Monday, October 28, 2013

Somewhere to Sketch

I joined the "Somewhere to Sketch" site - which Lynn and Ann started a few months ago. It's a good challenge to find places to draw using Google Earth.  This month was Tuscany, and I couldn't resist.

I posted a picture that I did a few years ago of a place that I stayed outside Lucca, Italy.  My family and I had a week at an old farmhouse - fully restored - it was heaven!   I did a few other sketches of other sites in Tuscany but haven't posted them yet.

It'll be fun to keep up with new challenges, nothing like a deadline to get me going. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Colorful Meerkat Mafia

Well, I wanted to play with drawing and painting some animals, so looked for cute pics on the computer and found these Meerkat cuties.  I wanted to try to paint them with their regular animal colors, something I am not good at usually.

Tried once....threw it out.

Tried again....threw it out.

Finally threw in the towel and went for varied color.

Now to me they look like the meerkat mafia, and how in heavens name do you paint snouts pointing straight at you?

A bit odd but it was fun.

The WLG's are coming out again, as I want to have most of those drawings ready for a winter submission to...well...somewhere.    So the start of a new drawing is below.

Fun stuff..

Monday, October 14, 2013

I love Fall

How can I complain about the weather here when I have this view on the local bike trail.

I'll complain in the winter, but right's perfect.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Experiment - Stars and Starfish

When I started this blog it was to get feedback on paintings and drawings, and I want to continue to ask for help, opinions, thoughts.  

I was playing with paints on a foggy saturday - just to play.  of course I turned to fish, and underwater theme.  I took a photo of the Work in Progress, and then added some "water" on the computer, if I was doing it for good I'd add the water in actual watercolors. 

I'd love opinions.  While I like the watery effect, I think the second one starts to look like a fishbowl! 

I have some other ideas on how to add a watery effect but that will take trial and error. 

Whadda ya think? 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First I was gonna post....

I had an idea to post a lovely beautiful fall pictures post from this past weekend. The text was in my mind, about sunshine and colors and dappled sunlight.   The photo's are beautiful.

Then I got real. I want to show my comics posted up at class for the critique.

I LOVED doing this.  I put up all 57 pages in an empty classroom and after break we all went in to look at them.  57 pages people!!  

Everyone in the class was wonderful, appreciative, supportive and gave me great feedback.  It was a terrific experience, and the first time I have shown all the stories together.  I have work to do to get it all updated, and complete, but I have the goal now and the ideas.

I know you really can't see it all, but I think you get the idea.

I can't thank the instructor enough for the classes I have taken at Worcester Art Museum.  What a supportive teacher he is.

OK, maybe next time it'll be dappled sunlight and beautiful photos.  We'll see.