Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parts of More Fish

Fish heads - watercolor and colored pencils

Fish bodies - same
Too big to scan - I suppose I could take a photo....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Chorus and funny words

As I was heading out with my camera - at night - and DH asked where I was going. I waved my camera at him. "Pictures at night?" he asked. Me (tired from a day at work and a gym session) couldn't remember the word for "video" so I said "Going out to take listening pictures". I like that image.

So here is my video for tonight, the ever wonderful New England spring chorus.

And yes - this is taken in front of my house. No streetlights. Pitch black

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Twinkie People

My talented and ever-so-clever nephew Sean came over this weekend (with his delightful and creative brother Brian) and brought over some drawings/doodles that he did in school. He thought I'd like them, and I really do think they are adorable.

Here are the Twinkie People.

Viking Twinkie

Van Gogh Twinkie

Underwater Twinkie

Sherlock Holmes Twinkie
Rock Star Twinkie

Pirate Twinkie

Ping Pong Twinkie
Hunter Twinkie
Gentleman Twinkie
Gangsta Rap Twinkie

Fisherman Twinkie

Carpenter Twinkie
Elvis Twinkie
Cowboy Twinkie
Carpenter Twinkie
Bodybuilder Twinkie
Baseball Twinkie

All this doodling on paper that also has discussions about the Peloponnesian wars, and some geometry.

Creative and talented and absolutely adorable...both of them. And artistic.

Lovely weekend.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Studfish and Weakfish

They really DO exist - look it up!!

(scanner is driving me crazy - why the grey edges?)

Naturally 7

Check out this awesome video on Terri's site. Made me smile wide

Friday, March 27, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Sometimes Love Can Break your Heart

PostCard Friday - #1

Postcard Friday - what a great concept - it's a way to show all these amazing postcards that I have. Let me explain.

When we lived in Brooklyn, there was a real New York lady who lived in the apartment next to us, whose name was Eugenie Dillingham (Mrs. Dillingham to us!). She was very proper, always friendly to us kids, but reserved. But I liked her and of course, wish that I had gotten to know her better - what a treasure of stories she must have had about old New York. To me she was vaguely foreign, not Jewish, very waspy.

She moved away when I was about 13 or so - which was great for us in another way - but I'll tell that story later. She was moving to a retirement home in Connecticut and couldn't take all her things with her. She offered to sell my mom a little lamp for $10.00 - mom was so honest that she blurted out that the lamp was a real Tiffany and worth a fortune - needless to say, we didn't get it for $10.00.

She gave me some old dresses and a box full of postcards from the turn of the century. I love the cards but have NO idea what to do with them - or how to preserve them. I've put them into a postcard album but there they sit, unloved and unlooked at. So Postcard Friday is a great way to bring them out into the open. Here's the first one...or two...

I can tell I'll be a scanning maniac getting these all into the computer to post - but it's better than letting them sit in the attic

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Washing Dishes - A Movie

A takeoff on the wildly successful debut of SukiPoet's first feature length film. Remember...imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

A School of Fishies -

The Fish Saga continues - at all hours of the day and night, drawing silly fishes.

Some of these you've seen before - but some are new. None are finished, color needed, more ink - but I wanted to share them.

(DH just came in and said " a fish isn't an animal" - hasn't he ever heard the lyrics to the song "Would you like to swing on a star"????

A fish won't do anything but swim in a brook
he can't write his name or read a book
to fool the people is his only thought
and though he's slippery he still gets caught
but if then that sort of life is what you wish
you may grow up to be a fish
a new kind of jumped up slippery fish






ParrotFish (this one's for you Oliver)










And you thought I've just been lolly-gagging around for the past month - well HA(W) on that.

Fishies! HAW

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Images from recent trip

Waiting for the taxi

Security Line at the airport

Listening to iPOD

Enjoying the blast of warm weather

Reviewing the car crash damage

It was too crowded on the plane coming home to do any more sketching, but I am home safe and sound and tired as all get out.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mom's Bday

I got here yesterday and the house felt foreign, and quiet and strange.

By today - it's still quiet but I'm settling in and see that Mom is doing the same in her slow way. We spent the day going thru old crap and cleaning and talking. OK by me - it's cathartic.

Dinner with relatives...then home and one milestone down.

Tomorrow we're going to look at dogs and maybe cats. It'll help I think.

Okay with that.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heading South

I am heading to florida again tomorrow morning - and will be fairly busy with mom's birthday, and checking out the car, and bills, and banks, and lawyers.

I already wish I was home.....

Animal Wednesday - Snow Swans

We went kayaking on Sunday - and yes, it was cold. Actually it was a beautiful day - but there is still snow and ice around and it was strange to see the kayaks sitting on the snow.

We came across some swans on the river - they got a bit offended that we got so close and walked across the ice to get away from us. Sometimes they would fall thru the ice, and sort of waddle back up, and swim, and waddle, and walk.

I was tired on Sunday - but the river was very relaxing. But on the way back we were paddling into the wind and the current and I was feeling drained - so DH offered to "practice" towing my boat (with me in it). So I attached my boat to his and off we went. It was heaven. 45 mins of being towed in my kayak - falling asleep in the sun for a few minutes.

In the end I disconnected, paddled back to the landing, did a very ungraceful fall into the freezing water, and slunk back to the warm car, where I had dry clothes.

HAW to everyone!