Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Animal Wednesday - Reptile sightings

Being in Florida always helps with the animal sightings. 

This was a very different type of turtle that I saw in a local pound.  I usually see snappers, but this one was flatter, and had a pointy snoot.  Does anyone know what type of turtle this is? 

 And of course - these enormous alligators. They were sitting on a rivier bank soaking up the sun.  That's one thing I love about Florida in the winter - it's cool so the reptiles are outside warming up their blood. .  You can't really tell from the picture but each one must have been around 15 - 20 feet long.  And each one was FAT!  Happy Alligators....and Happy Animal Wednesday.
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Lisa at Greenbow said...

The closest thing to this turtle in Indiana would be a Musk Turtle. Take a look at that and see if it fits the description of your pictured turtle. Those gators are brutes. Happy AW.

Robin said...

I just adore your Florida AW Posts!
The Turtle looks a bit like the *Snout-Nosed* ones I see from time-to-time... but their shells kook a little his nose elongated?

Lisa's *Gator Comment* cracked me up!
They ARE HUGE - and FAT! I love them though....particularly when they are full and sunbathing...not on the prowl for a meal!



♥ Robin ♥

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Cool turtle pix. What ever kind they are..scary on the Gators. wow. would not like to meet up with one of them underwater. :O HAW

Teri Casper said...

Yikes, don't go near the water!!!!! Those gators are scary!


Lynn Cohen said...

Wow, this is impressive ... all of them! Somethings we do not see here near where I live. Not sure I am sorry either ... about the alligators. I'd be okay with the turtles! But I've never seen them that large before ever! Oh maybe once.

Annie said...

Mim, No idea what kind the turtle is, but I love turtles and gaters, though I find them very scary and would not like to meet one in a dark alley :-). xoxo

kj said...

hello dear ms mim! these are sights i don't see myself. so thank you, i like.

would an alligator chase a person?


studio lolo said...

Those crocs/alligators are fat and happy from all the poodles and chihuahua's they eat!

Each place has its own scary critter. Here in Rhode Island, it's the quahog ;)


Miss you♥

Amanda said...

lochness monster turtle?!?