Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Animal Wednesday

I saw a special on bears this week so thought I'd draw some of their fierce and friendly faces.  I know that bears are not usually very friendly, but as we all know there is something very appealing to humans about bears.  Is it the "Teddy Bear" syndrome? or their sometimes bumbling manner?  Why do they seem familiar somehow? 

Happy Animal Wednesday friends! 

Monday, July 28, 2008

From Washington DC

Ok, ok, - I just had to share. I should be working on my presentation to our best customer tomorrow but this was just too funny to keep to myself.
Sitting one seat over from me on the plane from Boston to Washington was none other than Massachusettes Senator John Kerry, who lost the last presidential election to you-know-who in 2004. In coach. On the Boston to Washington shuttle. In my row!
He didn't seem very open to conversation and of course, I was racking my brain trying to think of something witty to say. (DH texted me telling me to quip something like "not quite AirForce 1 is it?" - but I didn't)
The guy sitting actually next to me appeared to be an observant Jew and was reading a religious text thru the whole flight.
John Kerry was reading...and I'm NOT kidding..." A Dummies guide to Religion". (you know those yellow "dummies" books? Unmistakable right? Plus I saw the title on every page)
Okay, I'll give the guy a break. He seemed tired, and it's alot to be a state senator, and lots to learn in short times. But a "Dummies" book?
But he is a good looking man, that's for sure.
Funny, funny day.

Off for a week

Well, not actually Off - but going to Washington DC for a few days of work and then off to see a friend in Virginia for the weekend.  Have a good week all! 

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Illustration Friday - Canned

I never understood how they got the canned laughter for TV shows. Did they gather an audience and tell them funny stories and hold up signs saying "Laugh loud" or "Give us a guffaw" - while they recorded the laughter. Or are there professional laugher's out there, who hire their services?

Or perhaps they are using laughter from the '50's - once recorded and used forever.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Work-Studio area

Suki suggested that we post our art-work space, and I took the challenge.  Go to her blog and see the interesting comments, lots of food for thought. 

I have the total luxury of space in this house, something that I have never had in all the years of apartment dwelling and tiny home ownership.  And, as science demands, I have spread out to fill all of that space.  I think boundary's would be a bit good for me, and perhaps I'll set them for myself - but not just yet.  I'm enjoying this basement space WAY too much to pull back just yet. 

You walk down the stairs to our basement, and see a ping pong table which I have turned into a quilting table.  I do all my cutting and quilt assembly here - it's great space.  When the kids are here I have to move my stuff but that's no big deal. 

Right now I am working on a pink, girly, totally Victorian looking quilt.  I loved the colors but when the quilt top was assembled, the inside was too pale, and I got my heart set on velvet bows - this quilt was heading towards a wall hanging.  I did find some vintage appliques on line - and at the same time, found vintage hats with pink satin bows - which are just amazing.  Not sure how this quilt will finish off but I've got great options. 

You head into the basement back room into the pinky-flesh colored section that is mine (mine! mine! all mine!).  The cork board is taped to the wall, cause I can't figure out how you connect things to cement.  I think the way I should do it is to have someone else do it for me.  Pictures certainly show the bareness of the walls - gotta work on that but that requires carpentry also.  

My supplies are to one side. Tony just shakes his head when he sees my stash and claims that he has had one exacto knife for 30 years.  I really could care less.  I just started art work two years ago and I'm trying everything!  You name it, I probably have it.  Actually took a huge bag of stuff to Goodwill today to let some worthy people get good stuff cheap.   Actually alot of the stuff on these shelves is household stuff or model airplanes from DH's youth.  I will sneak most of this into the attic one day soon.  

Against the back wall I have my grandma's old sofa.  It needs recovering in the worst way, but is SO big that it would be very expensive. But I love it and it is comfy and while I usually don't sit down when in this room, it's nice to know that I can.  The shelves are stacked with "how to" books and other junque

Here is my wonderful little sewing area - hodgepodge as usual.  

It's funny to take pictures of a space you spend so much time in.  I can see things in photo's that I don't see in person. Like the bare walls.  

The other funny thing is that I cleaned this place up for HOURS before taking these pictures.  Not to make it nice for the unveiling, but just because it needed it so badly.   Yet, when I see these pictures I see chaos. 

What would I like for space?  Well, I feel so fortunate to have this space already but if we're dreaming - why not go for the moon. I'd love a sunny space, mine is dark, dank and frequently cold.  I'd love warm wood floors and clean lines and easy to get to supplies which are arranged just perfectly in appropriately sized bins.   I'd like to be inspired in my work space, perhaps with a wall where things could be posted, words, thoughts.   Frankly, I need a professional organizer and an open wallet. 

