Sunday, September 30, 2007

You know it's really fall....

when the baby turkeys grow up. Here they are three months ago.... ( in relation to mama turkey)

and here they are now....

they are all the same size.

What has amazed me about these turkeys is the way they travel as a family. Mama and Papa turkey are with them all the time. Mama in the lead or close to it, and the Tom always bringing up the rear. While he doesn't seem protective about them, there must be some atavistic impulse driving him to stay with and protect his offspring. Amazing.

IFN - Sept 30th

Topic - what goes in must come out.

Didn't want to do a toilet theme - Nader's is best anyway. Thought about a plate of food, or thoughts going in and out thru the ears - or snakes going down their snaky sized holes; but in the end went with pure biology again.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Teenage Memories - Junior High School

When I was in 7th and 9th grade at Walt Whitman Junior High School, in Brooklyn NY, we had a music teacher named Miss Roach. She was pretty good, (I don't really remember much from Junior High aside from boys, learning to type, boys and more boys) But the rumor was that Miss Roach was Max Roach's sister. I don't know if that is true or not. I do remember learning or listening to some jazz - something that I had never been exposed to before. I have to admit that it didn't take - I just didn't get it at the time.

I have been reading Max Roach biographies on line trying to see if any of them mention a sister, but no luck so far. Does anyone know the answer to this question: Did Max Roach have a sister who was a music teacher in Brooklyn.

Someday I'll find my junior high class photo - shock you all,

Invisible Illness

I don't know how to put their little roller coaster on my blog but this is an interesting site.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Illustration Friday - September 28th

It's the blues?

I love blue and blueish and purple so instead of doing another illo I went for some of the things that I have done in Blue.

First - a computer generated piece.

Then my favorite - the Blue Dog
These two have alot of Blue in their lives - that must be why they are crosseyed

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Bag - not plastic

I had this fabric and wanted to make something with it, so I got a basic pattern for a bag, found some trim and cord in the house and ...voila! a new bag. It was pretty easy - aside from dealing with my spatial orientation issues (the right side of the fabric goes against the wrong side of the lining with the interfacing...argh!)

On another note, when I do new posts - I just love that hyperlink thingy. I think it's so much fun albeit somewhat work intense. I'd love to do a post that was mostly hyperlinks...beware!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fused plastic

Ok, I think I've lost it now. I fused plastic, made it into "fabric" and stitched it together, just to try it all out. But it's FUN. It stitches beautifully - like Buttah! . Who did I see knitting plastic bags? what that you FY????

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Smaller and smaller - Sunday night

I had a few posts for IFN smaller and smaller. First I posted this:

because I recently looked at my hands and they just felt too small to be doing all the things that I want to do. Actually, what I need is a few extra hands - that would help.

I sat by the side of a river today, doodling and did these. Some computer addition, but since I am still a total novice at that it was more to say that I did it than having it add any value.

3 Joes whose neck keeps getting smaller and smaller as he gets older and crankier.

I did some drawings of acorns today also, each one smaller than the last. Fooled around with these also with photoshop (trying photoshop for dummies). I had added shadows to the original drawing but they were terrible so I erased them out. But - the moleskin has a tint to it and you can see where the color changes. Why do people love these moleskins so much? They are OK, as far as I can tell but if you erase hard on the paper it changes color and obviously there is a tint when you scan them. I might stick to the watercolor ones.

And the original one that I never posted either - I don't know what it is, but they get smaller and smaller as they bounce along uphill.


IFN had a blogger boost and is a big hit now. I've been checking out the blogs of the people commenting.
Wierd. Wierder than IFN. Very strange.

September 22 -

How to describe this day? Uplifing - yes. Draining - yes! Worth it - definetly yes!

We got to Portsmouth early so went to the harbor, walked around a bit.

I want one of these small houses. I could do it, commute to work from Portsmouth, spend the summers up there. It is such a great town, so much going on and a great combination of "real" port town ...with a great coffee shop.

