Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm in LA

...and it's 83 degrees or something like that. Drove up from San Diego yesterday, and going home on the red eye on Thursday.

This blog got reviewed at this site and got a "very good" rating.

But this means more to me, an award from a friend, our own Ms. Soulbrush - I think its adorable!

Have a Happy Animal Wednesday all - not sure if I can get back onto the net today - too much interfering WORK to do!!!!

(found this link on Designing Fairy's blog - oh how I want these polka dotted pants - ms em wants them too)

Animal Wednesday - OWL and the big draw

Copied from my nature book - a snowy owl, and also part of the Big Draw - which is coming to a close soon (boo hoo)

I am posting this in advance as I am off for a trip to southern CA - a quick whirlwind trip with the red eye home. The company is asking us to travel less, which is JUST fine with me! The timing stinks for this trip, as I have a girls weekend planned for the 1st and 2nd - 4 of us are going to Martha's vineyard for a weekend at the house that DH and I stayed in for vacation this summer.

A confession - I have never...NEVER...had a weekend away with just the girlfriends. I really don't know why, perhaps I enjoy being with DH and don't want to miss our precious time together - mostly because I travel so much. I have spent many weekends away with family in CA, Florida and even Italy. But never local...never really intentional.

We've been friends for over 20 years - and we finally get a chance to talk and share stuff that you just don't do when the guys are around. I'll show them Ms. Em drawings and let them draw their own conclusions/interpretations. One friend is a new grandma (altho she looks about 40), and the other has a 40 year old daughter and a 13 year old daughter. The third has raised her stepsons - with little support from their bio mother and has done a wonderful job of it. We all love dogs. We all love the beach, comfortable clothes, and three of us are scientists. The fourth one quit her job at a company in Boston and opened a wine store in NH (the WineStudio!) Our other friend, who was supposed to join us just broke her ankle and has to stay home - altho I think she could make it (having been there myself) - but it probably would be uncomfortable for her. We call ourselves " The Foundation Club" because we all realize that at this point in our lives - foundation garments are a necessity. (for obvious reasons, I am the chief foundation garment wearer)

Happy Animal Wednesday everyone - if you don't see me it's because I'm on a damned airplane!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My mind amazes me sometimes

I started this drawing as an undersea fantasy - which I love - and initially drew a snake to add some interest. When I picked up this drawing again yesterday, I immediately added additional snakes, and some danger and conflict to the drawing. The snakes are eating the fish, and look more dangerous than I had originally intended. Ms. Em made her way into the picture - she wasn't there before yesterday and she is (as usual) blithely heading towards danger (can you see her, she's still in pencil - I'm conflicted about adding her).

The drawing is too big to scan so I took pictures instead, and as usual, without natural light they are not so good. But I think you can see the overall feeling.

My mind amazes me because while I know, intellectually, that I am upset about a friends upcoming divorce and upset about the economy and upset and nervous about the upcoming election - I didn't realize HOW upset and unsettled I felt. Obviously I feel like I am walking on a thin layer of safety and feel uncomfortable about what lies beneath.

Since I've only been drawing or crafting for about a year and a half, it surprises me what comes out in my artwork. Mr P always told me to dig deep to find the angst - and I didn't know that I could really do it. I have him to thank for letting some angst come thru in my artwork. DH gets somewhat upset when he sees these conflicted drawings and prefers to see "happier" artwork. That surprises me in a way, he is an artist and understands the process - but it also shows me how he sees me - again...somewhat of a surprise.

I do like to do happy artwork, it's fun...people like it...and it makes me feel good. But sometimes in the middle of a happy undersea fantasy, the darker side can show thru. I guess it's better to get it out than to try to hide my feelings....right?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday morning and Zazzle

I should be packing for my quick trip to California but I'm not. I'm blogging and reading blogs - my favorite way to start the day. Found this on TeriC's site - hmmmmm.....Ms. Em on a tee shirt? It could be so opposite of the "Life is Good" tee shirts. More of a "Life can be so dangerous" shirts. Might just try it!

On another note, this post made me laugh out loud yesterday and then I had a funny experience with my mom last night.