Hey all, maybe we should ALL contact HGTV and they could do a special on "Friends-who-have-never-really-met but who need newly organized studios". They could travel from California to New Hampshire to England to Australia to Iran.  What a GREAT idea!  

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Red or Collage-Red

The original
Done in the middle of the night with minimal light

What was I thinking? But love his vibrant background

So then I  transferred some text to a sheet of paper, gelled it all dry and printed Mr. Red onto that paper.  Kinda scratchy transfer but I like the unexpected.

Any thoughts?

Severe Thunderstorm warning

Thunderstorm tonight - what else to do when the TV doesn't work.

Storm Haiku

We just lost power
But the TV still speaks out
Could it be possessed?

Animal Wednesday - Mr. Toad

We had a cookout this weekend and I got the camera going with a tripod. Not an outstanding success but some interesting pictures. Here is Mr. Toad with and without the flash. I'm liking the "without" one, but you can see him alot better with the flash.

Just makes me want to dress him up, and put him into a tiny little motor car and have him go "beep, beep"

Happy Animal Wednesday all,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I left this note tonight when I went out. Got home and reread it, and it looked like a Haiku to me.  What do you think?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yea - I can copy and paste on the MAC if I don't use Safari!!!!

(I don't like that Safari web browser, not at all! So, now here I go with my response to Deb's post)

Deb’s post brought up so many thoughts, feelings, belief’s and hopes that I wanted to post about this topic myself and share some stories that support my own theories.

I have no idea why, but my very firm belief is that when we die, we get a chance to do anything that our heart or soul desires - in any timeframe, in any place and with anyone. Sort of an after-life vacation. At some point the dead person (ghost? Spirit?) has to move on – but there is no timetable, no pressure, no “deadline”. You do what needs to be done. You close circles. You complete things/feelings.

Some of my stories:

My Grandma died when I was about 18. I adored her; she was everything that a grandma should be. I admired her, and leaned on her. To me she was warm and loving but not so much to others in my family, to them she appeared practical and down to earth with little sentimentality. Since she died I have seen and felt her in very mundane situations – sitting in our foyer – giving us advice on how to clean floors. To me she has sent familiar smells – reminding me of warm kitchens and love. The last time she really visited us was in 1989 when my brother was getting married. We were all at Grandma’s old house and she came to visit us that day - as a bird – we ALL knew it was her – she perched on our shoulders and bit her son (they never got along). We have pictures of her in our family gallery – “here’s grandma as a person, and here she is as a bird. “ – (Mom will actually say this to people!) I think that she just wanted to see us all together that day, and especially to see one of her favorite grandchildren get married. (she adored my brother too).

Grandma hasn’t been around lately; I think she’s moved on somewhere and her need for me/and mine for her has also moved on – in a good way.

Very close friend Isabel died in 1999 – but before she died she made it known that she was up for new adventures. Isabel knew my peculiar beliefs and we occasionally chatted about what we would do when we had the chance to do anything we wanted. After she died – I just know that Isabel was off to meet authors and artists, and historical figures. Since she was in the middle of writing a book about the Mary Celeste – I know for SURE that she found out what the actual story was and is gleeful about knowing. Isabel was a terrific gardener, and while she doesn’t come for visits very often, I sometimes feel her over my shoulder when I am gardening – actually nagging at me to get those weeds or plant something more interesting – “for god’s sake Mim – use your imagination!”

When my absolutely favorite dog died I felt that he stayed close for a long time to make sure I was OK and because he loved me so. Samson was one of those very loyal, yet slightly dumb dogs who looks at you with complete and total devotion. He was very old and sick, and I had just gone to bed at about 3:00 am after sitting up with him. At 4:00 I woke up KNOWING that he had just passed thru the room to say goodbye – ran downstairs and it was true. My boy. He visits me often and since he had little ambition aside from Frisbee and water and sleeping – he is very happy where he is. And I also know that he had/was/is the soul of my previous dog (who I also adored) and frankly, one of the reasons that I haven’t gotten a new dog yet is that I’m waiting to meet Parker/Samson again. I’ll know him when I see him.

