was head over heels in love with me for the day (or bored out of his gourd) and followed me around leering and asking if he could take my picture. It was kinda cute but also very odd.....

So happy Animal Wednesday !!!


Lynn said...

Nothing like a good ole dirty old man to make one's day! LOL
Terrific to see that "masterpiece" and all the other "animal" goodies at this gem of a museum. Glad you had such a good day of it.

~Babs said...

Still turnin' heads, huh Mim?
Love that!
Fitchburg sounds very nice to me,as I seem to gravitate to smaller, less busy areas more and more. The museum sounds like it made for a wonderful day.
I love the 2 woman sculpture.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I seem to draw them (dirty little old men) too. Love the lion heads on the chair. A friend of mine has swans on a chair arm.She would covet these lion heads though. HAW.

Robin said...

I am thrilled to see some of the Fitchburg Treasures! Great Minds m' dear, as I did a Museum Post on Sunday! I love that Sargeant piece - I have never seen it. I'm with you - it's fantastic - just as it is!

The Blue Bas Relief is beautiful....how moving .... those Egyptians..... just astounding all the fabulous things they created!

Mim, you *flirt*! A-ha-ha! You are a lovely woman - and isn't it fun to be admired! He may have been older - but - he has great taste!

Lisa....if you check back here...tell your friend I am green with envy over her Swan Chair!



♥ Robin ♥

Teri Casper said...

Wow, looks a fab place to visit!


kj said...

there is something about people in blue that captures something almost magical about human beings. i wonder if that is why the blue man group is blue...

to me it is incongruous that fitchbug would have such a collection of art. and very cool

i'm writing this on my mac, mim. takes some getting used to, even the keyboard, but i'm gonna love it!


sukipoet said...

had no idea that Fitchburg had an art museum. thanks for the intro. I love Egyptian art and the first painting is lovely. A fun trip out. With the addition of the love bug intrigue.

marianne said...

What a nice collection and indeed odd to have a 85 year old stalker there....;)
Thanks for the museum tour!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

What a lovely and unusual collection~~love the Sergeant *sketch*. (yeah, haha, finished painting for me too)
Now my question is, where is the little old guard, as it seems he still had a bit of *animal* in him??? :-D
Love the little knitting loom~~have the hang of it; have to work on it more when the fingers are more cooperative.


Katiejane said...

Cool! Someone really loved their cat and alligator! I love Egyptian art, always have. Hey, send that 85 year old guy over here! I need a date!

PAK ART said...

That looks like a wonderful place to visit! I'd love to go there - the person shrouded in sheets is phenomenal. All those folds are so interesting.

Baino said...

Yummy mummies!