Saturday, July 7, 2007

Illustration Friday Night - "The Dead"

Interestingly, someone else did a dead phone, so I had to think how to expand the meaning of this drawing. I googled "Dead Telephone" and got a great web site about "Phone Calls from the Dead" The text reads in part: "years ago, I ran across an entry about phone calls from the dead in a paranormal encyclopedia...This was before you could pop online and find out about anything and everything under the sun. The entry mentioned a book about phone calls from the dead. Several years passed, and my sisters and I had ceased to yell, "phone calls from the dead!!" every time the phone rang. Phone calls from the dead are phenomena where a person receives a telephone call that seemingly involves a person who has died. "

I worked on coloring this in Photoshop - which I don't know. What a drag. Gotta learn this program.

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Forever Young said...

hiya reading your blog, as i understand it,unlike many others i read.

love the 'sean and brian' picture, such happy boys.

what does 'being tagged' mean? still new at all this stuff!