Lucile, sister in law, college friend - died two and 1/2 years ago and I know that she has had a lot of work to do after her death. She had a tough life, but I don’t think her vacation is all play. She visits occasionally, and we laugh together, and then she’s off to her work again. Her kids were “grown” when she died but they weren’t really – only 18 and 20! I know that in her own way she is watching them grow and trying to do for them what she can. It is all I can do NOT to ask Claire if she’s seen or heard from her mom. I don’t want the crazy aunt label more that I already have it.

So what do I believe? I believe that we have choices and that the things that we need to complete have to be addressed in some way. I believe that we get “time” to do these things – some kind of different time than we as mortals are used to, but time to learn, work things out, explore, visit. I think if we left this world after a long sickness, we get the chance to enjoy a sort-of physical body again and relish the healthiness of it. And maybe if we die suddenly, we have to hang around and finish off a few things before moving onto the fun things to do. I don’t know, but I know that we have some choices! I often wonder if little pieces of one’s soul are left behind in those we cherished and loved, and that little piece of soul needs to join the bigger piece – so the “visits” continue until that passage is complete.

Of course, no matter what I think or believe – I still mourn and grieve for that tangible relationship with those I love. I am a human after all, and how I wish I had my girlfriends around still, and my family…and my doggie.

Deb wrote, “I wish I could cherish all moonrises the way I cherish the one tonight-simply because I'm here to see it. Really, just being here is a gift we often overlook. If you are here, reading this, I wish for you the same sense of joy I have at this moment, watching the moon. Glad to be here” and I can relate to her sense of trying to hold on to that fleeting moment of peace, acceptance and understanding. I also yearn for it, and have only experienced this once or twice – I mean REALLY experienced it. There are many, many times that I truly feel grateful, and happy, and complete just being on this wonderful earth, in this amazing life. But one time that I can remember – just between sleeping and waking - I absolutely felt at one with the world – a great sense of peace had overwhelmed me. It was a feeling from somewhere else, and didn’t belong in the day-to-day world. But it completely reinforced what I believe about what happens after death, that sense of utter peace, love , joy and freedom. Maybe some people wait to be born again. Maybe some go exploring. Maybe some stay nearby those who needed them, and who they need. Maybe some continue to be unhappy – I don’t know what happens to them in the long run! I believe that what happens is what you need to happen.

Does this make any sense at all? It does to me.

A response to Deb

Deb had an interesting post this week, dealing with death, our reactions to it, and what we think happens.

(damn and double damn!  I wrote up a whole long beautiful document in word  - and went to past it all into this post, but my damn mac won't let me do that!)  Okay, tomorrow when I get onto old reliable, old fashioned PC I'll cut and paste.   Time for a sunday night drink!) 

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday morning - giggles!

Actually I got these wonderful giggles during the week of my convalescence at home and what a treat to get the package.  FY posts these giggles everyday, we have no idea where she gets her ideas from but I always find myself smiling, or yes..giggling when I see her posts.   Keep it up friend, these are great and are being framed today and put into a place of honor.  

Off to see the nephews today, and do some long needed shopping.  I was going to be looking for some neat appliques for a new quilt that I'm making but found an on-line site that has amazing vintage notions, and purchased some appliques from them.  They look wonderful in the catalog, we'll see how they look in person.   I'm glad I found them on line, was a bit worried about the commercially available appliques that I would find and was annoyed with myself for setting up to have to buy Disney appliques.  The ones I got on line were reasonable priced, look amazing and are just plain flowers and things like that.  No princesses!   Not sure if this new quilt is for a friend or for Project Linus - we'll see.  It's not the quality of the quilt that makes it go either way, it's just something indefinable - can't explain it. 

Have a wonderful Saturday friends! 

Friday, July 18, 2008

Illustration Friday - Enough

First thing that came to mind.  Too bad he looks like a cross between Jagger, Springsteen and Rocky Marciano.  

Thanks Fern. Brought back memories of Brighton Beach, under the boardwalk, and other delicious summer days. 

Ilustration Friday - I know a celebrity!

Well, well....

Fern's prompt is on IL today. Gotta get going on this one!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update on my foot/ankle...general outlook on life!

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that my ankle is healing nicely and I am walking up and down stairs with ease.  That's a biggie, it means that I can try to drive today.  

This surgery more work than I thought it would be, but I'm still glad I did it.  I'm glad all that stainless steel/titanium is out of my system and that I don't have to worry about something breaking off in my leg bone and staying there forever. 

( I know this photo is TMI - but as a scientist I'm fascinated by it.   Like the fancy dinner napkin?) 

