Saturday, July 14, 2007

Everyday Matters

I just joined this group and am sort of starting in the middle. This is going to be a real challenge for me, as I am just, just learing to see and draw and it's tough.
The first one that I am tackling is rocks... and here is a pen and ink, watercolor interpretation. I am doing more rocks, having spent last weekend taking photo's of rocks to draw. I love rocks as you might be able to tell. This drawing is more interpretative isn't it? No real dimension to the rocks - well, time to try again with new rocks.


biteyourowntail said...

Hi there - lovely colours. I'll have to agree with the lack of dimension, sometimesdoing a tonal study - using something soft and smudgy like charcoal - and working quite large will helps you identify how much shading to use to get a sense of the solidity of the rocks. OOps I'm turning into a teacher again:)

juj said...

The rocks may not have the dimension you were after but that does not mean this is not a successful drawing. I personally like the very flat and abstract quality of this sketch which allows the viewer to focus on the color and the rhythm of the composition, the constrast of the precise hatching with the loose washes, and all the negative space at the top allowing the eyes a rest.