Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Animal Wednesday - A Daffodil weekend Dog Parage

This was the cutest parade ever. Dogs of all sizes and shapes and people of all sizes, shapes and ages happily walking their decorated pooches down Main Street.

Happy Animal Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Discussing new art

I occasionally remember the original reason that I started this blog - it really was to work on new artwork, get feedback from others - sort of put it all out there. Since I am shy (I really am KJ, it's true!) and wither from confrontation - especially about art - I felt blogging was a safer way to get feedback.

Anyway, that has worked and not worked for me. Blogging has turned into a precious part of my life in terms of meeting people, expanding my horizons and thoughts, challenging me with sharing my art thru exchanges - you know it all...and I love it.

But, I still like the original concept - so am going to share a new set of drawings and the explanation behind them.

When we were kayaking last week, it was a peaceful time. We paddled slowly along, watching wildlife and just drifting. Of course, my thoughts drifted below the surface of the water, wondering who was down there and what they were doing. I imagined little water people, swimming around with the fishes and laughing up at these big earth people in boats. I started to imagine a whole new world under the water and dreamed up the Water Lily Girls. Came home and decided to draw them. What you see here is a work in process, and I have about 5 more drawing in process. Let me just state that I am not happy with the watercolors, they got blotchy and messy but right now I don't care. I was using a new paper that absorbed the color in a different way than I am used to. Doesn't matter at all, I plan to redraw the ones that I am not happy with. I wrote the explanation below to get me started on who they were and what they do.

Water lily girls live in lakes and ponds. They are made of a watery substance and can swim thru the lake like an earth girl would walk on the ground. They live on the bottom of the lake in little houses, with lily pad leafs for doors and windows. They have fish for pets and have to take them for walks, just like an earth girl would take her dog for a walk. The ride pond turtles for fun, and swim with schools of fish in a race. Their favorite thing to do is to climb onto lily pads when it's raining and dance in the warm rain. At night they climb onto the lily pads and grass around the pond and play. They leave their wet footprints behind, which early morning earth girls call Morning Dew.

It's like little Miss Em meets the fishes. But not really. These creatures are somewhat mischievous and not scared of much. (How do you explain that characters that you made up have totally different personalities? But they do! This is the first time I have realized this!)

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Have a lovely day...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What the kids made me do

After they dug up my entire flower bed that I've been wanting dug up for a few years - the nephs came in to play on the MAC.

You can have alot of giggles on that photo thing on the iMAC.

Early Sunday AM

It's early, early Sunday morning. I'm checking out blogs and leaving comments and suddenly realize that one of my nephews, who are both here this weekend, had signed into his google account and had not signed out. So if any of you see a comment from's really me. I'm used to being the only one who uses this computer, so never check the sign in.

So yes, the boys are here this weekend and we've had a great time so far. Friday night dinner with their mom; then I took them home and we watched some movie. Up early Sat AM to fly to Nantucket for Daffodil weekend. It was a fantastic day, gorgeous flying. Both boys got a chance to sit up front with Uncle T who let them fly the plane for awhile and he taught them a few things about how to hold the plane steady and all that kind of stuff. Home to a cookout, and just hanging around. Today I will have them do some work in the garden, so they can earn a bit of money (yikes, gotta go to the ATM!)

Sean in the front on the way home.

Brian sleeping in the back on the way home.

I never tire of being with these kids. Of course, I adore them and feel closer to them than any of my other nieces and nephews. But they are also so easy to be with - we talk and share funny memories, and discuss things so openly. One of them is going to the prom next week and conversation led to a discussion on what girls expect the boys to do. We all agreed that we (the aunt and uncle) had no clue as to what girls these days expect - and he'd better check quick with friends. (but I'm thinking a good night kiss is in order!). We talked about college, and looking at schools and when to start doing that. We talked about books and movies and I showed them some new artwork. They talked to Uncle T about sports and cars and flying and maybe some other stuff that I'm not privy to. They know that Uncle T needs a GPS locator on him so that when we lose him, it wouldn't be so hard to find him in a crowd. They know that I will stop for any dog that looks my way. I know that they don't like mayonnaise on their sandwiches or items like potato salad.

They're family, and it's good to spend the weekend with family.

