Saturday, February 9, 2013

Drawing as Therapy

It always makes me feel better to draw out my fears and insecurities.  This was done a few weeks ago, but is a good visual for the way I often feel. Once I draw it....the fear goes away and I feel calmer.

Mom feels great today, is taking it easy, eating well and drinking plenty of water.  I asked her not to walk near the pool for a few days and we had a good laugh.  We have no idea if this heart thing is related to her passing out, or if that was because she had a fever and some random illness. We're going ahead with the party as planned...and if plans change, we'll just figure that out when the time comes.


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

Good to hear shes feeling better. Keep us posted.

Jos said...

I agree Mim, draw it, write it, speak it ... any of these things help to name the fear and look it in the eye. Somehow or other that always seems to diminish it's power or hold. I hope things with your Mom become clearer so that things can happen to put her heart right again. Scarey stuff but hopefully not so much once the cause is figured out.

The picture speaks volumes to me. I think if I were to draw it there'd only be one person though so I'm glad at least that you don't see yourself as alone in the midst of the bombardment.

Hope you and yours are staying safe in all these storms!

Warmest hugs xx Jos

kj said...

wow, that is an incredibly powerful picture. emotion is conveyed and it looks effortless on your part.

you are so talented, mim. more and more and more.

those worrries can only be real in the present moment and it sounds like the present moment is doing okay today.

love love

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Art is soothing. I hope things continue to be calm in your calm as it ever gets anyway. :) Are you snowed in?

Mim said...

Thanks all, and Jos, that is such an interesting observation about not being alone. I didn't pick up on that but it makes me feel good to realize that i have loved ones to share worries with.

Lynn Cohen said...

I can only concur with what Jos has said so well.
I also hope mom will be on the mend and fit for her party!
And hope you can rest your mind and the fears subside .
Hugs from me! Xoxo

yoborobo said...

I'm so sorry to hear your mom is under the weather. I hope she feels better very soon. What we need are special umbrellas to protect us from the bombardment.
Sending hugs! xox

Amanda said...

i like the idea of using creativity to give expression to one's fears and insecurities. i think many people often find themselves in that picture - powerful image.

sukipoet said...

sorry your mom has been unwell. hope the remedies work. isnt it just the wonderful thing about art? A person can work out so many things. Blessings to all, suki