Last time my niece (bless her heart) was in Sarasota she put "Skype" on mom's computer. All I said was "you're in charge of this program dear niece - I absolutely refuse to try to troubleshoot it from far away" and she agreed. Of course, I got Skype also so that we can chat in person. So last night I took a chance and called mom on the computer and yes...she was there and we started to chat. But she kept looking downwards - and I kept waving my arms and saying "MOM - look UP" and she would raise her face but not her eyes. I tried like heck to get her to change her camera angle, (I checked mine) and I saw her nose only, then her chest and finally got a full face view (still looking down). So we talked for awhile just about this and that - (it really is nice to be able to do this). Then dad came in the room and it became a group chat. He says "you look great" and I said "thanks" - completely remembering that he can't see, is considered blind from macular degeneration! But thanks anyways Dad - nothing like a parents fond affection.

After about 20 minutes we hung up - and then DH came in and wanted to know what all the shouting was about. Yes...I was virtually yelling at the computer! Mom can't put the receiver closer to her good ear and there was alot of "WHAT???" and "Yes, your town is lovely" after I just told her that I went up to Portsmouth for the morning. "MOM - I WENT TO PORTSMOUTH NOT MY TOWN" and she said "OH HOW NICE". This went on for the 20 minutes -
but I still enjoyed it!

My parents remember the New York Worlds Fair in the 60's where they showed video phones and they are completely fascinated by the ability to see and talk to us. What they don't like is that they can't hug and kiss us - especially the kids - and they actually would sometimes rather talk on the phone and not feel the need to touch us. I can understand, and actually, despite all my making fun, I'm quite proud of my folks to be able to navigate their way thru their computer. Even tho I spend hours listening to "I got your picture but I don't know were it went" type conversations.

How good to be able to complain about my 85 and 94 year old parents. Dad is down to about 140 lbs and is weak as a kitten but is still my dad, my ally.

Love them both.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A good Saturday giggle

Remember the BRA story?  Go see SB's Saturday giggle - dedicated to me and Cynthia.  I had such a good laugh!!! What a clever gal she is that ms. soulbrush!!!

Which was a great way to start this day, cause it's gotten a bit serious-er in some ways.  I met a friend this morning at 7:00 am (on a Saturday ) and we drove an hour north to meet up with another friend for breakfast.  The friend up north has had some tragedy in her life - she was living with a man she dearly loved but who was bipolar. She couldn't handle it anymore...moved out and a few months later he killed himself - on Good Friday  - about 1.5 years ago.  We've cried together and had his memorial and she is moving on with her life, thank god.  We've spent alot of time with her and with her sisters - all of whom are married to seemingly wonderful men. 

We just found out this week that one of the sisters is getting divorced - because yes...he was fooling around. After 35 years!  And I guess this isn't the first time, so she's had it!  OK, this is normal in this day and age and I've heard it a million times, but oh - it was so hard to see her pain!  She looks wonderful but you can just see that a part of her has been ripped away - her best friend has betrayed her.  It brings tears to my eyes just to hear the story.  We all talked about how she would be OK, life moves on etc etc, but there is something that changes within one when this type of trust is broken - no way to even put it into words.  

Life....never know what's going to happen next do we??? Treasure the moment? or prepare for the worst? 

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday night

It's a quiet night.  DH is out playing racquetball.  I'm switching winter clothes/summer clothes. Bringing out all the sweaters. Trying to enjoy the quiet (lately, it's been oppressive - I don't know why), and naturally, reading blogs - catching up with friends. 

Reading other's blogs is so strange sometimes. There are the people that I "know" and the people I'm getting to "know".  That's OK, I read and comments and learn, and visit and keep up with friends. 

There are other blogs that I read, and never comment - and sometimes I wonder if the voyeur in me is reading and following the story - maybe I don't think it's real?  

This blog is done by a Mormon lady who had a sister in a terrible accident.  Beside the fact that the whole family is absolutely wholesome and gorgeous looking, and they are close knit and tremendously family oriented - there is a sense of reality that comes thru in this blog that is pretty amazing.  These people also have such faith - I am both jealous and skeptical.   The one sister has taken in the 4 children of the sister in the accident.  The sister in the accident was terribly burned and it's just a tragic story.  There is tremendous blogging support for this family, on line auctions and fund raisers and concerts.  Its unbelievable what the power of this medium can do. 

I don't really know why I keep following this blog.  Is it voyeurism?  Am I hoping for a miracle that the sister will wake up with a whole heart?  Do I think I am following a story that must have a happy ending?  Is it compassion or "glad it's not me".  

I just don't know.  

