Monday, March 24, 2008

Winter Beach

Thomas Wolfe wrote a book entitled (published posthumously I understand) , “You can’t go home again”…but you know what? You can still visit.

My cousins now own the house that my grandma had in Long Beach NY. It was built in the ‘30s and is unpretentious and small, basically a two family house, with two bedrooms up and two down. Most importantly it had a porch and garden and was 3 houses away from the beach. I spent summers at this house when not at summer camp, and it was always that place that I could be assured of a warm and loving welcome by my beloved grandmother. Peach pies, delicious meals, evenings on the porch with the family, playing with the cousins, being on the beach. ( I could never surf the waves, which all my athletic cousins did so wonderfully, but I never gave up trying).

So now, thru family gyrations, my cousins own the house but are happy for us to use it whenever we can. We haven’t taken advantage of that over the years, so this weekend was the first time that we have been at the house without numerous cousins and family…and it was SO wonderful and relaxing. Walking along a cold winter windswept beach is like food for my soul. Relaxing in the sunny living room. Finding grandma’s sewing table with the threads and needles. Sitting in the sheltered garden in the sun, feeling all of the tension leave my shoulders. Here are some pictures of the first morning I was there, took a walk on the beach before sunrise.

The little shed at the end of the brick walkway is a shed shower, my favorite place to shower at the end of a day at the beach...or first thing in the morning...or late at night.

The street leading to the beach, see the little gate at the end - after that ...nothing but sand and water.

Sunrise on the beach and a beached horseshoe crab.

On Saturday it was such a beautiful cold day that we wanted to do something outside so went to “Old Bethpage Village” – one of those reconstructed villages where people walk around in costume. It was pretty deserted, but we had a great time looking at the architecture and playing with the animals.

Look at these pigs! Certainly no problems telling which was the male.

The cows were very friendly and tried to eat my hand and my coat. I was covered in cow slime.

Very interesting colored chickens, I guess they lay eggs all year round – surprise to me.
Random sheep picture.

This woman was demonstrating making egg noodles, which is a way to preserve eggs and get some protein during the winter months. (never thought of that myself) .
Here are some of the houses at the site, the farmhouse looks like one of my old houses, picturesque but cold.
A beautiful red barn, couldn't go inside which was a pity. Barn spaces are very special.

Next weekend I am going to NYC again, but this time to do city things and be with friends. This weekend was a family relaxing time and was just what the doctor ordered.


Teri C said...

It looks like such a wonderful weekend and your photos are just great!

Fern said...

nothing more charming than a cow nose up close.

this NY place reminds me of when I lived in Ocean City (NJ) The beach (and boardwalk) off season goes deep for me.

ElizT said...

I like a winter beach best too.
That said, there are beaches all around this city and I hardly ever bother...

Debra Kay said...

I love the winter beach-the horseshoe crab is so cool. They are funny critters. I never think of NY as having cows or barns or farms.

Forever Young said...

what a delightful post, delightful pics, delightful house, delightful weekend, in fact all delightful :-)

human being said...

Really enjoyed this post and the pictures.
What's that strange creature on the sand?

Michele said...

It really looks like an amazing place. I'm so glad it is still in the family. It would be a shame to lose such a wonderful place.

Mim said...

HB - that strange creature in the sand is a Horseshoe Crab. Very prehistoric animal, unchanged for millions of years.
Interestingly, their blood is copper based instead of iron based and is used as a component in testing for contamination of products, such as drugs or food. So, prehistoric and very useful animals.

marianne said...

I enjoyed reading this post very much! Lovely pictures and it brings up a feeling i recognize.
Looked around at your blog, I'll be back!
greetings Marianne