More Nantucket pictures later in the week. On Daffodil weekend there is an antique car parade and tailgate picnic party and this year they had a DOG parade. So you know what you'll be seeing on Animal Wednesday don't you. Here's a promo shot of one cute pooch.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


We went kayaking after work tonight. Peaceful, a bit windy but lovely. Red-winged blackbirds everywhere. Geese, ducks, frogs.

A lovely way to finish the day.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Animal Wednesday -random

I've been going thru some older things, trying to see what I've done, what's been posted, what hasen't. Found this Black and white odd fish thing that I've always liked.

And recently Cris ( I think it was Cris) posted about a red billed duck and I remembered this drawing. I still don't know what type of duck it it...but I like his red beak.

Happy Animal Wednesday everyone! I'm getting back in the saddle after being away for a few days - the weather here has been gorgeous, great for evening bike riding which we did last night. Saw frogs galore - hopping from pond to pond. Stopped and watched a beaver...and he stopped and watched me with interest. Did I have my camera??? no, of course not!!! But him I'll draw from memory this week.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Post Weekend Wedding - updated

My brother and 86 year young mom dancing. DH in the background looking like a gangster.

Great wedding, great party, fun weekend.

Me with a cousin who looked dynamite in that dress. Mine was "OK" - I thought a bit frumpy but DH liked it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


We are going away this weekend to the much looked forward to wedding of a very close cousins son. It's a large wedding at a big hotel and you all know that I've been obsessing about what to wear etc etc etc. So, to make myself feel better I packed two dresses that are both good as well as stuff for the rest of the weekend. As usual, I pack my entire house in a small suitcase - it is bulging. I have another small bag with essentials, like hair stuff and drawing pens and paper and a knitting project. I will bring my small work computer - just in I feel comfortable that I have everything I need and won't be wishing I had brought something else - you know the feeling.

So then why...WHY...did I stay up practically all night obsessing that I was bringing too much stuff with me. The suitcases danced around in front of me in dreams - popping open at the wrong time and stuff spewing all around. I couldn't pick up my small bag - it was as heavy as lead. In my dreams I felt weighted down, overwhelmed with "stuff", couldn't keep track of it all.

So you tell me - why can't I leave home without carrying everything with me...yet at the same time want to be free as a bird, envying those who travel light.

I confuse myself.

Gotta go unpack.....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gorgeous weekend

DH wanted to go kayaking today...but I didn't so I took my sketchbooks and other stuff and sat by an over flowing river..(this is the entrance to the "parking" lot) ... and relaxed in the sun. (yes, I fell asleep in the car, snug in a light down jacket)

I got two Traveling Artbooks completed this week, for Cat and Kelly. They are flying off to Sam this week, it's a short week for me as we are going to a wedding in Annapolis next weekend...and no..I still don't know what I am going to wear. I really don't.

Cat's book is inspired by the Arthur legend - which she loves

and Kellys is a nature theme. The strange squiggly things are inspired by mangrove swamps. So be it, I know it's odd.Possibly no more blogging this week. I still have to do the hair/nails thing; figure out what to wear; pack for the multiple events of the weekend, and work a full week in three days. and do laundry. and lose 10 lbs!!!

Have a lovely week everyone, I'll be lurking...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Internet power

My grandfather (mom's dad) was a Hungarian immigrant who came over with his family in about 1890 or so. He was young, but we are not exactly sure how young. He had a bunch of older brothers and sisters, most of whom went to work immediately upon getting here - mostly as tailors and cigar makers - on the lower East Side in NYC. Their father was listed as a cigar maker on the census, but family rumor says that all he did was to study Torah. Their mother, Hannah, must have worked like a dog to support her family, and her husband. More kids were born after they got to NY.

Eventually everyone married and did pretty well for themselves and most moved to the suburbs...Brooklyn! My mom had a slew of first cousins that she grew up with and was close to, and when we were growing up we saw these cousins and their children frequently. Some of them I liked...some I didn't. Some had moved further out to the 'burbs - but we stayed in Brooklyn as did others.

Life goes on, people move, get married, we all lose track...until this week when one of the second cousins posts a YouTube video of my mom, uncle, aunt, grandma etc from 1934. It gets to me via my mom and BOOM!!! I email someone, who emails someone else, who contacts someone else and before you know it - 20 long lost cousins are in touch. Many live in CA, some in NC, two in MA, a few still in NYC (but none in Brooklyn anymore, except for the son of one) Some are my age, some used to babysit me and some are so young I never met them.

