Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday morning

I can't believe the week has gone by and I have been so out of it. Truth is, Tony and I had a HUGE fight last week and were on non-speaking terms (as much as you can be living in the same house) and I was flat out miserable. It was one of those fights were things get said that you wish you had never said, and then both of you are too mad to make the first step towards making up and then it goes for days and is more awkward and on and on. Finally we were both hunched over in misery one night, realized how dumb we were being and gave and got big hugs, whispered "sorries" and it was done. I think it's the winter blues. We are both stuck in the house mostly because the driving has been so bad that you can't get outside to even go cross country (at least on the weekends). And yes, it's snowing again - proof seen in this photo. Yes, those little white specs coming down are snow...and more snow. Another 8 - 12 inches expected out here. Tony was supposed to leave for Florida today for a parents visit but is putting that off. I do like having the house to myself when he is away but it is a hassle in the snowy weather with plowing and snow throwing and all that. Plus now that we're on kissing terms again, I'd like to have him home.

Meanwhile, I have been working on a baby quilt and have started gathering fabric for the quilt that I mentioned in this post.
First the baby quilt. A friend at work just found out that she is pregnant with her third, and it was a bit of a shock to her. Another boy and while they are happy about it, it truly was unexpected or not planned and will be a bit tough in that there other two are 5 and 7 already and on their way to being little people. But a baby will always be welcomed in that house, and I hope that a new little quilt will help. This quilt was tough to make in a few ways. First of all, I find that I have a tendency towards "girly" colors as my nephew says. Even my blues are "girly blues" according to him. So I wanted to make a boy type quilt and had this great green fabric with an old fashioned print on it. I picked out the brown as a highlight color and think that it worked well, what do you think? It may be hard to tell from this photo, but the brown is a sort of golden brown color - unusual for a baby quit but actually very nice looking.

I've started gathering fabric for my Kaffe Fassett quilt and the first shipment of fabric arrived and the colors are gorgeous and the fabric is so soft. I'm going to wait patiently until I get all the fabric in house and do this quilt carefully as I can't afford to make mistakes on this one!

Gotta go scan in my "Leap" and mail packages (if I can get to the post office thru this snow) and in general, get the weekend started.


Debra Kay said...

I love the fabrics for both quilts. When my daughter was in precshool, her favorite fabric was black and white dotted swiss-she wanted her Easter dress out of it. I think the brown is timeless!

I think tempers are just frayed-I know they are here and we haven't had nearly the snow!

ksklein said...

Hey, I couldn´t believe it when I read that the two of you sometimes don´t talk to each other. I´m glad you are in kissing mood again.

To the quilt: I prefer quilts which aren´t too girly or too patterned. What I love about your baby quilt is the frame with brown and beige. Actually I don´t like the color brown, but this just looks to good here.

ElizT said...

I love the brown.

Mim said...

K - we are both hot-headed Italians, and sometimes the heat just gets too much! Not often tho' and it all blows over, but this perpetual winter isn't helping!
Thanks for the comments on the quilt. It'd different that's for sure.

Forever Young said...

this quilt is adorable, they will love it. we don't have shouting matches, i shout and he won't react, which is sometimes worse.
a good fight is very healthy (i believe) to 'air the cobwebs'....

Lynn said...

lovely to find the finished product up above! Wonder what you will do with the ones you did not use in the baby quilt.