Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Animal Wednesday - Peter and the Duck

I'm still working on this - and you've seen it previously as a black and white drawing.  Here it is colored in completely on the computer (gulp) and still more to go - don't really love totally green trees, it looks like a broccoli forest.

I'm taking a digital illustration class on Monday nights and have learned more in two sessions than I could have taught myself with "photoshop for dummies" which was what I was going to do.

Do you think one ever stops learning?

I dreamt of my dog Samson last night, he was old and I was stroking his head with two hands back across his ears.  He had that look in his eyes of total adoration  -  I miss that so much.  But it was nice for him to visit me in my dreams, he's such a patient dog.

Happy Animal Wednesday!  May your dreams be sweet.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Cute sketch. Digital. Hmmmmmm I miss my doggies too.

Lynn Cohen said...

Im glad to hear one can learn Photoshop quickly! I hope to accomplish that before I die!
Your story page is sweet and will be a darling children's book!
Could you have made the trees darker than the surrounding green? Or different mixture of browns and green? I bet you can do that with Photoshop. Just an idea.

sukipoet said...

I admire you so for taking so many challenging classes. Hands on is so much better. I have never learned anything from a "dummies" book. Lovely you dreamt of your sweet friend. and the picture is great. I like those clear and direct colors.

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

You are always reaching out for something new. Great idea on taking a class for Photoshop. So much easier to learn from another being then a book. Well it is for me. :)

kj said...

I so wish I were taking that digital illustration class with you. I love that and I covet what you are learning

That is an asparagus forest!

Keep it up, Mim. Keep it up


Robin said...

I love these! (I hear the Prokofiev score at once when I see your drawings!)

No, we NEVER stop learning as long as our hearts and minds are open to it.

Samson WILL be waiting for you...but isn't it nice to have had him come for a visit!

Sending you and your DH a big Valentine's Day Hug!


♥ Robin ♥

Marion said...

Your creativity and drive is stunning, Mim...I LOVE these! Wish I was taking the class with you, too, but you've given me inspiration to find one here and finally learn to do this...xx