Eventually we'll all meet again. When I travel for work, I will try to meet up with one or two of these cousins. We're talking reunion, but that probably won't happen - too much effort and work.

But one of the funniest stories involves a family whistle. Does your family have a whistle? Mine always did - it's the way we find each other in stores, or on the street, or when we were playing outside and mom wanted us in. Our family's whistle was the opening bars of "He'll Come Along, the Man I Love" and when ever I hear that tune I charge around looking for a family member - I'm like a Pavlov dog. It turns out that one of the cousins has the SAME TUNE as his family whistle!!! He lives in Southern California and his brother in NC. If I was in one of those places and heard this whistle I'd be convinced that my Dad was playing a trick on me and had come back to haunt me in a silly way. I'd be running around looking for the whistler and probably would have assaulted them with "why is that your whistle" or some other inane question. Then I would have realized they were family, we'd fall on each other shoulders with tears and laughter and be joined forever. Okay, I go a bit far but you get the picture. A family whistle is a sacred tune and if shared, should only be by immediate family - not remote second cousins. But it was fun to figure this all out, involving early morning whistling and sending out emails with whistles attached.

You never know what the week is going to bring.

Be well, have a lovely Friday. Do a good deed if you can.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Animal Wednesday - received

I just had to post these great ATC's that I received this week. I've gotten tons of wonderful fish and animal ATC's and am going to post them all - but these two were crying out to be posted this week...isn't that Lemming adorable (thank you Patty). And that Marlin looks so determined to keep moving forward - Lolo is one great artist.

Happy Animal Wednesday to you all!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring/Summer Woes

I am grabbing a minute of time to blog cause I miss it, miss you all. It seems like days/weeks since I really put my heart and soul into a post...and it ain't gonna be today either because I am in the midst of the dreaded "change clothes closets from winter to summer" misery.

Here are bags of sweaters and pants and jackets and more sweaters and other stuff waiting in one of those suck-the-air-out bags. I love those when they work, it's like magic seeing everything go so flat. I have been doing this since last night and have a big bag of goodies to give away.

But the weekend was lovely. First off (drum roll please) I met KJ for dinner on Friday night. We met halfway between our houses for a lovely Italian dinner in a delightful restaurant. We sat and talked...and talked...and talked. For hours, finally paying the bill and leaving about 2 hours after I thought we would leave. It truly was a lovely evening...and no..I don't have a photo. And I had brought my camera...there was just too much talking going on to stop and record the event.

KJ had hit alot of traffic trying to meet me, and was about 1/2 hour late. Sooo....I stopped at a shoestore and bought these sneakers. I couldn't resist the rhinestones. I know that they are really for 14 year olds, but I love them...and had to have there.

The area where we were meeting is famous for antique stores so I got to the area early and stopped at a few stores. I was looking for a different piece of jewelry to wear to a wedding in a few weeks and found this celluloid flower necklace. I love it, it's so different !

The flowers are a bit soft-like but not completely squishy. It's from the 40's and I really think it's so much fun. Now, I will have to wear a black outfit or find something that matches this necklace. Does anyone with sense do that? Match your clothes to a necklace? I have a few weeks to organize myself for this task...but now...BACK TO THE CLOSET CLEANING BINGE!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Spring Comes Slowly in New England

It was warm and gorgeous today in New England, so we took advantage of it and went for a bike ride on an old railroad track, which has been sanded over. It was so warm that I expected to see blooms of flowers but New England flowers are more clever than that - they're waiting for the real thing - not a tease.

We did see these ferns popping up, so green against the brown forest leaves.

No buds on the trees yet, but that means we could see this old stone foundation.

A collection of rusted out train spikes.

DH climbed down a hill to get a picture of this rushing stream. Click on it - maybe it'll get bigger, it's a good picture.

And that's me, staying at the top of the hill
Flooding was everywhere, new beaver homes going in right and left.

Just a gorgeous marshy area.

This rock was by the side of the road. Rather ordinary looking but something made me turn it over to find....
...a beautiful granite pattern, isn't it wonderful?

On the way home we stopped by this town library as it's the highest spot in town (and a cool building) ....
...and got this shot looking out towards Boston. What a wonderfully clear day.

Time to go home.