The town was sponsoring "Fairy House" day. We were a bit skeptical, what a wierd name for a house we thought, but quickly found out that people build and submit little houses from organic materials and these are scattered thru the town. They are adorable! This one was called "Baba Yaga" - and note the chicken legs. This stuff is right up my alley and I just might enter my own next year.

We visited an old house, tours were given today. Wallace Nutting lived in this house and ran it as a museum in the early 1900's. I took pictures of the back door, in New England we normally don't use the front door. Usually the side door, or back door in this case.

The barn at the back where the finalists from the Fairy House Tour were stored and displayed.

Pictures from inside the house - it was so beautiful and well proportioned.
My usual first stop - the kitchen.

The kitchen hearth

A little bench behind the door to the kitchen. I wondered about this tiny bench. Was it for people to sit down and take their shoes off? Was it for grandma? or a hired hand? Either way, its the first such small bench that I have seen in an old house.

I scouted around and found the back stairs - they were so worn out but with a beautiful patina.

Why would you need two locks on the basement door. They won't keep the mice out.

The front Parlor - set for tea or something...

An upstairs hallway with a rocker.

I opened a closet, the door was ajar and I wanted a peak. It was filled with boxes and papers but I also saw this old book. I so wanted to see what it was but didn't want to touch it.

We went to Wentworth Mansion area for our life celebration for Bill. I think we were all nervous about how it was all going to work out, but of course with good friends it all worked out just fine. We had a toast to Bill, overlooking the area where his ashes were scattered, poured a libation into the sea and then told stories, ate, drank, cried and laughed. We spend the afternoon there, and eventually had to give in to the cold wind and go back to the apartment, where more friends came over (Karens sisters actually) and did more drinking, eating and story telling on the roof of the building. A very special night.

The inlet area with a lovely dory anchored.

Four Friends - celebrating life, mourning loss.

Finally, wrapped up in blankets - windy as all get out. Time to leave this beautiful spot.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pocket Quilt

I made this little stroller quilt with a little pocket for a stuffed animal (or a bottle, or toys or whatever). Now I'm going to find a way to attach the toy to the quilt without using rough velcro or putting a fabric leash around the bears neck.
Any ideas?


We are laying a friend to rest today. I'm sure he has already found peace but it helps to wish him goodbye and send love.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Challenge - Thursday the 20th

Mr. T came home tonight from the Worcester Art Museum with a catalog that we were flipping thru, and came across this wonderful picture from their permanent collection. Caravaggio - St. Jerome.

But, of course, we started adding sayings and little bits and pieces of ephemera and decided to start a challenge.

Take this picture and modernize it in some way. Add words, or substitute the book. Post it to your blog and send me the link thru the comments. Or send me your artwork thru email and I will post it on my blog so everyone can see.

Go ahead, make my day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Curious George quilt

The first book report I wrote was about the book "Curious George". I must have been about 6 or 7. I loved the book and wrote about his adventures - it was a great report. But then Mom read it and noticed that I never mentioned that George was a monkey. She tried so hard to get me to add that fact to the report, even telling me to add it as a "P.S. - George was a monkey" I was horrified at that idea and submitted the report without ever mentioning that the book was not about a kid but a monkey. I don't remember what mark I got on it. What I do remember was being embarrassed about leaving out that pertinent fact and being very stubborn about not adding it back in.

So, when I found this Curios George fabric I picked it right up and was in the process of making a little quilt last night when the mouse incident happened. I hope I finish it! Church fair is rapidly approaching and Etsy ain't doing it for me! And I still love Curious George.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mouse Night

After 20+ years of living in a 200 year old house, I was used to mice. They managed to get in everywhere, mostly in the cellar and our solution was to fill the holes we could see with steel wool and to get a cat.

Then we built a new house and it is tight as a drum... or so I thought until tonight. I saw mr. or ms. mouse running along the ceiling in the basement. I fled. I don't like mice, especially ones over my head. What if he decided to take a running leap and landed on me - I'd freak. The basement is MINE, not the mouses. I have to figure out where he is coming from and how to keep him and his evil colleagues out of my basement. I don't like poison. I won't gently capture them and let them lose in the wild. They'll come back, they always do. It's cold outside. It's warm inside - they're not stupid.

