Friday, July 27, 2007

one annoying thing

An artist called for work, put the request on her blog. No names! So I sent in jpgs of three items. Now, I ain't good and I knows it. But I do expect honesty. No answer from this chick. No comments, no nothin'. I am a little bit peeved. If she didn't like them (which is obvious) then say so! I can take it! The pieces weren't Horrible, perhaps just amateurish. I don't expect to hit the big time - I am very conscious of my abilities (or lack thereof).

I got the inspiration for this piece from a book by J. Cirincione a wonderful collage artist (and when I sent it in I explained where I had gotten the inspiration from - no hidden agenda's here) This was made for for Dad's 93rd birthday. Dad taught me to play cards, and ice skate and a million other things. Bad picture but a piece made with love.

Anyway, the moral is - if you ask for work follow up with the person who sent it to you. You can be polite and reject something without being nasty. Just follow up!!!


biteyourowntail said...

this reminds me of British artist Sir Peter Blake - think you might like. He also does lots of grid like layouts for collage work made from pieces of ephemera.

Mim Stella said...

Hmm - I'll look him up..and will also try the meditation.

Anonymous said...

with love, it shows.

Mim Stella said...

Yup - love those old curmudgeons - no matter how cranky they can get.