Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grandma Moses again

Ascenderrisesabove asked if Grandma Moses had connections that led to her fame. I don't think she did, she was 'discovered" by a art collector, or gallery owner, who was impressed by her work, but was also a very shrewd operator and saw an opportunity to manage a new, and very different talent in the art world.

Grandma Moses was exactly what you would think she was. A farm woman, 10 kids born, 5 lived. Hard, hard life. Started painting when she was in her 60's and got "discovered" by a art critic/gallery person. It was a combination of who she was and WHEN she was that got her famous, as well as a very clever manager. She was the all American farm wife...with talent...who celebrated the American way of life in the McCarthy era. Her art is not "good" in the sense of perspective or color or any of the traditional values, - in fact, I've done "better" work myself, but she was a little old lady celebrating looking out of her window in a farming community. She was American as apple pie, and when asked if she had a hard time letting go of her paintings, said "oh no, I like getting the money".

Very interesingly managed woman - and you can be sure that she took advantage of the whole siutation and made the best of selling her art.


Debra Kay said...

Isn't that an example of "doing what you love and the money will follow?"

Forever Young said...

started painting in her sixties, then there's still hope for me!

human being said...

Some years ago I read about a farm woman in our country Iran who got famous for her paintings. She was never trained.
Think as you said the manager is important.. There are many of such people; just they are not discovered.

Lynn said...

I love her story.
signed: Grandma Moishe