I do know that I have gotten drawn into the family saga, and DO want a happy ending to the story - be it years in coming.  Maybe it just the ability to help slightly, by buying something on auction.  Maybe it's knowing that the new skin the sister is getting is grown by my company - and I know the tremendous compassion that the people growing those cells have for the burn victims.   There are a whole lot more important things going on in this world, but I've gotten caught up in this drama - and yes...have sent up a few prayers for the family. And, am counting my blessings - at least trying to  - every day. 

To Dog or Not to Dog

I got my first dog when I was six, and was completely hooked! Since then I've always had a dog, - who was a huge part of the family - until our last, most beloved dog Samson died in 2002. We decided to take a break from dog ownership for awhile, I just couldn't face trying to replace Sam. So here we are, years later and I'm wanting a dog big time. Problem is - DH doesn't! He was never a dog person really, but did love Samson as much as I did. Confounding this is the fact that he really is allergic to dander and hair and we do have to be careful about diseases in this house (immunosupression is a tough life to live).

So I'm to make up a list of Pro's and Con's for having a dog. Problem is it looks something like this

I want a dog
I need a dog
Get to go outside and take it for a walk


Have to come home to take it out
Go for a walk on your own
his responsibility when I am at work

and it goes on and on. The reasons for having a dog are all emotional. The reasons for not having a dog are all practical. On paper it just doesn't add up.

How do you write down doggie love????

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Big Draw - October 22nd

I retook these pictures but something seems to be wrong with my camera - too dark and grey but better than yellow and orange like yesterday.

But anyway.

Miss Em was a bit overwhelmed by the fancy clothes the new girl at the office was wearing.

So she went home and looked in her own closet. Everything looked the same!

She headed off to the fancy store and got "fitted" for her new inner and outer garments, and went back to the office, proud to show off her new clothes only to find.................
That New Girl was imitating her now.

What's a girl to do?

(What terrible pictures, I shouldn't even post them - if I can get them better tomorrow I'm going to switch them out! )

Animal Wednesday - A Duck for a Wet Day

I bought this wonderful book with pictures of birds and animals - the thing is huge, a real coffee table book but it was on sale at B and N for $10.00! I couldn't believe it and snatched it up. So, I'm copying some of the animals from that book, and learning alot about drawing in the meantime.

In the fall we have days of absolute beauty, with warm sunshine and gorgeous colors - where all you want to do is go to state fairs, and eat apples. Then there are the days of cold nasty rain, where all the remaining leaves come down in a sodden mess. It's one of those days today....I dread going outside and would prefer to stay inside by the fire. So I thought this duck would be good for todays Animal Wednesday.
Haw to you all, hope your day is warm and sunny!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


See the Edit at the bottom of this post. It's worth a giggle.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Big Draw - lots of days

I'm going to sort out what was done when - but just thought I'd post a few new and newly finished items for Big Draw. I didn't rotate the picture of the hand before posting it, and then Blogger won't let me remove the unrotated pictue - so I squished it down as little as I could get it and then posted the right-side up one
Squished hand drawing.
Some made up yellow flowers.

Undersea - my favorite dream place.
Mr. Fish Face.
And finally , my glasses, a tissue holder and a spool of thread on the living room table.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A new cover for a favorite notebook

I love these notebooks and have done all of my "Miss Em" drawings in them. I like the separating pages of drawing paper and I like the watercolor paper in here, just enough tooth to make line drawing a tiny bit squiggley but not enough to make major bumps. But I don't really like their black plain cover. So I made my own cover.

I removed those black squiggley holder things and actually took more than one books worth of paper to put into a new book. I covered the inside and outside of the black notebook with a combination of homemade paper and store bought paper

This one has a sort of purply and tan color, it's a paste paper and if you look clearly, you can see images of a cat stamped into the wet colored paste.

I used another hand made paper for the inside - can't remember how this one was created. I had Tony drill three holes so that I could figure out how to secure the whole thing - right now I'm using the 1.5 inch holder..I also tried covering the binders with cloth - but that didn't work well.

This one you've seen, but the whole book is now filled with Miss Em and sometimes Mr. T.

And this is how fat it's gotten, there are lots of stories in this book.
I started two more covers, and plan on keeping them open and closed with the book ring binders - unless someone else has a good idea.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Big Draw - October 17th

This is what I would think dust looks like - and it's everywhere as we start to hunker down for the winter. These little annoying prickles will be causing all kinds of allergies!