Since I've been fairly immobile, it's been interesting to me to NOT draw (much) or quilt (much) or do much more than sit on the sofa with my leg up and a good book in my hand.  I haven't done anything like that since...well since I broke my leg three years ago.  I've been good and haven't sunk to watching daytime TV, and have been sticking to more of the marshmallow books.   No cleaning (well, I'll amend that - I did clean the 'fridge shelves, just couldn't stand looking at them one day), no plant watering, no laundry, no driving.  Frustrating in a way, but OK in another.  

I'm going to try to drive today, just a short hop to the drycleaners.  I'm going to try to go into work tomorrow for 1/2 day - I do have to get back into the saddle eventually. 

The one thing that has been haunting me is the luckiness of me - having good health insurance, and good doctors nearby.   What would have happened to me if I hadn't had health insurance?  Would I be lame now?  Would they have turned me away, turned me over to someone to learn on?  Would I have been able to have these annoying bits removed?  Probably not, and let me tell you - they hurt and needed to come out.   I'm always upset that in this country, this great big rich (usually) amazing country that we do not have at least a basic health insurance available to everyone.  I have friends who have lost their jobs, and financially can afford to coast for awhile looking for new jobs...but it's the health insurance that they need.    T and I have always known that we needed secure health insurance and not one that was dependant on our jobs and have always kept two policies, one for him and mine thru work for both of us.  This way, if I lost my job, he would still be covered and I could jump on his if I needed to. Financially it was probably a stupid move, we've spent thousands over the years, but it let me sleep at night and that's worth alot. 
What are your thoughts on the state of health insurance in the US?  I would feel so much better paying my enormous tax bill if I knew that it was actually going to help someone with basic, affordable, non-job related health insurance. 
So there.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Animal Wednesday - Elephant again

Still loving elephants, and at least this one is walking - just like me!  I love their big sticking out ears.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lovely Summer reading - maybe even in the hammock

Loretta has asked her faithful readers to list the books that you want to read this summer, so here I goes. The 4 that I picked up to list are:

"The distant land of my father" by Bo Caldwell. (I already know I'm going to cry)
"Frangipani "by Celestine Vaite
"The Effect of Living Backwards" by Heidi Julavits
"In the Company of the Courtesan" by Sarah Dunant.

I also just ordered some E.M Delafield books which look lusciously English Countryside and should be a good summer read.

Now the truth is that while I really am going to read all these books, I chose to list the more intellectual looking titles. I didn't list the ones that I love to escape and read like "Her Highland Lover" a story of love and lust in 13th century Scotland with a 20th century gal who just happens to travel back in time to find her true love....or "The Demon Within" a story of a luscious vampire killer who meets a vampire who stirs her soul and she just CAN'T kill him even tho' he's BAD for her...etc, etc. I shamefully admit that I adore those crazy bodice ripper romances...but only the ones with a good story mind you....NOT the ones that come out every week, what do you think I am??? But I love the time traveler science fiction series and of course, everything has to come out right in the end.

I have always been a avid reader and listener of books. I love to read and used to lock myself in the bathroom for hours at a time to escape from family trying to get me to go outside and play instead of reading. My families complaint was that I always "had my nose buried in a book" but with a librarian for a sister, at least SOMEONE understood. But even now, when I can lose myself totally in a book there is such resentment from my loved ones - so much so that I read at 5:00 or 6:00 am or late at night. Why do people resent other people reading and losing themselves in a book?

The nice thing about having leg surgery is that I can milk it for a few more days and read to my hearts content. The problem is that I am such a fast reader that I could finish those 4 books above in 4 days, so I do have to pace myself. order to pace myself to enjoy those more intellectual books, I intersperse them with the trashy novels...Yeah - that's it! I read trash to make the good stuff last longer.

Wish I'd thought of that excuse before I told you all the truth.

Happy Summer reading to all....what are you reading this summer???

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Old people!

My folks finally got a home health aide, and after trying a few people they happily settled with Melissa, a young woman studying to be a nurse.  She was good to Dad, there when he needed her but not overly solicitious - which works for them.  Everything seemed to be going fine.  She was on vacation when we were there recently which I was upset about but knew that since my niece was staying there, she would get to meet her and see the interactions. 

About a week after we left, Mom and Aisha and Isabella went to a family party leaving Dad at home with Melissa.  M didn't have her car that day and was getting picked up at night by her sister.  When mom and Aisha got home, the house cleaner was there with a story about cops showing up at the house, and something strange going on - but it was hard to get a full story. 

