Saturday, March 1, 2008

one more thing on this Sat. AM

This picture was taken by me a few years ago, of my nephew Andrew (the blond) and cousin's kid Adam. I submitted it to a photo contest and they want me to tell everyone to vote for it and then I get everlasting fame and good forture. Wouldn't that be nice? I actually like this picture, like the composition and contract of blond and dark, red and blue. Plus they are such little devils which shows in their faces. Let me know what you think.


Debra Kay said...

I love it-it's almost like a yen yang-except they are both very yang or yen (not sure which is which)

ksklein said...

Great pic, I voted!

Mim said...

thanks! Fame and fortune, here I come

human being said...

Yes, Debra is right, before reading the comments, me too thought of yin/yang.
They are very yang!

Another contrast which makes this photo very impressive is between the background(a formal occasion) and the foreground (naughty kids.

A great photo.

Forever Young said...

you got my vote, this is such a natural's sunday now, hope the snow has lessened and alll the feelings have brightened.

Lynn said...

Cute kids, the one in red looks like he has the upper hand. Wondering if the blond is really happy about this game?
Good luck in the photo contest!
I like the red and blue too.