Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm tagged again by FY, the rascal! Actually, I love getting tagged - it's a challenge. Here is the latest one.
1.) Write a six-word memoir, post it on your blog (add an illustration if you like).
2.)Link to the person that tagged you in your post.
3.)Tag five more blogs with links.
4.) Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

6 words for a memoir. Well, I'll try for a small portion of my life.

Saw him


fell in love

I also could write:

Once a hippie, have stayed happy.
Loves dogs, cats, and all animals.

This could go on all night!

I'm not tagging anyone specific, just let me know if you want to be tagged and go for it! Go read some of the other 6 words memoirs, they're really great.

No time today. We are off to NYC this weekend, staying at what I still consider my grandma's house (cousins own it now) at the beach. My absolute favorite place in the world, with an outside shower and 1/2 block to a cold windswept beach. Absolute heaven. But no internet access :( So no posting until next week.

I'm going back to NYC next weekend also, to meet a friend who lives in California. We grew up together in Brooklyn, but she is flying in with a friend and we'll meet for dinner or something. Then I want to go to some fabric stores (Perl Soho - here I come) and art stores (Pearl?) and would love to go to some additional craft/art/fabric stores. Any hints for suggestions from anyone?


Mary Richmond said...

have fun in NYC! I haven't been back in a year or so. I just love to wander when I'm there. Last time we checked out Chelsea galleries and were a bit overwhelmed. I miss the old Soho that was both funky and fun....but I'd say Pearl Paint is still well worth a visit! When I first went there many years ago I thought it was so amazing that there was a 7 floor art store!

caseytoussaint said...

I love you memoirs, Mim! I'm sure you're having a blast in NYC - oh, I haven't been to Pearl Paints in ages......
I hope you get some sketching done.

Debra Kay said...

NYC sounds fun-I'd like to go there sometime in the spring/summer. I've only been in the fall/winter, and the cold put a damper on things for me.

Forever Young said...

like all three memoirs, you sound so happy, have fun in nyc, tell us all when you return.

human being said...

Oh I love them ... the three of them. Each tells a lot! Especially the second one. This can be your philosophy of life... I much relate to that.
Have a nice time while you are away.

Lynn said...

You may be gone by now...having fun in NYC on the water yet. How great. I doubt you'll be taking an outdoor shower this time of year, but do enjoy the ocean. I saw ours yesterday. And have fun at all those fabric and art stores. Can't wait to see what you bring home.
Loved your six word memoirs. Nice to learn you too are an "aging hippie" as we say here in CA. LOL

Michele said...

I seriously am going to find and sign up for a sewing class this week darn it. I want to go to fabric stores and have a purpose. Have fun in NYC.