This was actually done on a plane last April - no actual time to draw yesterday.

My big excitement yesterday was (drum roll please)......

New Bra shopping!

Being well endowed doesn't come cheap, especially if you want the girls to be comfortable and to stay in one plane. I went to a department "fitted" and bought a years worth of bras. I can't divulge the size, it's too depressing. And nothing changes them! I could lose 50 lbs and they'd still be up there in the alphabet.

I know that I shouldn't complain, and should be glad for my curvaceous figure. But I called my best friend on the way home from the store - she's had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy. I said "can I complain about this" and she had a good laugh with me...agreed that it was my god given right to bitch about it... and even she couldn't believe what I had to buy.

Maybe I should get some milage out of them and draw the heap of bras that I had to buy.

Driving home from the store I felt like they were taking up the whole back seat - I actually had to turn around to see if they still fit into the rather small package that I took home.

And, to heap insult upon injury, ALL the other women in my family are rather flat chested. And tall and thin. I'm convinced that my mom found me by the side of the road, but she insists that isn't true. But even she was astounded when I called her last night. "I wonder where you got them" she mused.

Thanks Mom!!!!
Added Note: This is an illustration that I did for Illustration Friday night - many moons ago. Most (ALL) of my stuff on that site was truly bizarre and bad but I had fun with the challenge and to heck with it all I thought. Anyway, this was one of my favorite drawings and now you know why. Even Mr. P liked it - or lusted it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Big Draw - October 15th and 16th

Miss Em decides to leave the classical music quartet and run off to play bluegrass music. Her friends are astounded at her choice, and figure that she'll be back to play "real" music soon.

A sketch of what was sitting on my placemat before dinner.

A sketch of the corner cabinet in my kitchen. It has much more stuff on it..too much I did some virtual house cleaning. I was at a meeting right before the debate and started doodling (hence the circles and fish head); then came home to watch that oh-so-boring debate. Mostly pencil on this one.

I have my "studio" in the basement but have found it to be much more fun to draw upstairs in the kitchen while DH is cooking or watching TV or whatever. I also get the benefit of him commenting on perspective or giving me hints on how to draw something, or a detail that I'm missing. It's much better than "asking" for a critique - somehow much less bruising to the ego. I'm liking this big draw!

New quilts

The first one is for Project Linus and is cuddly minky on one side and regular Winnie the Pooh cotton on the other side. Minky is tough to work with being a stretchy material. I ended up putting the two pieces together with basting spray...then actually basting and adding a satin blanket binding to hold it all together.
The second one I've been working on for while and one of my nephews thinks it's better as a wall hanging than a baby quilt. Sure, it's not traditional baby colors but there must be some discriminating babies out there who like sage green and brown ....we'll see!

Such a good feeling to have these completed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Animal Wednesday and the Big Draw

Poor Miss Em had a bad day, and Sammy is trying his best to cheer her up. Think it'll work?

Happy Animal Wednesday to all my fellow animal lovers and drawers.

Another question for my friends out there - do you copyright your artwork and/or your blog? Just askin'!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Big Draw - Oct 12

This was from October 12th, forgot to post it.
Don't ask me..he's wearing the hat!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Day Weekend

Was like this all weekend.  Peak colors. Beautiful weather.  Biking and kayaking and friends and fun. Cold front coming soon. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Big Draw - October 12th

After our epic bike ride yesterday, I couldn't help but draw my ideal, made to order bike - with its accessories and maintenance package.  Of course, instructions are also handy. 

My scanner isn't big enough to scan the whole picture, had to do it in bits and pieces. Color comes next when I get a chance. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Big Draw - Oct 11th

After a very, very grueling 7.5 mile bike ride (of which I walked more than half, pushing my bike) I had a few minutes to sketch the tree that I crashed into at the very end.  
I am bruised, and battered, and sore from my head to my feet, but feel like I got a good day's play in. Hot little food and bed  - that's the plan. 

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Big Draw - and a look forward to a nice long weekend

Fact is...this guy was not drawn today. I did him awhile ago but messed up my drawing for today so am cheating and posting an older funny drawing.  
I've been remiss in visiting my blogger friends, new and old but will find time to catch up on everything. We're supposed to have a gorgeous weekend here , perfect fall New England weather, which means I will be spending my days outside soaking in the last of the sun.  I actually look forward to rain some days so that I can have a day at home. 

See ya!  happy columbus day!