The Navaho had taboo's against mice and in some stories would rather move out of a house that mice had moved into instead of cleaning up after the mice. And for good reason! Mouse droppings in the southwest can carry the Hanta virus, a nasty repiratory virus that would rather kill you than not. Puffing up their messes could kill you!
Me, I'm gonna clean the basement, with a respirator on, until I drop and then stuff steel wool everywhere and do something a new cat.

I'm freaked out about this mouse.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Grandma's paintings - September 17th

After singing rehearsal tonight, friends were talking about their new grandchildren and of course, I started thinking about my own grandmother. My Grandma, who I adored, was widowed at about age 64 - seemed old at the time but not now. I guess she had always had an artistic streak, she had a beautiful voice as a young girl and was offered a place at Julliard, but turned it down to get married. I remember her art coming out as sweaters, and pies and in traditional ways. She started painting after Grandpa died and all of the family has Grandma pictures all over our houses. It says alot for love, just about every one of her paintings was framed, and hung up somewhere. We have a few, this is one of my favorites - I call it Grandma's Saturn. She wasn't into particularly pretty pictures, we have one done of a racecar crash. I find that very interesting.

A strange fact came out the other day. Let me first say that I have always loved the name Rose, or really Rosie. I always wanted a Rosie in my life - never really had one (mom is Rozzy - not the same). It's just a name that I have always loved. Grandma was called Evelyn, with her Jewish name of Hannah. My aunt found Grandma's Birth Certificate the other day and the name on it was Rosie. They must have changed her name to Evelyn after she was born. I never knew this, no one in the family knew it. Kinda strange don't you think?

I think about Grandma alot, not obsessively or morbidly, but just sorta normally. The women in my family still have Grandma soup pots, or coffee pots, or china - and I don't think we'll ever get rid of them until somene takes them away from us. Grandma taught us that bats nest in your hair, and to always have a dime in your shoe...just in case. She taught me to knit and sew, and to be scared of heights. And superstitious!!! I can't spill salt to this day without throwing some of it over my left shoulder.

I'll save the story of Grandma coming back as a bird until another time. Lights out now.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday still

(Library of Congress photo)
I didn't have my camera with me today and I regret it. It was "one of those days". Beautiful 65 degree weather, a craft fair in a rural setting along with a town band and lots of fried dough. An apple field with apples and peaches ready for the picking, sitting amongst them 3 really old, but completly different, tractors. Those I am going to go back and take pictures of.

My life is far from idyllic, but this was one of those days that brings you close to the dream.

ATC's - Monday ArtDay ATC

I have been doing these ATC's for Monday ArtDay ATC - and trading alot. Fun, tough to keep track of what goes where but it seems to be working. I like the bottom two the best. It's tough to think of things to do on ATC's without resorting to animals.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wedding thoughts

All this talk about weddings and reading Rama Hughes story of meeting his wife, got me thinking, of course, about my own wedding so many years ago.

I think I've talked about it before, but I met Tony through my college roommate, he is her brother. We met, had some fun with friends and that night, with NO reason, I dreamed a very interesting dream (no, not that kind of dream) and woke up knowing that I would marry him someday. I didn't see him again for a few years, and we started dating about 4 years after we first met. Poor thing didn't know that he was a marked man but he took it well when I told him.

He designed our wedding invitations, and with a friend, printed them on a hand press down at the South Street SeaPort museum. A quiet, but romantic man, he has kept the rest of the invitations in a little packet and I always know where it is. Many times I have been tempted to "get rid of that old pile of papers" but never have the heart to do it, and am always glad.

Still love him like crazy.

Illustration Friday Night - September 15th

Topic: It's still a mystery to me.

PLUS - I am Pill of the week. Oh the Honor!!

Here is a watercolor of how I feel when people are talking loud and over each other, and constantly. Interesting that I did this after being with my extended family for a few days. Despite the love I have for them all, they always did overwhelm me. I was the quiet one in a family of talkers. I am short, they are all tall. The women are mostly flatchested and I - well, I'm not. It goes on.