The next day, Melissa told mom that her sister's car had been sideswiped by an unknown hit and run driver who had then abandoned his car and run into the woods, because he was being chased by the cops.  The story was strange and disconnected and odd and had my hackles up.  Thankfully it had Aisha's hackles up also, she called the police and got the full report a few days later.  Turns out that Melissa's boyfriend was driving the sisters car, was speeding and the cops saw him and chased him.  He slammed the car into my folks driveway, hitting their mailbox,  and then jumped out and ran into the woods.  Of course the cops chased him and caught him and also found some cocaine in the car.  

So this nice girl, who is studying to be a nurse, lied to my parents and has now been fired. Dad was upset, everyone was upset and we've had to get the house locks changed and keep a closer watch on everything.  Who knows how many times this guy was over when Dad was sleeping and Mom was out.  Did he case the joint?  Two old people are just sitting ducks in a big house without anyone around.  I'm worried and upset, my brother is beside himself and my sister is worried.  I truly wish that I could get them to move into an assisted living place but they refuse. 

There isn't much I can do long distance, they do have someone else helping out - an older woman who seems steady. But their faith has been shook at little - and my faith in the company that hired this girl has been shook also. It just doesn't get easier! 

I'll go down for a week later in the summer, but it's just not enough!  I'm going to go back to a three day weekend once a month with them, and that will have to do for now. I want to be a good daughter...but also have to earn my living up here...have my own obligations etc etc etc.

Old people can so easily be taken advantage of!  I don't think that Mom would have followed up on this story if my niece hadn't been there....  

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Illustration Friday - Foggy

Mom was very Foggy about things when I talked to her on the phone today. Distractions, home-health care, daughter in hospital, son traveling - sometimes it all just gets to be too much. But she's always smiling!

Saturday AM - looks like it's going to be sunny!

It was so interesting to read the comments from the last post, I’ve commented in the comments section also and thank you all for your interesting viewpoints.

I think we all know that I was not referring to comments such as “this drawing could use a bit more depth” or things of that nature. I always look forward to those comments and have learned much from suggestions and hints. I was referring to mean spirited or offensive comments – and I guess that there are many ways to view and approach those. Personally, I don’t support those types of comments, and if I did get them on my blog would delete them.

On another note, all 12 pins, screws, and plates are OUT of my leg, and here is the ubiquitious blogger foot shot, with a slightly orange foot from the betadine antiseptic that they slop all over you. A bit more surgery than I expected but OK with me. (I'm getting waited on hand and foot and I so love that!) I feel great about getting these out, like a start over from the past 3 years. Those pins and bits were always on my mind, as if they wanted to annoy me and make their presence known.
I went to an accupunturist/holistic healer type last week for the first time. T has been going to her for years to keep him in balance with his health and he wanted me to go to ensure that I can heal well from this surgery. She was very interesting, and did all these diagnostic tests to see what was weak in my system and what was bothering me. We especially looked at metal toxicity - and found that I was toxic from titanium. I was a tiny bit skeptical about this, but there was no way for me to know what metals she was testing me for...and unless all the metals were labeled titanium I don't think that there was any way to rig this (what a nasty scientist I am!). And since all these pins etc are probably made from titanium - I can believe that they were making me toxic.

So with the pins out... and taking some "clean out the toxicity in your body" herbs I should be a newly pristine person soon.

(note to self: do not post your IF "foggy" drawing that you did at 4;00 am while on vicodin. It's beyond "foggy" and looks more "drugged up" than anything else.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday morning - thoughts on comments

I've been reading a few blogs this morning and also reading some comments that others post.  For the most part, these comments are honest, straightforward and supportive.  My thought about comments is to look closely at what that person has posted - what are they really saying?  Are they sad, or happy, or "giggling"?  Are they looking for an answer to a question, or just opening themselves up and looking for support or advice from friends?  

Most people comment well, and appear to be honest straightforward folks.  There are some spammers, but they don't seem to be overwhelming. 

Some people comment as tho' they are put on this earth to set everyone else straight.  Their philosophy in life appears to be rather hateful, and very opinionated and damn...they want everyone else to be a cynical as they are. 

I'd like to hear from people - do you mind seeing negative comments along with the usual positive comments?  

I'm just askin'....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Animal Wednesday - Elephants

I've been drawing elephants all night - and just realized why.  Aside from loving these animals, I've always been fascinated with their feet and legs.   And, I - brave soul that I am - am having all of the pins, plates and screws taken out of my ankle this friday - hence my fascination with feet and legs.  

