Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Self - Photo's

Not self portrait - not into that yet.

I have been trying to take some photos of myself to share with Sarah for the portrait party. Most of the ones that I already have are full face, smiling away like crazy and from what I understand - these type of pictures make for difficult portraits. Not having experience with this myself, I didn't know that. So I have been taking pictures of myself in the car, in the mirror, on the porch. And so far I have hated them all. I need a haircut. I need a diet. Where is the 20 year old that lives inside? My boobs are too big. Yadda, yadda, yadda. What an experience in self-awareness or self-consciousness.

Anyway - I like this one, a serendipitous mistake


merryminnow said...

Very cool photo. My husband, an artist, likes it too. Very other worldly.

Light is eminating from you.

Auntie Mim said...

Thanks for the comments - I love Tom's thoughts about JP Souza and will jump in and give it a try,

Anonymous said...

moody...I wonder what Sarah would do with this?

Jeannette said...

i like this portrait

phthaloblu said...

Do any of us really like ourselves? I think we all have some part of us that we criticize. I know I do. No matter how much hubby says nice things to me, that part of me that sounds like my mother drowns him out. I like this picture, too. Moody and ethereal.