Sunday, March 30, 2008

NYC day - a LONG post.

I just have to blog about my day yesterday, it was so great, fun, and exhausting.

First off, know that I haven’t been into the city since 9/11. At first I was too freaked out about it and my drive home from Chicago that day, and then it just became overwhelming to go. But with the draw of great friends waiting for me, I was determined to just do it.

I took the 8:30 train to NYC, the speedy Acela and I upgraded myself to 1st class, spoiled brat that I am. But it was great, and a very relaxing trip to Penn station. The minute I got to Penn station, and started walking to find a taxi, I had a New York experience. A well dressed woman came up behind me and asked if I was looking for a cab. When I said yes, (but probably looked suspicious) she said “I’m not going to rob you, the cabs are in that direction. And yes, there was a taxi stand sign. She kept walking behind me saying “I’m not going to rob you, I’m just trying to help” and then started to tell me how she was homeless and needed to get her 13 year old daughter to a doctor, and had I ever heard of chapter 13 etc, etc, etc. Unless she had just robbed a rich woman and taken her clothes, this was no homeless person. Waiting for the cab, I looked up and this was the first thing I saw waving in the wind.

I got the cab down to Sullivan Street which is where I wanted to go for fabric and was also going to meet my two friends there. Got to Sullivan Street no problem, took a few pictures on the way. Went into Perl Soho fabrics as well as their yarn store, and I’m glad I did.

The fabric store is tiny, tiny and I usually order on line, but am glad that I got to see their fabric up close. Beautiful stuff, and oh so tempting.

They had a yarn that had little beads on it – just as soft as a cloud. You could make a gorgeous vest with it, or a scarf…but I resisted. I am NOT going to knit…do you hear me MIM!!!! No more projects.

Then the best part, meeting Hilary and Laurie.

Hilary I have written about before, and Lau is another friend from way back who is just one of those treasured people that you always want to hold on to. Lau still lives in Brooklyn and is a high school teacher, and god bless her, has been doing it for 25 years. Laurie has always been a wonderful artist, great writer, and has such a beautiful, expressive, wonderful face – I’ve always been jealous of her looks, talent and brains (but love her anyway!) . She is ethnic looking, with gorgeous long hair and expressive face and is a great friend. I don’t think that she thinks she is beautiful, but I do, and always have. We don't all see each other often, maybe every 5 years or so, but there is something about growing up together that distance and time will never break those bonds.

We had a lovely, lovely time at a vegan restaurant (so damn good – I think it was called Gobo) and brought each other up on the past years. Here are the three of us; I was holding the camera so it’s a little bit skewed.

My cousin and her daughter were waiting for me at the Tenement museum, so Lau and I took a cab down there and met them.

We couldn't’t get into the museum but we wandered around and poked into stores, and saw lots of stuff that we couldn't’t afford. I lusted after an eggplant colored Italian lambskin bag….but it was $300. A bit out of my price range. But I did get “How the other half lives” by Jacob Riis and “The 2nd Ave Deli” cookbook and “The Big Oyster” by Mark Kurlansky. (has anyone read his book “Cod” – I think it was one of the best books I ever read)

Lot’s of random NYC shots. . This Tasti delight just caught my eye.
A typical NYC building covered with ads for all kind of things.

Where else would you see “Moishe’s moving van” but in NYC

Another typical NYC street shot. I think this was on Orchard street or Delancy St. We were out looking for good Jewish pickles. (I know, Pickles aren't Jewish, but you know what I mean)

I didn’t get to Pearl Paints, or to Tinsel Trading..but next time I will.

A quick trip to Penn Station, caught the train home and really started to crash about ½ way home. I needed to lie down and stretch out. I was overtired. I was cranky and hungry. I actually don’t really remember driving home – but I did have both windows open to keep me awake. I came into the house, taking my clothes off on the way upstairs and slept for 12 hours.

I want to do more in the city, I want to stay for a few days and just walk around. I've forgotten how many PEOPLE are there, and how bustling and busy and crowded it is. I may book into one of those boutique hotels for a few days and just enjoy myself, perhaps with a friend or two.

It was a wonderful day, just wonderful.


ElizT said...

Enjoyable to read, as well.
My friend took me to the marvellous Pearl Paints.

Mim said...

I've got to get back there to make a special visit to pearl paints

Fern said...

Oh I love NYC too.

Thanks for the reminder.

Debra Kay said...

I think we should all meet in NYC this summer for a chick/shopping weekend! I've only been in the fall and winter and would really like to enjoy being outside and walking around.

Mim said...

Ooh, deb - what an idea!

Michele said...

I got such a rush of memory lane when I looked at your photos, especially the Tasti D-Lite and don't ask me why because I've never seen that place but it just looked so NY and it reminded me of living there way back when. I really loved it and had such a nice time but I haven't been to NY in so many years ... I think the late 90s was my last visit. THanks for sharing.

Forever Young said...

if you all meet in nyc this summer, then count me in, i've always wanted to see it, and will come over from london, how about that??? wonderful story, thanx mim.

Lynn said...

What a fun time you had!
I love the Jewish billboards too.
Of course pickles are "Jewish". My very Jewish grandparents made the best Dill pickles ever! And then my aunt, their daughter made the same recipe and she washed her cucumbers in her washing machine. And now my two cousins continue to make them and they still taste like the ones grandma and grandpa made. Pickles ARE JEWISH, just like Moishe the mover!

Fern said...

say when..