Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday night Sculpting (?)

I was looking forward to my Friday night drawing class which was supposed to start on October 7th. Life drawing or portrait drawing is the norm, and I've been practicing all summer to be better at this and get more out of the class.

Much to my dismay, the school canceled the class two weeks before it was supposed to start - due to low enrollment. I tried to tell them that it would be full in a week or so, but they were cranky about it and canceled the class anyway. Bummer! So I signed up for Friday night sculpture, which is a bit odd for me but I figured "what the heck".

The first class was not what I expected - in that we toured the museum at night. Which would have been fun if I wasn't wearing my work shoes - which were high heels (well...two inches or so) and we all know how hard museum floors are.

I took pictures of a few very interesting items - taken while I was supposed to be listening to the instructor - who was off talking about juxtaposition of blah to blah. I think she was a bit taken aback when she asked me if I liked a certain installation piece...and what did it remind me of - and I answered "No" and "an inflamed colon". OK...good start don't you think?

I took a few pictures in one of the galleries. It was actually a beautiful gallery, with all sorts of famous artists work there - i.e. Warhol, Motherwell....and many others but I didn't get their names photographed so can't give appropriate information.

This painting was interesting - look at how it was painted, very digital. Looks good from far away, interesting technique I think.

Loved this portrait -

and this one

And was very intrigued by this piece

But my favorite was this ceramic piece.

I will approach this class with as open a mind as I can get, but I'm not fond of lectures or "juxtaposition" talk. I have a few projects in mind - the first one being dressing a tree in my backyard. Vandalism or installation art? You tell me.

Happy New Year to all! (Jewish Holiday time...)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Animal Wednesday - The Story of Scruffy and the Airplane ride

You all remember Scruffy - mom's little dog. Well this summer, little Scruffs has been out in California - doing all kinds of doggy things like running on the beach, and playing with other dogs - it sounds like he had a wonderful time out there. What could be bad about 6 weeks in a beach cottage, with sisters and brothers coming over every day, and doggie friends and lots of spoiling.

But it all had to end someday, and Mom is now back in Florida but not without some angst. See, we made her buy a first-class ticket out to CA, and figured this would give her room for Scruffy's little cart and make everyone comfortable. And it worked great on the way out there! But coming home they hit a few snags. First mom had to check an extra bag - and it was the bag with Scruffy's treats! Then she couldn't fit his rolling crate under the first class seat (she forgot that the wheels were detachable!) and everyone was very upset. Luckily, a couple sitting near mom had a daughter traveling in coach - just two rows back, and this lovely person fit Scruffy's crate under her coach seat (don't ask me why this worked out, it just did). So Mom was sitting in first class, and Scruffy was back in coach...and occasionally giving a little whine or whimper of distress. Of course, after mom had her first class dinner, she took a few bread rolls, and went back to coach to feed Scruffs a little dinner. And of course, once he saw her - he whimpered more, so mom switched seats with the gal and stayed in coach to keep Scruffy company. (SO glad we spent that extra money).

Then they got home, everyone was thrilled to be home and Scruffs was very thirsty of course, only having bread rolls for the past 6 hours. So he drank a ton of water while Mom went thru the mail. After a few minutes, he came scratching up to mom - who of course thought he just wanted to cuddle. So she picked him up and they cuddled for awhile, then she put him down and he wandered pee on the freshly cleaned rug.

( I mean really...what would you think if your doggie came up to you and yammered and scratched and you knew he had just drunk a ton of water....would you think he needed a cuddle? Well, of course, he always needs a cuddle....but really!!!)

So that is my Animal Wednesday! I could of course tell you about the deer that I nearly hit while driving home tonight but I'll save that for another day.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Trying to be green

We've had two old computers for years and just haven't gotten around to recycling them. This weekend we cleaned out our garage and these two computers are sitting there, waiting to be dumped.

While driving back from biking yesterday, we saw this sign next to a small strip mall.

It was unclear which store in the line up of stores was the recycling center, so we drove around the back to see if there was additional information.

There was.

Hmm....we were looking for something a bit more effective and green.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

What started me into drawing, painting, being creative....

