Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sorry sorry sorry!!!! I'm still alive and kicking

This is what I was doing last week at this time - bike riding thru a Florida state park, sweating in the sun, and enjoying it like crazy.

My mom is feeling great - and the fall and bump on the head was probably due to dehydration and being sick.  She's doing very well now and is looking forward to her party at the end of March.

I came home in the middle of the week and am staying home this weekend because of this: 

Actually the falling snow is a great excuse to stay home. It's not snowing much but is slushy and nasty out there and I'm not in the mood to get wet and cold. 

Instead I have spend almost the entire weekend on work for my Childen's book class.  I've mentioned before that I thought I would do something "easier" than the Water Lily Girls - well guess what - NO type of book is easy and I'm learning that the hard way - but enjoying the learning and the process. 

I started out with an idea of a book called "Dad makes a Pizza" - and did small thumbnails and a very rough dummy book.  Now I'm working on refining the dummy to a larger dummy book and working out all the kinks and problems.   DH is not home this weekend so I can spread out my stuff all over the living room and kitchen - which is great.  (I hate to be in the basement studio when I'm the only one in the house, it's too isolated) 

I've learned that most Childrens books require a minimum of 28 pages. I'm not 100% sure that's true but that's what we're being told.  So that's 28 pages of drawings for me, because I'm not big on words.  I could have done 14 drawings and left the facing pages for a story...but I don't write well, so the fewer words the better. 

Here is the mess I'm making in the kitchen - using tracing paper and sharpening the pencil to a nub.

Here are a few "scenes" from the book.  Working on this dummy is great for me as you can see my perspective is all off so I'm working out those types of kinks. 

Yes, it's basically the "Em" family - I tried to make a "normal" family and it was not great. Even the teacher said "oh choose those funny people, editors will love them" I did. 

I spent about 4 hours on this on Friday night, went to class on Saturday and worked on it Sat night...and ALL DAY sunday.  No other chores have gotten done. 

I still have about 6 pages to go, and only 3 pages of ideas left.  I'm going to take a break and do something else for awhile.   

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, staying warm, and enjoying whatever weather you're having. 


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Fortunately we are having a fabulous winter weekend. It got up to 46F today the sun is shining and there were turtles out on a log the first time this winter. Spring is trying to come in. I love your EM family. I think you should use them. They are so expressive and would appeal to everyone. Good to hear your Mom is well. You too.

Anonymous said...

lucky you to be cycling in Florida, I'm glad your mum is better and I LOVE the EM family, thats an exciting project!

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

You went from Summer to winter in one fell swoop. Nice you get to experience both. Its actually nice today here. Love your book idea. Its going to be great. Glad to hear your Mom is doing much better.

Robin said...

First - your Mum... FANTASTIC news she is up and about...and excited about her party!

You know how much I adore Ms. Em - and everything/anything *Em-ish*! The story is adorable....(I especially love the Em-cat and Em-doggie)... you have a hit here - an A+!

The Sun must have felt wonderful as you biked in Florida.... but still, that photo of the falling snow is magical... Spring IS coming...and soon, you will see all those buds blooming and fuzzy/furry babies being born! We have had a really mild Winter so far...and though it's chilly outside - it is Sunny..and Nature is running a muck! A-ha-ha!


♥ Robin ♥

Teri Casper said...

Happy for the good news on your Mom.
LOVE your book idea and of course it needs the Em family. Ah intriguing theme. Best of luck on it.

Amanda said...

mim, i admire your boundless creative energy - it is truly inspirational.

so happy to hear your mom is ok~

kj said...

Ditto and likewise Amanda and everyone else. Breathing room! Perfect and deserved


yoborobo said...

Wow! I think it looks great! For me, the words are the easiest part (and none of it is easy). :) I'm glad you got some time to spread out - and super glad your Mom is doing better. xo!

Lynn Cohen said...

I am so glad your mom is feeling better again! It will be such a celebratory party! (is that redundant?)

Love the idea for the Em Family children's book. Not sure the furniture can't be "funny too" meaning in YOUR style! so perspective isn't needing to be perfect. Just my humble opinion.
Maybe I just want company allowing for my drawings to be so wacko!

Glad you got to spread out and get into this. I know MY KIDS will LOVE your book!

sukipoet said...

glad your mom feels better and that you are taking time to work on your art. that's great. most exciting!!