Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Animal Wednesday - May 8th

Inspired by an Andrew (or Jamie) Wyeth piece of a painting I saw in some airline magazine.    

I love when seagulls get blown (or fly) inland, and I get to hear them calling here, 30 miles inland.  I don't think they are noble birds, rather more like flying rats - but I love their noises and the association with the sea.  Recently we were on the beach after a large storm, and there were packs of the beasts - but all different sizes and shapes, and they all clumped together  by looks.  Some had plumes on their heads, some had black and red beaks.  Some were huge and others were fairly little.  All had the basic seagull noise and the propensity to beg. 

Have a Happy Animal Wednesday friends! 


Miladysa said...

I love seagulls and every time I see one I think of my father who promised that he would return as one when he died.

I think your seagull looks cheeky :-D

Forever Young said...

jonathan livingstone seagull?...mind you this one looks like he's terrified, maybe he had a rough landing...giggle!

Debra Kay said...

HAW! Seagulls always have something to say and a bite to eat while they are at relatives during holidays aren't they?

studio lolo said...

I almost posted a seagull too Mim, I swear! I was looking through my pics when I finally realized I almost let animal Wednesday get away from me. I love the white white white of them! If you look at my Gratitude Photo blog you'll see I posted "My Gullfriends" there at one time :)
When I first looked at your picture (don't shoot me!) I thought it was a Koala Bear because of the angle you drew the bird. Now I get it...duh!

Mim said...

Hmmm - I'm not seeing the Koala bear, but it's a thought - might try to draw one next week!

Lynn said...

Oh good about your dad...may it continue and he have most only good days like this.

human being said...

creative painting....
i love them too because of themselves

also because of two great books inspired by them :
The Seagull (Chekhov)-- in this one they have a subtle role
Jonathan Livingstone the Seagull