I didn't start drawing until after a very very close friend died of cancer (at 50) and my sister in law died of complications from kidney disease (at 53). Suddenly I started drawing, and painting and on and on. I'd always been somewhat creative, but their deaths were an impetus to me to really start drawing. Miss Em came out of some of that pain, she's been a great emotional outlet for me. In the back of my mind I always felts that Isabel and Lucile were channeling thru me - especially Isabel who was a wonderful artist.

Today I read Robyns post and truly - chills went up my back at the poem. The post itself is wonderful and sad and amazing, and the

I'm a bit stunned......

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Early Morning - once again - and some lake shots

I adore early morning - and a picture taken at the same spot (or close) as I jog around the track shows how quickly it can change.

We went bike riding at the lake on Sunday and I took some time to admire the beauty of the lake and clouds.

I love the camera on this iphone......

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Animal Wednesday and a few other things

We were bike riding last weekend and I brought my camera to capture the multiple images of woodland animals that I was sure I would see. And I saw NONE. I was going to show you all picture of empty field and desolate roads claiming that I had just seen a deer or a snake.

Then I remembered that Animal Wednesday was about all sorts of animal images...and duh....I like to draw and paint.

Here is a paperclay dog that I've had hanging around, I had thought of painting him but have decided not to - I like his goofy whiteness. So now that I consider him finished, he will take a place in the paperclay basement hall of fame. Since he's sort of lumpy and bulgy in places, I can call him Whitey Bulgy....what do you think of that clever name?

I had a little canvas hanging around and decided to paint a picture of a crow. At the same time I didn't want to get out my paints and make a mess. So I pulled out these things I got at the hardware store - it's paint in a brush-marker holder. You pump the end and paint comes out on a nylon brush - I think it's for "touch ups" around the house. Anyway, I used them to do this painting - I kind of like it.

I've been working feverishly on a quilt for a friend who's friend just had a baby...and she went into labor just as Hurricane Irene hit. I had the idea of a balloon theme, and then decided to have a cloud blowing at the balloons. I emailed Lynn for advice, she told me how to get the image I wanted onto the quilt and it came out wonderful! (thanks Lynn). Here's the front.....

...a closeup of the wind cloud...

...and the back. The whole project became a family affair, as I was working with no pattern and there were some design elements to be dealt with - i.e. the upper clouds. DH knew what he would do if it was a drawing, so we had to figure out how to transfer that idea to a quilt. It was fun, but I'm glad to have it done.

I'm still knitting up a storm - finishing up some baby hats to go with the sweaters that I made (all babies need ensembles - don't they?) and also some scarfs for my cousin and a lacy one for me. I'm also working on a sweater for myself in some amazingly soft brown and black wool and the wine colored merino yarn that I saw recently just called out to me.

Have a Happy Animal Wednesday and I hope you see some animals around your area

Friday, September 16, 2011

Personal Best

It was cool out this morning - about 55 degrees. Lovely sleeping weather but a bit cooler than we expect for this time of the year - but welcome. I bundled up a bit to go out for my walk, but wore stuff that was easily layer-able as I knew I would get warm once I started going. I started trotting along but had to stop to take this picture.

I've always wanted to say I've reached a Personal Best....not usual terminology when sitting and knitting a sweater, or drawing. But I did one today - maybe not impressive to some, but amazing to me. I did 5K in my morning walk/run and did it in 38 minutes. When I started out with this exercise routine, I was doing 5K in about 48 minutes - which impressed me at the time. My goal has been to get it under 45 minutes, and I didn't realize that I was getting closer to that goal every day.

I'm not fishin' - not looking for kudos - I guess its just amazing to me that if I persevere, and keep at this exercise routine that I keep getting better. After I broke my ankle 6 years ago I thought I would never be able to do this type of exercise again...and here I am...doing better than ever. Frankly - it's amazing! If I can do it - ANYONE can!!!

Good way to start the weekend I think. Hope you all have a lovely personal best weekend yourselves.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My closest cousin has a new baby granddaughter - her first and while I knit her one sweater - I really wanted to do more. So, following the same pattern as the first one, but with a smaller needle - I did this one in a pale-y pinkish color. Looking at it in the photo, I might just go back and rip out that bottom edge of stockinette stitch - I like it better with a garter stitch edge - what do you think?

I love the little fishie buttons but you know me and fish.....