One or two of the screws or pins is coming a bit loose and causing me trouble, so I really don't have an option - but am looking forward to regaining extra mobility and less cramping and pain.  

Yea for me, Yea for orthopedic surgeons and yea for less misery in the long run. 

And Happy Animal Wednesday to all my blogger friends!  

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tragedy in a Stow Garden

I gardened today and caused untold tragedy to the Ant Population.  Later that day, I received this tiny little bulletin on my front porch. 
(double click to read the fine print) 

Final weekend pictures

We took a bike ride in New Hampshire yesterday, about 7 miles off road over hills that were like mountains, but it was alot of fun - really it was!  T had done this ride before and remembered it as being very picturesque, we were in a little town called Harrisberg, which really is a beautiful little town with a general store and some restored mills.  
But, I like pictures of the unusual also, and this was the first house that I saw.   Seems to be missing a chunk doesn't it?  And rather abandoned which is too bad, it's a beauty overall  - or could be.   

We took off and after the first hill, I took this picture.  It was a grey day, but the view was wonderful and it was nice to be riding out of direct sunlight. 
T remembered that at the top of the hill there was a great dairy farm, and he knows how much I love beautiful well kept farms - they just make me happy for some reason.  So we got to the top of the hill and this face started at me, from a totally overgrown field, wild as can be.  NH wildlife (don't get mad Suki!) 

Here is my road warrior staring at the farm.  Why is he staring.....
Here's why - the beautiful farmhouse had gone to rack and ruin  - but the ramshakle barn had a new tin roof.  I think they moved house, T thinks that there was a great tragedy in their lives and they still lived in the house like Miss Havisham.  Who knows. New Hampshire-ites are known for their independent natures and most anything goes. 

We stopped at this lake for lunch, where I collapsed and demanded help up the next hill.  I got it! 

Finally back to the Harrisburg General store, which is wonderful, in a great building and you can sit on the porch and sip your soda-pop and watch the world go by. 

This is Dublin NH's old school house, now a historical society building.  I have a thing for classic architecture, and just had to take this picture - the house lines just satisfy something in me.  They just feel right - do you agree? 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rainy Day pictures

I can't resist rainy or cloudy day pictures. Actually I can't resist sunny day pictures either. 
Some of my lilies after a rain. This one was protected from the rain and was smugly dry. 

But this one was covered with wonderful raindrops - captured beautifully by my little camera. 

I found this black feather in the yard this morning and picked it up for HB, thinking it was a crow feather. DH thinks it is not from a crow, but a bigger bird.  

These are all the big feathers that I have picked up in the yard and kept. Beautiful aren't they?

This mushroom was NOT in the yard yesterday.  How do they grow so fast? 

Happy Rainy Saturday to you all. 

Friday, July 4, 2008

A HA!!!

I have to save it then open in iPhoto and rotate, then save again.  We'll see if this works on a routine basis. 

And here is the ATC.  Either Blogger or comcast took mercy on me. 
Time for a rainy day nap

july 4th

For the life of me I cannot get this scanned image to post right side up.  I tried changing the orientation before scanning...after scanning and before and after posting.  It just insists on posting this picture upside down.  I'm a bit annoyed!    It's supposed to be a clown fish looking down (sort of) on its anemone.  Nothing really to do with July 4th but a fun way to have a lazy afternoon while the rain pours down.  I did an ATC with the same sort of theme, minus the fish. I can't get the damn computer to post the ATC.  SHUTDOWN!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Garden pics

The wet, hot weather has left us with some glorious flowers and interesting mushrooms.  This dragonfly was flying from plant to plant eating mosquito's.  I think he was resting here, with a very full belly. 

A redbud leaf, just calling out to be drawn with colored pencils. 

Mushrooms pokeing up thru the gravel. 

More 'schrooms
Isn't this one beautiful? 
There is another little tiny dragonfly on this leaf. What originally drew me to take this picture was the subtle orange showing thru the buds of this lily, I love the contrast against the green. 

I adore day lilies - aside from lilacs, they are my favorite flowers. 

A daisy?  Not sure of the actual name, DH bought these and put them in.  Nice and bright tho'

An asiatic lily - no problem yet with the beetles that usually eat these guys.  Maybe I've been spared the beetles and been sent the woodchuck instead? 

This spirea was covered with bees - buzzing like crazy. They paid no attention to me at all. 

And to keep it real, in all this blooming beauty, we have a New York City sign that we have carried around for years, it's on the back of our garden shed and I just love it. 

 Happy July 4th to all,