Saturday, July 28, 2007

The prettiest quilt yet

I found this green fabric with roses on it, and just fell in love with it. I first used it for a green and pink quilt binding but went back to get some more. I tried the two triangles format for this one surrounded by strips of the green with roses, backed by pink polka dots and bound with a green stripe. The triangles were a learning experience, as I guess I was sewing in such a way that allowed the fabric to stretch somewhat. I had to do alot of trimming to get things to be even and boxed off. I did the binding by machine and by hand on the back to blind stitch. Maybe not so blind at all times but it works.

I tend towards girly quilts and am going to make a consious effort to get more "gender neutral" or boyish. I am going to make a quilt for a friend whose wife just had their first baby and they are both in their mid forties. got some wonderful fabric coming from Purl Bee, called Monkey Funky - it should be fun to decide what to do with that fabric.

I like quilting now and am getting better at it, but still do not find it relaxing. Maybe my machine is at the wrong height as I do get tension in my neck like crazy. I am getting better at understanding the machine's abilities which are OK, but I can't get a quilting foot for this machine as they don't make them anymore. And I'm not one with the tension thing - never understood how to adjust that at all. But I do love the finished products.
I scanned the quilt pictures shown here, did not take pictures with my little camera as the battery is charging from a week of neglect, somehow this technique makes the yellow fabric look wrinkly. It isn't so wrinkled in real life but is a litte looser than the green.

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