And then this one - in a purple-y wool. The pattern called for it to be open in front, and I know that's usually better for babies, but I liked the closed look.
I've been on a deadline with these cause I am also making a quilt for a friends baby and all have to be done by the end of the month - actually the week before. So I had one and 1/2 week to finish these two sweaters, and finish the quilt. I might just make it. But this obsession is why no Animal Wednesday this week, no dinner made in this house for the past few nights and no laundry either. Too bad...sweaters are more fun!

Happy Sweater Wednesday!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nature instead

I started to watch TV this morning and just as I thought - I started bawling. Big juicy tears while watching the memorial service at ground zero.

ENOUGH - I thought. Woke up the hubby and we called good friends and took off for the river.
The water was incredibly high - from all the recent rain...or was it from all the tears that people have cried today and over the past 10 years?

Either way, the current was very swift, the river was virtually deserted and it was gorgeous.

What it really was - was peaceful - which we all treasured.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


My BFF Grapes and I went up to see the boys - oops I meant bring the boys stuff that they forgot for college - like a rug for their floor, hangers, cables, more towels etc etc etc. We met them at 10:00 am for breakfast, went to their room to bring up stuff, went shopping for more stuff and then finally - with more hugs and kisses - left to drive home. The deal was that we would scoot up there really fast, and then meander home stopping at antique stores etc. the time we really got on the road it was getting late so we made directly for a store that I know of in Peterborough and have always liked. Turns out that store has moved to Hudson, NY but there was another one that had some goodies and I scored pretty good!

The woman who owns the store wraps stuff in paper and twine which I love of course.

Inside this package was this lovely little miniature hand form, it's only about 8 inches high. It'll go downstairs to live with my bigger hand forms.

And Buttons - did she ever have lovely buttons! Look at these - aren't they wonderful? 50cents each....

And these are buttons also - so unique!

These pearl buttons were about 10 cents each - I took all I could.

Knitted buttons, in pink and ecru. And yes, tiny little porcelain bowls that are so cute I couldn't resist.

Miniature pulleys - which I have no idea what I am going to do with these but I loved them. All rusty and tough looking.

I scored big time, both in seeing the kids and in getting goodies to play with. Can't you just see those pearl buttons on a knitted sweater?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Animal Wednesday - what the hey????

It's a Bird! it's a Plane! Nope - it's a JUMPER!!

We watched jumpers on Saturday - jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and swoop thru the air - I'll post some more picture of this amazing "sport" soon....

But I really wanted to show you this - next to the jumping field there were cows and pigs grazing together. This is something that I have never seen before, and it was pretty funny and cute looking.

And that same day I looked out my back window and saw this brown color. Aha said I - think you're going to chew my hosta's do you - and I stomped out onto the back porch....

and scared his/her little brown butt away from my beautiful fall blooming....

Happy Animal Wednesday!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Special Kid

I was only going to post a bit today about a sweater I am knitting for a new cousins baby and a few other odds and bits....but then I got an email from a friend about another friends grandson and it was so wonderful, I figured I post the link to the youtube video here today (also, cause I can't figure out how to actually post a YouTube video here)

This is a close wonderful family, all generations living and working together - amazing. I sing in a chorus with the grandmother and have never heard one complaint or "why us" from this family. Awesome!~

Seeing Justin's courage and attitude makes me appreciate the fact that I take a walk everyday thru scenery like this

This area is a conservation water project - no swimming in the lake but kayaking and some fishing allowed. In the winter - if it's a cold one - it's covered with ice fishing shacks, and ski tracks. We snowshoe here alot in the winter, it's magnificent.

LOTS of dogs here and recently they instituted a leash law and receptacles to pick up after your dog. To be honest - it was needed and has cut down on the scare of having a strange dog charge you, or having to dodge piles of poo. I used to love taking Samson there - his absolute joy in running and swimming was wonderful to see. I'd spend hours with him here.

I did see evidence of Irene's wrath here in the woods - glad this wasn't near a house as it was a massive tree.

And here is the sweater that I made for my cousins new and first grandbaby. Its a pattern that Lori sent me and came out pretty good - not perfect and I might even try it again with a different wool - just to get it right! And I made it a little bit longer cause basically I knit it too loose and it was coming out too big so I made it for a slightly larger baby. Live and learn and Lori - I'll email you for some hints about those pesky Cast-on's under the arm!!!

I have the day off - and am reveling in it! I might just start that new baby sweater!!!