Monday, February 20, 2012

Things I've been making/doing

Thank you for all your kind words on my panic post. I've calmed down, turned off the darn word verification and after sleeping most of Saturday - am feeling a bit more human.

So, onto fun things.

I've wanted to try felting and got a great book on felted purses. I went to Michaels, and for very few dollars - got 100% wool in two green colors. I ended up with two pieces of knitting - took no time to do

The problem with this book is that it gives very little instruction on how to assemble this purse. It says 'sew them together"...huh? Anyway, I finally figured it out, sewed them together and felted in the washing machine. In the end they weren't perfect, but good enough for a first try. The two pieces have to be exactly the same size (which they weren't) , and the two colors felted differently. If I was doing this again, I think I'd sew them together after the felting. Doesn't matter, I'm happy with the one I did.

One of the things I've always loved to do is to refinish furniture. When I was with some friends a few weeks ago, I bought a little ratty old table - it's small - almost child sized, that could be used as a side table or any little handy table.
It was easy to refinish - only took me an afternoon. I also didn't obsess about the tiny little areas in the legs, so they stayed a bit dark. But it came out nice, I think it's maple. I'm just buffing it with wax, and then am not sure what I'll do with it.

But it's so cute, I'll find a place for it somewhere. I love the little side things that fold up - it's like a miniature dining room table. I could just see 4 mini kid sized chairs, and fancy little place settings on this table.

I hope you had a lovely weekend, got caught up on sleep and good times.


Michele said...

I so miss the days when Deb and I had a booth at an antique mall together and we'd shop like mad women searching for furniture just like the table you refinished. We had this one table (I can't remember if it was mine or Deb's) but we named it "Red Legs." Yes, we named all of our furniture. We're fun that way : ) Love your table and especially the purses.

Lynn said...

So you knit two squares with long tails and then felted them in the machine and then sewed them together? Very very cool process and outcome. Love the purse. Let me know how the handles hold up.
My diaper bag I knit/felted for DIL stretched (the handles/strap) mainly because she put too darn much in the bag, but with a baby you need to schlep a lot.) It needed leather straps that went all around the bottom of the bag and then back up for straps!

You did a bang up job on that table!!! Bravo!!

~Babs said...

Well lookit that!
What a cool bag you made!
Funny to me: I knit not one stich, and have no desire to learn,,,but I love looking at it.
I used to re-finish some furniture too, as did my Boyfriend. Some of our favorite pieces in our house we re-did.
I have a small drop leaf table too,,,aren't they great? You did a fine job with it too.
Amazing what some sleep can do, isn't it? I'm glad!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have been busy. The purses are cute. The table is beautiful. It will be nice to have.

sukipoet said...

i've always wanted to felt too but gave away the great books i had on the process. love the bags. they have a great class on felting at Snow farm near KJ.

glad you feel better after your big sleep.

table is excellent, i wonder what you used to strip it? back in the old days I'd strip furniture with some awful odiferous and toxic stuff. better stuff around nowadays I think.

Lori ann said...

your purse looks great mim, i like it just the way it is. and look at how nice the table turned out! glad your back to making and not worrying anymore.

Katiejane said...

Your purses are cute, especially for a first try. You are always trying something new! I love it.
And I also love this table! I lost my nice basement to work on furniture in when I sold my other house. Now I have to wait for nice weather to do it in the garage. This table turned out really well! It should look beautiful somewhere in your home.

Robin said...

I love how fearless you are when it comes to creating new things! I am like Babs....kntting, sewing etc. are not for me...but, I do like refinishing old furniture! The table looks fantastic!

The bags are great!!!!

Most of have regained your spirit and inner strength!

Much love,

♥ Robin ♥

kj said...

the bags are super duper, mim!

you are abit amazing, you know. how many mediums you dabble in and in each one you fly from apprentice to master.

this is my one word to describe you:



supplies overflowing! said...

I don't know HOW you figured out how to sew those pieces together-but nice job~
Your table came out beautifully. It does look like maple. but the center piece reminds me it tiger's eye(?) maple? Someday, when you have decided what to do with it, I'd like to see it "in action"

Amanda said...

how did you manage to make that table look so great?? i'd love to know your secrets - my dining room table could use some tlc.

happy to hear things have settled down regarding your blog woes.....the word veri thing has a lot of people upset.

marianne said...

You did a great job on tweaking that table up.
It looks great!
So does the bag. Good you had time to craft :)

Marion said...

Wow, Mim, I love that table. I have a thing for tables and bowls...I'll come home with both or one or the other each time I go out antiquing. This table looks so useful and really pretty. It looks like maple...good job on the refinishing! xx

dave said...

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