Sunday, May 4, 2008

Brings tears to a proud auntie's eyes

I have the boys here this weekend, and yesterday we went to a friends house for a "Kentucky Derby" party.  These friends are from Kentucky and do this every year, with mint julips and pulled pork barbeque.  Anyway, the kids really didn't know anyone but were troopers and played pool with the other kids and were generally fairly interative for 15 year olds. 

When we got ready to leave, I went and found Joan to say good by, the kids came with me and unprompted - shook hands with their host and hostess, thanked them for a good time, and then we left. Now I know that they've been brought up well - I helped bring 'em up - but this was a special moment for me - and I swear I had tiny tears of joy, (and sadness at how grown up they are) in my eyes.  

Worth all the work.  


sukipoet said...

Nice story. Kids do bring tears to the eyes, don't they.

ElizT said...

Yes indeed.

Michele said...

LOL. I have those same moments when Zoe remembers to say thank you or tell her Saba and Safta she loves them : ) So nice.

Forever Young said...

and you are so proud of your boys, i know i saw it in your eyes!
tried to post a comment on the previous post about your dad,(but no word verification appeared), what a wonderful picture and what memories are made of, sigh. hugs to dad (and mom).

Blue Bhudda said...

you better be proud of us, at least me anyways.just kidding:)i get to drive now as long as i have an adult in the car. it's pretty sweet i havent crashed yet.